Here is a Walkthrough for Scarab. There was a Walkthrough, but many people didn't find it, because it wasn't uploaded here in the Dink Smallwood Solutions.

So, yes. Here's a Walkthrough written by PenanDink:

You start in a bleak desert, with Alessa blocking one of the spaces in your inventory. Your first objective is to wander aimlessly around until you find the village. Don't expect any weaponry for a good while, so get used to punching stuff. Release some of that tension. On your way to the village you should get some cash to gamble with (Bonca's are easy to kill with a little practice) and a necklace off a poor corpse. The corpse is southwest of where you start - kill the bugs then SPACE near the corpse to get the neck chain. Now go to the village, East then South, West a couple of screens and North.

In the south of the initial desert area there is a henge and you cannot go further south yet. One screen above the henge is a pushable (later) rock.

The village is south a bit, west a bit, north a bit. When you get there, there is a dialogue to go through and then Alessa asks you what to do. (I don't think this is an important choice...).

Talk to everyone in the village, particularly the people in the inn (it's worthwhile paying to go downstairs - there's a berserker potion supplier watching the stand up comic).

ToothRot's Shop - tells you there's a water shortage Library - got a lot of books here, it's a library. Note the barrel outside the fence. Scorpion Inn - you can sleep upstairs gratis for health rejuvenation - get a ticket for downstairs (50gp), talk to the mercenary to buy berserker potions (150gp) which in the absence of a shop are very useful early on. - Anbar wants a book from the library (this is easy to get) and then a package from the Oasis. The path to the oasis is blocked by a huge castle that appeared from nowhere so let's come back to that later. - Shaman's hut - empty at the moment, I wonder where he is. - Market - chat chat chat chat yaaawn - Dertin's house - I wonder where HE is. - Maria's house - Here you find the wife of the necklace owner. Ask about the potted plants, she gives you a feather-feet potion which I don't bother with (doesn't last long, buy herb boots instead). It could be argued that at least featherfeet lets you move fast and use a sword, but it lasts very few seconds. - Indoor (and underground) farm - go downstairs here to the bonca trainer and gamble your cash up until you have enough for a few potions (and a pair of herb boots is a godsend).Note the excavations in the SW corner. Talking to the trainer with Dertin in your party (later) gets you a free bet. - Sahib's house - can't get past the guards yet - Storehouse (is that an attack potion round the back?) Don't go in just yet... - talk to the pig farmer. Recognise some of that dialogue?

Martha lives out of the N gate of the village, east, up, west three screens. Herb Boots 2000g, Fireball magic 5000g (Don't buy this, trust me), Bleeding magic 20000g (aren't they all bleeding magic?) Don't buy anything just yet

That's it for the village, but I always like a few potions inside me before I venture into dangerous stuff. Out the N gate and E to the barrel behind the library. Attack potion? Nice.

Back towards the village then up to the cliffs and E. Near the save machine there's a Bonca cave. In we go (no fighting unless you want to), up the E wall and across the top. Interesting gateway, probably need a sword for those vines... Down the LH passage and onto the top of the cliffs. Save the guy from throwing himself off and carry on W to the hut. Magic potion, hearts in the barrels, and cash in the chests. Downstairs, Fireball Magic! Cool! Right outside the house there is a rock. Push it off the cliff and it kills Martha's bonca, next time you talk to her, her prices go down. Steelskin from 500 to 200, Herb boots from 2k to 500, Bleeding magic from 20k to 5k [Thanks to DeathScout] Now back to the village.

If you want to risk getting that defence potion from the spitting boncas on your way back, go for it.

If you have the cash for herb boots get them now from Marta's emporium, on your way back to the village.

OK I got my herb boots, I also got a berserk potion or two. Now let's have a look inside that storehouse...

Bunch of nutters in here, decidedly less frightening than the real life S Club 7. Hit Jack until he teleports away and take the golden heart, then ditto Jill and the red heart. Hit the red barrel at the back to release Dertin. Go to Dertin's house and talk to him and he will square things with the guards to let you in to see the sahiiiiiiiib.

