After the intro break all barrels and search for the gold in the village. Go to the weapons shop (it's 2 screens East from the screen where you started) and buy a sword.Leave the village then go North for a Attack potion and South for a gold.Kill all monsters and go back to the Weapon Shop and buy a shield and use it. Again leave the village and go to the bridge keeper and pay the cross. Enter to the next village and go 1 West, 2 North, 2 East and talk with the mermaid about the bridge. After that, cross the rocky bridge and go West for a Megapotion. Go back where you crossed and enter the cave. Kill the bonca and get the scrool (BUG! Touch it and go back for a little step to make the communication end and add a scroll to your inventory)then use it!Go back to the village where you started then go 1 South and 1 West. Enter the church and ask the elf leader (that blond-haired dude) does he likes the snow.