(Watch out every area where I've marked +P+ mark in this Walkthrough. It means there are goodies around there.)

After you have watched the whole intro, step out of your house. You'll see another cut scene. +P+| Go to right and watch another long, boring cut scene. After the scene kill first the Bonca and then the Goblins. Next, when you can move Dink go one screen right, and watch yet another cut scene. +P+| Follow the road to the right and read the sign. Not too bad. Walk through the bush near the gate, and wola! Follow the rad to south and read the sign, if you {{want}} to. Grab the golden heart along your way. Enter the house and choose whichever you want. Go outside and south. You can read the sign if you want. Search around the tree, and you'll find a stairway. Go right, and hit or talk to the portal. After Dink has been dreaming enough of beer, go inside the house, and talk to the pig. Martridge reveals himself! He will give you a sword. Go outside again. +P+| Go to south and east. Until you'll reach the dark forest. Follow the way, and talk to the girl (July).

Now, if you do what July said, you'll go North. There's nothing, but Monsters out there. But if you are lucky, you will be able to kill those Monsters and gain enough money to buy a Claw Sword. (When possible).

Follow the road to West and talk to the Teleport Machine. When the cut scene's |+P+| gone get to the Harbour village. Here you can buy a Claw Sword. (Not necesary). And talk to Jarvis in the pub. (No need to). Go to the ship and talk to the guard. He won't let you to the ship. Go one screen up and one screen left, and talk to July.

+P+| You can kill some Pillbugs here if you want. They'll make pretty good money. Or, you can walk straight to left, where you'll see the Monster Army. Talk to the ship's guard again, and you'll get to the ship.

At the Island |+P+| You'll have to find a temple. Pay to the guy in the first screen IN the temple, and you can move anywhere. (expect praying room). I recommend talking to everyone, but you can go talk to Chirstiaan right away. Then, go out and talk to the old guy near the mountains. (Not necesary). Then find a cave at the mountains, two screens west of the old guy. Get in.

Now, follow the way as far as you can |+P+| and kill some monsters. When you reach the Old Man of the Hills the right answer is "yes". (If I remeber right :-P). Lol!

Anyways, |+P+| after the LOOOONG cut scene, arm the Super Sword, and kill everyone who gets on your way, until, you'll meet Hujyk. Damn, he's fast! Kill him, and enjoy the last cut scene. :-) Then you have finished, won, or whatever you'll say, the game! :-D