You should now be strong enough to push the rock 2S2E of the village gate, mind the bugs. One attack and one defence potion at the end of that trip.

Now let's see what the Sahib has to say. Blah Blah Blah. Oh, some bonca trouble, we can deal with that sharpish. Follow the guy to the screens north of the village, kill the boncas and get 150 exp and 25 gold (big fat hairy deal). The Sahib is 'anxious to know what happened' so let's mosey along and tell him. Sorted.

Now the Shaman is back, so let's see what he has to say: Trouble with his water, well he is an old fella. You need help down that well and Alessa is a girl, so better ask Dertin.

Got boots, got potions, got Dertin in your pack? “Well” let's go. The well is in front of Toothrot's shop. Two screens East of where you land there's a chest with an attack potion. You will need bombs to get out of this so go North and East and get two (why two?) off the corpse. Working back West Dertin buggers off, leaving you to explore alone. Going south you come to three rocks that look 'pretty fragile'. Bomb 'em and off we go. Follow the duck E and look for him, then when you come back W you can go N. If anyone knows the point of the Quivering Barrel of Destruction, I'd love to know.

When you come to the bridge go R along the stream to find a big heart and a defence potion. Now for the big showdown with the duck. Now it's time to get out before you drown. (Hint: go anticlockwise and keep to the outside).

Now the shop's open so we can get some bombs and move some rocks. Not to mention claw sword and elixirs of health. The rock W of Dertin's house yields an attack potion. The rock in the circle of grass NE of the village does likewise. There's a defense potion one screen to the left of the Storehouse

Now for Anbar’s Oasis quest. Out of the top gate of the village and East to reach the castle. A bomb in the hole opens a doorway inside. Let’s see what we can see. Not much, a chest with cash in and ditto upstairs (and a disembodied laugh). If you have Alessa with you she can cause Monkeynuts (the fairy with the disembodied laugh upstairs) to appear. Monkeynuts talks about Thargo from Alessa’s past, and teleports you to a farm somewhere. You need to find a way back. Thank heaven for talking pigs that eat magic mushrooms. Talk to the pig, find the mushroom he wants and take it to him. Then find the six brown mushrooms he wants and take them to him, ditto the red spotted mushroom. Then find the blue mushroom masquerading as a girl and take HER to him. Apparently there is now a way out through Alessa’s house. Find the house with the open door. There is a letter and a sword on the table but you can’t take either. Push the table out of the way and crawl through the fireplace. North, you meet Thargo the pig. Kill Thargo ‘the unkillable pig’ and take the golden heart. Why do fools always call themselves ‘unkillable’ ‘invincible’ etc, it’s just asking for trouble. After killing Thargo, Alessa takes you back to the Castle.

OK, out the other side then. To the NE two guys discussing throwing rocks at boncas. Doesn’t seem to do much good talking to the guy or his wife who is inside.

South of their house is the home of a woman whose daughter has been ‘kidnapped by a goblin’. Nick a bottle of oasis water off the shelves (you pay 50gp for it) and if you then give it to the lookout in the village he gives you a map of the desert. Offer to help her.

Southeast round the oasis there’s a house with Aaron outside it and a 20 year old girl inside who doesn’t say much unless you have Dertin with you. She is Dertina. Sort out the problem with her father and you get 800 experience. Talk to Aaron until he buggers off.

South again and there’s a nasty woman who happens to have a package for Anbar. South past the Savepoint and into the cave. In the SE of the cave there’s a guy who is an adventurer (NB he is not always there, I haven’t figured out why). Rescue him and get some gold. Find the steps down and find out about the girl, offer to help her reconcile with her mother, then kill the old she-dog when she changes into a slayer. Scroll fragment, gold and 500 experience? Don’t mind if I do. Also, it saves you having to find your way back out of the cave.

