After the cut-scene exit the house and go 1 North and 1 West. Enter the house and talk with the goblin about the hammer. Exit the house and go 2 South and 1 West. Enter the another house and select "Talk" when you talk with the man. Kill him and exit the house. Go 1 West and 1 North. Enter the next house and ask a man for a bomb. Exit and go 2 North and 1 East. Enter the cave.Go along the way until you'll find a rock. Blow it and wen you entered press space on the star. You'll get a diamond. Go back to your house (don't enter to it!) and examine the box. Enter the house and go upstairs. Examine the spaceship. Now go East and kill all guards. After that go again east and get the red bottle and use it on the hole (Bon appetite!). Go along the way to the East. Kill the dragon (easy). Kill the guard after the short cut-scene. Then again after know what. Talk with the bonca and examine the door. Talk with the red girl when you are in the prison two times. Press space on the stairs and go along the way to the East of course. Save in the save machine and go South. Now you'll fight with the boss game (easy).


Secret: When you've finished the game select Play with the secret. Then in the screen where you're escaped with other prisoners go 2 screen East and when you find a grass. Stand on it and go North.