You arrive in a city full of zombies. Don't try to kill them, they are far too tough for you.

In churchs, you'll find a fountain where you can save and heal.

The cities is split in several parts, separated by walls. You'll visit 4 parts in this demo.

First part

From the gate, go north-east until you see a 2-floors house with a pentagram on it. Go upstairs and hit the pole. The 2nd part of the city is protected by poles, but now they are disabled for 45 seconds. Go south-west to go back to the gate, go east until the entrance.

Second part

Explore the houses to find a bomb and (in another house) a pole. There's also a funny cave within the grass north of here, but you needn't go there. Pick up the bomb, then hit the pole and go back to the first part.

First part (2)

Go north and a bit to the east, to find a path blocked by rocks. Put the bomb at the right, and a rock in the middle will disappear (yes Dink, this is weird indeed ;)). Go north to meet a knight. Light will go off and then the knight will chase you. Start running as soon as the dialog is over! The knight can kill you with one hit so don't lag. Avoid the cracks or thorns on the way, as they block you for good. You essentially go several screen in each of the following directions until you're blocked: east, north, east, south, and you arrive in the third part of the city. Find shelter in the church south-east and the sun will shine again.

Third part

Look in house to find the Death. It'll give you a sword - now you can get your revenge on zombies! Find the house with the door looked. "Talk" to the door with the sword equiped to open it. Fight your way through the cave and you'll arrive at the fourth part of the city.

Fourth part

Go east and enter the big house.

Once inside, there's a path west that you might miss at first glance. Follow it, go upstairs, go east, go upstairs again, and go west. Night time again! Go all the way downstairs and fight the evil midget. Once you have him killed, a path is unlocked north of that part of the city. Go there, and it's the end of the demo!