After the opening movie, go and see the king. He will tell you to travel north to find out why the area is being turned into desert. But before going north, walk around and get the goodies. South 1 screen from the bridge is a strength potion. West 1 screen from there is a chest with 500 gold. 6 screens west is another strength potion. North 1 screen, west 2 screens are two scorpions and a chest. The chest will give you a mega potion. East 4 screens, north 2 screens (just behind and north of the castle) is a tree you can burn that reveals a secret cave with a strength potion inside a chest. East 4 screens, north 1 screen is another burnable tree which reveals a secret cave with little red hearts and a gold heart inside a chest. North 1 screen, east 1 screen is another chest with a gold heart hidden behind a burnable tree. 3 screens west, (go past the house) is a magic potion on the ground.

Go back to the house and enter. Talk to the wizard and he will sell you elixer for 20 gold. Save your game and enter the cave north. Once you reach the desert go 1 screen south and burn the cactus to reveal a cave. Inside the cave is a man who will sell you Hellfire for 1500 gold. Go east to find a defense potion. Go north of the bridge blocked by the rock to find a strength potion. West of the entrance cave - down a gully past 2 scorpions - is a chest with 500 gold. Now its time to get the rock out of you way. If your strength level is high enough you can punch it to make it explode. Cross the bridge and go south for a chest with a gold heart. Work you way north to the savebot. Save your game and go east until you see a lone slurper creature. Kill him and a cave will be revealed. Crawl through to reach the top cliffs. Magic potion in a chest, gold heart at the far end and a burnable cactus which reveals a cave with the herb boots in a ring of small hearts. Return to the savebot. Did you notice a secret area blocked by three rocks next to the savebot? One of the rocks will move for you if you answer its riddle. (I'm not going to give you the cabbage to the riddle, you'll have to figure that out for yourself. :) ) Enter the cave to get 3 mega potions. Did you notice a yellow rock in the corner? Bomb it to reveal a secret staircase that takes you to another cave. Big red heart at bottom, use it as you will have two giant eyeballs waiting for you in the next screen west. Kill them and go 1 screen west then up the stairs and you've reached the hill with the goodies of hearts and Multiblast magic. Head back the way you came. What? No bomb you say? Well, you'll just have to get one and return won't you? Head west from the savebot then south. You'll find a house. Enter, and the man there will sell you some fine weapons as well as a much needed bomb, if you have enough gold. Use the bomb then head north-west. You'll come to a large opening in the cliffs where you will find 3 mega potions guarded by two slurpers. A large red heart can be found behind the large rock. South and east of these cliffs but north of the trader house is a chest with a gold heart. Big red hearts can be found near savebots if you need them. Go south-west until you come to a time machine. Enter here and prepare to die. (It's a good idea to have the weapons the trader has for sell before you enter here.)

As soon as you get in the cave save your game. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. Head south till you get to the crossroads. Kill the guards and head east for a mega potion. Go south 3 screens for a large red heart. Go east to find 2 gold hearts and two mega potions. Return to the crossroads and go west 1 screen. Go south for a large red heart. Continue south and follow the path to find the Light Sword. Return and take the lower west path to get another gold heart. Take the upper west path one screen and kill the guards. Go south for a gold and a large red heart. Return and go west. Save your game then go north to meet Goober.

The end boss is a nutty sort of fellow who likes to show off. Defeat this creature, if you can, and then sit back and watch a very good dance by Dink. Afterwards, go see the King and let him know all is well once more.