You start off in a forest, not knowing where you are (as asual). Check the sign and head east for Gildern town, but do,'t forget to pick up the red potion two screen further. Read the wanted poster on the tree here too. East twice again and talk to the man there to find out more about town. Go down and right and enter the inn. You can play a dice game here, the odds are pretty good, but it takes a while to win money. Yultial is upstairs, but he won't let you kill the imp leader until you're stronger. He advises you to go to the trainings grounds, so exit the inn and go west a screen. The training grounds are another screen west, but you can't enter yet. Go down and enter the house, talk to the woman here and ask if you can enter the training grounds. She'll remove the guard, now you can go to the training grounds and level up. Yultial will tell you where the imp leader is as soon as you reach level 3. Go back to him then and he'll tell you you need to go through a secret grove in the trees, north of the mine. Go back into the forest and keep going west till you reach the mine. Go north and kill the two-headed imp leader. Then bring his (their) head(s) back to Jultial and he'll give you 500 gold.

You can only enter the mine when your level is 4 or above, so start killing those imps again. Then talk to the woman who let you into the training grounds and you'll get a key to enter the mines. Which is something you should do, now :) Enter, go west two times and north one and read the note. Then go south 3 times and east once. Kill the skeleton and go east again. Read the note here, press W, rest till it's night, leave the screen and go back. Examine the 'secret button' and go to the general store in the cave. A rock that used to block an entrance is gone now, so go down to see the end of this demo!