Back to Anbar and you have the second scroll fragment. [Arik says] If you open up the mysterious box before you give it to him (and hey, it's pretty tempting) then you can buy the scroll piece from the shady guy on the bottom floor of the inn instead.[Thanks Arik]

A spot more adventuring is called for, I think. To the West of the village (out of the S gate, west a few and then N) are six fragile rocks. A bomb here, west a bit, save the game, and south we go, a cut scene, and into the dungeon. There's a save machine E. now moving E we come to a set of bones in the SE corner. West two and up one there are three idols blocking your escape route. The first one says 'bone of man'. Hmm, where did I see some bones... Back to the idols. Blood of Hunter next,is it? Let's go looking for a slayer. There's a dead one in the NE corner. Before going back to the idol, note the wall that 'looks weak'. You can punch it down. The barrels contain hearts. Now then, Flesh of Prey. Hmm, something hunted. Three duck heads on a wall in the middle of the dungeon. Before going anywhere else, W of the duck heads is another weak wall, with a golden heart and a Big heart behind it. Back to the last idol and through we go. Wonder what this key does? OK Now lets go to the NW corner. 'Only the keyholder may pass' - that's a stroke of luck! Now kill Churnblade and get a golden heart. Release the sahib, get Acid Rain, and read the other papers then leave.

A fire blocking the path south, better not to ask why the Sahib rekindled it after he got out. South of here is the goblin camp. Have a look but don't get too close (i.e. take your own advice). Instead go N two and E and put those fires out. There's a defense potion N one.

Now let's see what's beyond that henge south of the village. Remove the fire with the acid rain. All the way S then W, follow the road you find Goblins guarding some portal or other, but one screen W and up the path, a golden heart! Always useful.

Look around further and you come to an empty house. Hmmm. Further E a save machine and a hole in the ground, and just N of there a magic potion. Let's save and see what's down that hole. Rescue the girl from the cannibals then go back to her house to say hello and gain the final piece of parchment!

One S and one E of her house there's a fragile rock. Another attack potion. Handy.

Read the scroll. Interesting, eh? Bugger only knows what that did. Now go to the Henges S of the village and read it. That’s better. Remember to save and bring potions. I also invested in that bleeding magic…

Inside the Temple of the Ancients, you find a fountain that cures all your wounds (great? Wonderful!). To the W there is a defense potion and a nutty girl. Downstairs to find some monsters to fight!

There’s a chest in the room E, with a lot of suspiciously heavy-looking rocks above it. There is in general a considerable danger of death in here. Arrows, spears, gas clouds (to avoid, not to kill). Have lots of fun. When you come to the slayer, kill the slayer to reveal the stairs leading down. From here on, note all the holes in the walls where only a small creature, a duck say, could go.

Here there is a single-use savebot so only use it when you really need to. In the far E is a path down which you must pass. The gas clouds do over 9000 damage so turn them off. Hitting the posts with missile magic is the only way to do this, so you need to explore the whole level getting close enough to turn off all the gas clouds before going NE to get to the top of the path. Kill the boncas to get the golden heart and descend the stairs.

Duck statue level. When you go south of the duck statues you turn into a duck.

Your first objective as a duck is to get down a level without dying horribly. In the screen to the W are two holes big enough for a duck to fall down – onto spikes. S of that screen are two more holes. The bottom hole does not land you on spikes. Notice the vines blocking the way to the stairs – you’ll need a sword to cut through those.

N of here you can see two sets of stairs behind a wall – looks like an easy way out if you can find the stairs that link to them (the way out is down, so the stairs you need are up above). E of here the brown boncas breathe fire so beware, and take note. S of this screen the screen is locked and full of spitting boncas, but you can’t kill them as a duck, so wait for them to die of their own accord and proceed S. Note that the wall in the bottom left corner has a duck sized hole in it. E of here you can see the fountain which will change you between Duck and Dink. You can’t get to it from here as a duck until you have cleared the vines in the screen N. So it looks like you will have to go upstairs somehow, perhaps pausing in the boncas/fire traps room to pick up twelve hundred experience points and some gold.

