Go south twice, and inside the house. Talk to David. Leave the house and go north and inside the Goblin Grotto. Talk to the woman inside. Go back and talk to David. Leave David's house and go east. Go inside the western house. Talk to the man and ask him about the duck. Go into his cellar (behind the bookshelves). You'll have to get some strength potions, and push aside a wall with vines on it to get the book. Check every bookshelf (spacebar). Once you've found the book, go back to the Canadian and tell him where it is. Walk north to the duck statue, and push it from the left side. Go north and down the stairs. Go west two screens, and walk into the pole. You now go through a kind of maze. Here are the directions: East, north, west, west, north, southeast. Go east until you see the stairs, and walk up them. Go north four times, west, north three times, and inside the house. Go west and talk to Todd. Use the first conversation choice. Kinda anti-climax ending, huh?