Walk through for Dink's father 2 : The Kidnapping

Hints: -Cheats are not needed to win the game -pay 200 gc to the first guard -This dmod is flexible,you can do things in any order

Detailed walkthrough: Spoiler warning ---

The dmod starts with a sequence,Dink's father tells him to get vegetables and gives him 200gc to buy it,Dink steals
apples and carrots from his neighbour,under the effect of some spell. Now go into Dink's house,give the fruits and veges to (Dink's)your father he will say something and tell you to go out and do something else till he is cooking. Now come out of the house,(there is darkness because of some bug,you can't see anything,find the door and come out)

Enter dink's house again,and dink's father will tell you to go out and do something else. To the south of Dink's house, is a neighbour,from whom you stole apples Knock his door,he will tell you to get out from his window itself.

To the east of dink's house is a shop(grocer sort of) Talk to the shopkeeper

There is a small path in the north,go there and read a sign board,the path is blocked

There is a small path also in the south

Follow it, and you will reach a costume sellers shop He will charge you 201gc for a Santa costume,but you have only 200gc and can't buy it.

Go to the south east of the place,there might be a guard standing at the gate/ entrance If he is there,speak to him He might say you can't cross over to the next town [but you can pass him,it's a bug] he might ask you to pay 200gc to reach the next town Freeland. [it's a bug,but you have to pay,otherwise the game won't progress]

Now, go back to your house,you will see that your father is gone There is a letter from your neighbour,that he has kidnapped your father for your stealing.

Now go to your neighbour,he won't let you in

Go to the gate (sorta) of the village,the guard might be there,or might not be there You can cross over to the town whether you pay him or not [it's a bug,but you have to pay,otherwise the game won't progress]

Whether he asks you to pay or not,go to Freeland Explore all houses in Freeland After that come back again to the gate of Dink's village and pay the guard 200gc,if you haven't before Once you pay he (guard) never comes back


Once you enter it,there are a whole lot of drunken people,try speaking to them,they all speak the same thing

You can get healed at the church by the priest if you are wounded.

In the Northwest of freeland there is a town centre building,there are 3 people in the room, a drunken man,a drunken wizard and a lady who started the drinking festival. She will tell you why,and tell you to solve her problem

In the centre of Freeland,there is a reserve of drinking water guarded by Lance Speak to Lance,he will tell you of a mission to find Fix, a guy who can repair the water generator

North of lance is a house where Fix's mother is,speak to her,she will give you a letter to show the guard of portals Close to this house is a house where a note is left,read it,no use though.

Go to the east of the drinking water pool

You will see a man guarding the portals at the bank of the pool

save your game

Speak to the man he will ask you to find 10 white flowers to activate portals All 10 are in Freeland,it's easy you can find them,they are on ground not on trees Come back to that man ,Save the game he will transport you to Goblin island There is only one Goblin in the centre,who is a weapon seller

Speak to him

Now go south of the goblin and west You will see a screen with catapults Go to the goblin again,ask him about catapults,he will give you a magic axe for free and send you back to Freeland

Now save the game Don't talk to the man guarding the portal again,he will send you to goblin island again and there is no way to come back

Go to the portals and press space, you will be taken to the mine To return back go to the antenna and press space or crl

In the mine there will be a lot of boncas, kill them with your magic axe and get gold(it's easy,) or reach Fix by dodging them

Once you reach Fix, he will say 'Help' Go to him and press the talk button and he says that he is hungry, come out of the mine, then go to the shop to your village and talk to the shopkeeper. He will give you bread for FREE. Take it back to the guy in cave and give him the bread. Then exit the cave. Go to fix house and talk to him. He will tell you to go to the water guard. Go to the guard and select ‘ASK FOR A REWARD OPTION.’ The guard will give you 10000 gold.

Now you can go back to Dink's village to the costume shop and buy the Santa costume

Arm the Santa costume(not necessary) and go to the neighbour who has kidnapped your dad He will let you in as Santa Then he will try to kill you Defeat him with your magic axe(keep distance while hitting him) Then go to his basement and rescue your father. Congrats,you have completed the game!

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