2W of the fountain room there’s a magic potion behind a tree. Need to burn that tree somehow to get the potion. N of here there are stairs up. Go up them. The fire traps in the room S,E,N,E of this one kill the roaches and occasionally a big heart pops up. Nice to be able to heal the duck. N of here is a room with a lot of beasties in, and some holes in the ground which bring you to the room 2 screens N of the fountain, with a chest which contains an attach potion. Be sure to take the NE hole in order not to land on spikes. Change back to Dink, kill the boncas and take your sword to those vines one screen N. The steps in the room N again are not climbable so you need to get back to the room with the holes which brought you to where you are now, and drop down the correct hole if you want to open that chest. To get there you have to access the room with the stairs in (where you ascended as a duck) from above and cut through the vines. Now work your way back through the maze until you reach the room with the holes, drop down open the chest and take the potion. Now get back up the stairs and go to the tree that imprisons the bonca. Burn the tree and head NW and remove the vines.

Down the stairs a save machine a red heart and two portals: ‘this way back to the surface’ and ‘Turn back now, escape with your life’. Well, turning back having got this far would be just silly. Kill Jameil and you get some nice bonuses – four boosts to each stat, a scroll of multi-hellfire magic, and a Nightmare Sword.

Going back out of the village N towards the bonca cave you meet pencilhead, and then a stampede! Good job you put those boots on Now we have a sword, let's see what's behind those vines.

Save your game. Time to do some teleporting. W of the room with the heart in it is the doohickey Engine. Touch at your peril! You can lose or gain strength/life/magic/experience etc. If you talk to the machine again whilst the script wizard is there, you get blocked and have to restart the game - crap scripting, funny huh? - Risky business. The 2 machines N of here do nothing interesting. N of the heart room though you find 3 machines. LH sends you back to the heart room Middle sends you to a room of slayers - lovely money! then back to the heart room RH takes you to a corridor leading to another room with 8 machines in it.

Top Row L sends you back to the room with the heart in it Top Row M ditto Top Row R sends you to the slayer room Middle Row L sends you to the doohickey engine room (one W of the heart room) Middle Row M ditto Middle Row R sends you to the next bit! make sure you've collected everything you want. Entrance L sends you one screen S Entrance R sends you to a defense potion, big heart and some gold

OK the wells are connected to each other, I haven't found anything useful out about them. In the room E you can see two potions behind an idol at the top R. It says 'stone shapers' on the wall whatever that means - there must be a way in. Stone Shapers happens to be the title of a book on the bookshelves in the next screen, and causes a wall to move. Through the wall and down the hole. if anyone knows how to get those potions, please help

Electric boncas and sliding walls. Hit the switches to make the walls slide. No assistance needed here except to say that the skull and crossbones are there for a reason...

Now you have to confront Pencilhead and his many clones. I suggest destroying the clone machines before he gets too numerous. Suddenly we-re out again and off to see the Sahib, the wonderful sahib of... sorry, got carried away. You should be able to get the shaman to teach you fissure magic by this point (if not, dooo that hickey a bit more). I haven’t found any use for fissure magic…

Fabian is with the Sahib, and will come with you to help with the goblins. First buy some nothing from the guy in the market place who has nothing to sell. It may seem daft, but the guy near the henge wants nothing, and he gives a megapotion for it - well worth 50gp.

Now let's see what that 'weakened pole' is all about - out of the south gate and directly W, through the rocks you blew up earlier, and SW. Hit the pole, kill the guard. Ask me neither why nor wherefore, it makes no sense to me. Let's try the goblins. Before going there, there's a magic potion near a dead goblin to the E of here.

Now get to the goblin camp, going to the E of the camp and then S. Once Fabian gets you to the goblin camp, go into the tent you can see. Two goblins in there, but also a megapotion under the top rock (you have bombs, right?). Out and N to the little scene, then let's see if we can get through the portal we saw earlier. (Hope you remember where it was)

Now we seem to be in the sky. Let's explore. One screen E of where we came in there's a portal that doesn't work. W of where we came in there's a savebot if you want one. Wander around until you find the S club 7 and watch the cutscene. Frighten Jack and Jill and grab the golden heart N. Punch the idol to activate the portal we saw earlier, take the portal and come face to face with a dragon. Talk to the dragon, complete the three trials, and talk to him again. We're going back in time! That was spooky, let's get back to the village.

Yikes! Goblins. Soon polish them off. Talk to the Sahib and find out about Cthilmor. Hmm where else can I get information? What about the library? Look under ‘dragons’ then follow the lady.

