The End of the World

Quick Walkthrough

Go up, then left, talk to the duck, go down, push the rock to north, enter the arch, take the sack, return to talk to the duck. Go up after a clean, touch the post. Go left, enter the house and buy a bomb. Go back to the wall and explode it. Go up, touch the teleporter. Talk to the sign on the right, go up, talk to the sign and accept, go up twice. Enter, talk to the sign, go up, talk to the sign, use the first conversation choice, go out, then up, talk to the gate, go up, and go downstairs. Go down. There, there're some monsters to kill and which give you keys. Here's a map, you're in X:

 4     2    0    3     5 
|   |   |   |   |
0 - 0 -  X  - 0 - 0
|       |       |
0        1        0
|               |
0 - 0 -  6  - 0 - 0 

Go in these screens from 1 to 6 (in this order). Go back to the king's. Go up and kill'em all. Kill TIM (1000 hp). Go up and then downstairs. Burn down the tree, take the teleporter on the right, do the same thing with the other tree, go left, then downstairs, and then right, END To know everything about this DMOD, read the complete walkthrough.

Complete Walkthrough

Everywhere in this DMOD, I suggest you to hit and talk to all signs :)...

After a short intro scene, here you are in the "strange, small room". Talk to the guy in the first screen, he'll give you some more life. Then, go up, and then left. Talk to the duck about which the guy talked: he wants a sack of magic pig feed. Go down, and push the rock in front of the arch and which is now unlocked it moves right (?). Enter the arch, take the feed. Don't use it or you'll die immediately: you'll become a duck and your life will decrease to 0... Oh if you really want you may try Get out and talk again to the duck, and he'll teleport you in the Cell World.

There, don't loose time, go talk to the girl straight away (move near her pressing the space bar to find the point where there's dialog). During the short dialog that happens, avoid monsters walking around them: they form a group. At this moment, the dialog ends and the girl boosts your attributes. I don't know if the fact that she gives them just now is planned, but if you haven't higher attributes the fight is a bit tough, and it's boring to restart the game if you die (except if you had the conditioned reflex to save). It'll bleed now (gnark gnark). Get rid of those dawn bugs punching in the group formed and kill the remaining runaways. Go up. Bugs again. You don't need to kill them, but it help to increase attributes and above all your bank account, very useful later. If you have an allergy with pill bugs, or if you've finished the blood bath, touch the post: you're teleported again (and also get again your real size).

Go down, talk to... Milder, who will offer you to increase one of your attributes. On the left, some boncas will allow you to earn some money. In the Northwest, enter the house. You can buy a bomb there to blow up the wall that blocks the access. Here, you should have about 750 gold coins. You ought to have them, it's more prudent. So go back to the wall, use the bomb to clear the passage, and at last go up. You can eventually save your game. Note: now, you still have the magic feed, and if you use it, you'll be transformed not in a duck, but in an arrow... Let's not try to understand. Use the post / teleporter.

You can go down to find another save machine. Talk to the sign in the right to win 500 gold coins. You also can hit the sign on the left for a small surprise (the author talk about this in the readme.txt file). Go up twice. Buy some bombs (for some reasons, the bombs from the first trader don't work anymore). This is not needed, as you don't need to go back logically. Do as you want, anyway you should have enough money if you killed all that moved. Go up again and enter the palace. The sign don't allow you to enter. Don't hit it, or you'll loose life. Go out and then down twice. Talk to the sign. For 1000 gold coins, he'll give you the solution to see the king. Because of a typing mistake, the sign's script has a bug in my version. I don't know for you, but it should have said, after you pay him: “OK, go see the king, and tell him slick willie sent you” Here it is, at least now we understand. Go back to the palace, talk to the guard-sign, go up and here you are in front of the king! If you wanna use all talk choices, then use the first choice last. The king asks you to complete a quest before to make you leave the country: enter the realm of big scary things that kick your butt, and kill the evil sign-eating thing. The king also gives you the hellfire magic. Let's go! Go out from the room, give again the password, go out from the palace, go up, talk to the gate that will open to let you go up again and downstairs.

After maybe a music change by talking to the strange thing, go down, drink the water in the well (gives you max life), then save. Don't go out from a room using its corners, it's a design error. Go down, kill the pill bug and you get the Junky Key. Go up, fill your life bar, go left and talk to the gate so that she'll open. Warning: if you talk to a gate while you don't have the related key, your comp will definitively freeze. You're warned. If you wanna know to which key is related a gate, read the sign in front of it. Go up, kill the slime and get the bronze key. Go back to the well, and then right. Talk to the gate, kill the bonca and get the silver key. Back to the well, go left twice, kill the dragon, and win the golden key. Back to the well, go right twice, kill the goblin, and win the platinum key. We're getting used of it. Now, from the goblin screen, go down three times, open the last gate, go two screens left. After a short cut scene where you convince the monster to stop eating signs, leave (by the direction you want), go back to the king's. Talk to him, and he'll send you to Apocalypse Town, the author's domain.

Go up, kill the pill bug, go up again, kill pill bugs and save. Go up one more time. After you kill all pill bugs, you can drink at the fountain to fill your life bar, but not too close to it because the fountain hurts you! Go up, take the bow, and you're in front of your own author, TIM! Well, as he has 1000 hit points, or you are (very) patients, or you cheat boosting your attributes, or also you can modify the hit points in tim.c: change

sp_hitpoints(&current_sprite, 1000);


sp_hitpoints(&current_sprite, 100);

or the number you want. Yeah, I don't like to fight for 3 hours, that's it. When TIM is dead, go up, talk to the girl who tells you the horror: TIM planted the giants trees which roots will broke the whole earth. You must kill them, and so she gives you 100 in all your attributes.

Go downstairs. Kill the tree with your hellfire, take the teleporter on the right, kill the 2nd tree, go left, then downstairs. After your “awakening”, go right and you're in front of your worst enemy... who you will kill next time, in The Tragic Death of Zink Smallwood (perhaps).

See u soon!