This DMod is the first of its author (even if it's the second she released (Forest of Dangers is the first) - because she started and released another DMod while working on this one :) And "so" it has many small bugs. The more boring is the doors bug: don't miss them when you go out from a house, or you'll find yourself in another screen which has nothing to deal with the current one. Another one is the waiting times: the game never froze with me, but sometimes it seems like. Just wait a bit. Well let's start :)

In this DMod there's no story line checks, you just have to wander around. Here's what I suggest you do (so it's a logic story order):

First visit the houses in your village (I really enjoy Dink's one - for the dialogs :). After, leave the village (exit is north): you'll see some cross bones, take them. Go to your right until you see a strange house and talk to the runist in it. He'll want your bones, but you'll keep them. Then go to the King's castle far on the left (it fits with Milder joining the army in the original game). Not much to do here. Then have a visit at the girls school (south from the castle), and talk to Sharp (this name should remind you something ;), who keeps away from other pupils. And then, there's a passage, north of the map, near the river, which leads to the Edge of the World. Take it, go right and take the teleporter (there's a bug - talk to the teleporter being right of it, and in the same horizontal line than it - if not you'll be caught into hardness after the teleporting). Then ("Highest Number of 'Then' in a Walkthrough Award" for this text), you're in the Dark Lands. Follow the path, and you'll meet Sharp!

She killed her classmates, and then it's your turn! You take a big hit, and then she leave as someone is approaching. Here the game doesn't crash, you just have to wait a bit. Then follows a cut scene (which fit with Dink finding dying Milder in the original game) and Sharp returns, make Dink leave, and last she leave herself.

After this, you're teleported by the runist,and learn you were saved by the bones! Now you'll have to find Sharp, in Finland, and destroy her!