To get out of jail look at those bars, you’ll need a lockpick. How about some of that vine? Now, cut it with some flint from the pile of junk? Perfect.

Have a look on the bookshelves you meet on your way, you may pick up something of interest. A skull here, a skull there (after splatting a wizard), a megapotion in the screen with the baby dragon. Seems you need two tears to get past the Idol down south. Let’s see what we can find. Well, those skulls were useful (put them on the poles near the chest), one tear down one to go.

Whilst you’ve got Fabian and Alessa with you, swap between them and get the true story of what happened with Nerux out of Fabian, it’s worth 500 experience.

Read all the books. The fountain riddle one is interesting. Punch the stone dragons in the order mentioned (y, r, c), followed by X and then go to the fountain. Two tears, now for the idol. Now that’s progress.

Up the stairs and free the prisoner directly W. then wander around until you get out. anyone know any uses for the burning fiery pit? Cut scene involving Two-Dinks, then there’s a golden heart to the N. Out and W (push the rock) into a cutscene, a few scarabs to kill, then a choice of Alessa, Fabian or Dertin as companion. Does it make a difference? I dunno.

Now we need a key of some sort. Talk around until you talk to Anbar in the pub, he tells you to go to the dig, which is in the SW corner of the underground farm. Off we go, then!

Going clockwise around the dig you see a few cutscenes and kill a few beasties. When you come to the cutscene with young Dink where rocks fall down, it’s time to turn round and go back, you want to get past those rocks but there’s no way up from here. To get back here, but on the walls not on the paths, head for the central area of the dig until you find the bridges, get up into the passage with the three goblin statues and go down the hole in the ground. Killing young Dink gets you a golden heart and HELLFIRE magic!

Back to the Sahiiiiib. You need to take Fabian, Alessa or Dertin (he’s in his house) with you when you go to the Dragon’s cave (The ending cutscenes differ slightly). The cave is where you started the game so make your way to the rock with the scratches on it and get the key in there. Fight your way around until you see the duck disappearing down a side passage. Carrying on clockwise round the outside you come to the dragon himself. He tells you the control apparatus is elsewhere in the dungeon. Let-s find it. Go to where the duck disappeared before and follow it. Kill the duck. There is an attack potion to be found in the East by bombing a rock, a big red heart to be found and a defence potion behind a menhir (no bomb needed).

Look around until you come to the wizard in the room with the rocks blocking the north exit. The machine produces bombs. Use the bombs to remove the rocks. Keep looking around, you need the same technique a few screens later to remove a rock.

Make your way up to Jack and Jill and pray you brought bleeding magic or killed Jameil and got the Nightmare sword (preferably both). After a while they give up. Onwards! Kill Kurt. Bear in mind that you can’t get close to him, he’s behind a barrier, so you need a throwing magic. Like bleeding. Take the Light Sword. Release the dragon then bugger off back to the village…. Oops!

Everyone’s dead, Dink. Look around see what you can find (e.g. megapotion in the library back room) before checking out Dertin’s house.

Follow the two figures to the hole in the ground where you need the light sword to see anything (the Nightmare sword if you got it also works, but only if you have the light sword in your inventory). Explore. You are looking in the dark for steps going down… A good look around finds potions as well.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get down as far as you can (I think there are 5 levels), save your game, take the heart, and hop up to see the Scarab Man. I found the best way to beat him is to.... Oh, work it out

If you defeated Jameil in the Tower of the Ancients, you have finished the game and unlocked Boss Mode. If not, well, perhaps you should go back and try again? I hope you saved your game.

To unlock Boss Mode select 'restart the game' from the menu, and on the title screen you will see the Scarab Man in the bottom left corner. Click him to enter Boss Mode and fight the good fight again, or at least just fight harder bosses. You start with the old fellow who welcomes you to the Boss room, you have full life, the light sword and the herb boots but have Attack Defence and Magic only 10, and you no longer have multi-hellfire magic or the nightmare sword. Go through the arch to fight the bosses. I haven't been able to get past Jack and Jill and their healing wind.

Many thanks to him!!