Go one screen east, watch the short cinematic, and then kill the Jawa. Go another screen east and talk to the guard. Gotta get him out of the way... Go two screens north and a screen west. There's a guard here too. Go back to your house. Once you go in there, Dink will tell his uncle about the pig-murdering Jawa. Go back to the guard in the north. He will be murdered by a Jawa. Kill the Jawa here.

Go three screens to the north and kill the Jawa. Go to the east. If you desire, save at the save machine (I'd highly recommend it). Keep following this path until you get to the house. Go into the house and a short cinematic will show Dink talking to O B. He will give you more health (which is good, since you may have lost quite a bit when you attacked the Jawas) and a Dinksaber. Talk to O B again, he'll tell you to slice the trees to the south. Go to the south and enter the sandwalker. In the sandwalker, go to the north, kill the Jawa, and talk to the droid (he'll enter your inventory after the small chat). Go back to O B's and another cinematic will display Dink talking to O B about the droid. Go back to the save machine and save your game if desired. Go one screen west and then back to the Stormtrooper guard east of the pigpen. Go east until you can't move east anymore, go north, go east, and go south until you reach the save machine. Again, save if you desire. Go east until you reach the building, enter the building. Once the cinematic is over, just attack ships until the 60-second time limit is over.

You've finished the d-mod!