This walkthrough will spoil a lot of the fun of the dmod. You are better off playing the dmod on your own first without this. You will be able to find out most things easily enough.

This walkthrough has been made to honour the dmod author for his extreme inventiveness in making this dmod.

  • This walkthrough applies to the adult version of the game in wimp mode
  • Wimp mode will actually give you the choice to upgrade two of your stats with a level upgrade instead of just the one.

NOTE: the game is in reality non-linear, so you can do all sub-quests whenever you feel like them though to get to some, you will need to have finished others. The walkthrough obviously isn't non-linear, but rather follows a semi-efficient order in which to play the game.

On another note: This walkthrough will not tell you in detail where to go, but will give you general directions and tell you where the important bits are and how to get past difficult parts. Where it says explore, I encourage you to follow that suggestion.


Watch the initial cut-scene and once you can move save the game. Explore the prison level (6), kills some pillbugs to get a level upgrade, then go down the stairs in the screen south-east of the savebot.

Note: throughout the game screenlocks will only appear once. Next time you enter the screen bugs may be there again, but the screenlock will not.


Follow the path. Talk to the guy at the desk and get the miners axe. Talk to him again and exhaust all options. Save your game. So now you have to get yourself 100 gold. Remember the bonca's on the screen where you entered this level ? Ok, let's just say they'll give more gold than the rocks ;-)

Explore the level, talk to the guy in the screen south of the mine manager and exhaust all options (agree with him to get some more info, disagree to get him to never talk to you again). Take note of the two metal rocks on the screen south of him.

Note: most people won't talk to you until you've killed all the monsters in the same screen.

Get rid of the rocks on the west path or at least the first screen, so you can see what is in the area behind the metal rocks (you can obviously wait till you've leveled up once or twice, then it can be done a lot quicker), get rid of lots of rocks, get some gold from the "gold" rocks, kill some bonca's.

Note: if a gold rock has dropped gold more than once before Dink picks it up, he will say "I found one gold", but his gold will be upped for the correct amount of gold dropped by the rock.

Follow the bonca path on the east down to the bottom to get the hard as rock bread (usefull weapon with more HP than the axe, but won't work on the rocks). Now go back to the mine manager and pay the 100 gold deposit and save your game again.

Note: the axe will work its wonder on rocks in other levels too.


  • Go back upstairs and go to where the avalance killed the two guards. Get rid of the rocks and find the red key.
  • Go back to where you were imprisoned, free the guy and talk to him, exhaust all options ("unforgivable" will make him stop talking to you forever).
  • Go to the farmer, free him, talk to him and exhaust all options.
  • Go to the south-west point, free the wizard, talk to him, exhaust all options.

Reminder: Ok, so you will now need 1000 gold to get some magic from the wizard. Oh and destroy the box in the wizards prison for a strenght potion. Go one screen north, free the girl, talk to her, exhaust all options. Note: you may want to ask her for a massage, but if you do, she won't heal you anymore thereafter. * Destroy the barrels on the right for two golden hearts.

For a CHEAT / SHORTCUT you can use at this point : look at the bottom of this walkthrough.

  • Go back to the savebot and save the game.
  • Go left from there past the dead guards, destroy the barrels for a small heart and a defense potion and open the red door to go upstairs.

If you like you can go downstairs first: all that's there is just more rocks to get rid of and a bookcase though.


Follow the path and watch the cut scene, go south and talk to the scientist, exhaust all options.

Reminder: Ok, you now know you'll need some carrots to get Thumpy to move later Save your game.

Arm the bread, open the red door on the left and go in. Kill the monsters and read the note at the top of the screen. You need some bombs so go get them from the mining level. You get there by moving the bed next to the wizard in the prison level and dropping down the hole. Get out the area by moving one of the metal rocks and go back up to where you were on level 5.

Talk to the riddle gate and solve it. If you don't know the answer to this gate, first talk to the scientist again to get a hint. If you still don't know, the answer can be found at the bottom of the walkthrough.

When you are past the riddle gate, you'll see the blob spawning machine. Bomb it to get the orange key. Follow the path south killing monsters along the way. At the far south you'll get the blue key. You can now either explore this level a bit more or go back to the scientist and open the orange door at the top to go to the next level.

Let's explore a bit more first: from the screen where you found the blue key, go north following the right path, kill the monsters to get a chest to appear with a golden heart. Go up again, read the sign and see if you can resist. Go south again and west. Kill the monsters and a save machine will appear. Save your game. Go up a screen, kill the monsters for some gold and hearts, go up one more and note the yellow door. Go back to the save machine, save. This next area is hard (and the next rooms even harder), so if you like leave this part of the mad lab till later (once you've got better weapons) and go to the next level now. Otherwise, go down a screen and just fight it out, get killed and then follow my advice anyway.

If you need some healing in between, go back to the prison and get the freed girl to heal you. If you already have the thousand gold by now, go back to the prison level and get the magic off the wizard.


Go up using either staircase (behind the blue door where Thumpy went through or behind the orange door at the top of the scientist room) and follow the path. Watch the cut scene and save your game. Go one screen south, sneak past to the west. Go south again and sneak past to the east. If you get "caught", you'll just have to fight it out and the knights will stay dead after you've beaten them once. Hit the food on the table for a funny effect.

The room to the east is the casino. Talk to everyone and exhaust all options. If you like, play some of the games to lose/win some gold. Reminder: You now know you'll have to find Gertrude (the doll) somewhere in the sewer.

Go back to the west and go south now. Sneak past the guards to the west.

In the screen to the west, you'll find a save bot and a guy behind a desk. Save your game, talk to the guy and accept his challenge. Follow the path south and once in the cave, go east. Death cave gets harder with each screen. After beating the first one, you can save your game by following the path on the north west side of that screen. This area is hard, but the beasties drop lots of goodies and hearts, so use them when you need them and don't bother picking up the gold until you've beaten the screen. There's a big heart on the entrance screen, use it wisely ! From the screen with the tree, go up, get the longsword from the chest, arm it and go back to the tree again. Hit it and beat it. After beating this screen, go back to the recreation level, talk to the guy and he'll give you the green key. Save your game.

Now go east and south. Talk to the guy and accept his challenge. Follow the directions to beat the dance game (may take you two or three tries). Once that's done you'll have the yellow key. Go back to the save machine near death cave and save, go to the dance guy again, open the door and talk to the ladies. Only the left bottom one (the fairy) will have something interesting to say. Keep talking to her until she offers to do a service for you, pay her and let her do her magic.

Go east, talk to the bookcase, get rid of the rocks with the axe and go north. Notice the smudge on the side of the path ? Remember this for later.

Considering you have got lots of keys now and enough gold for the wizard, let's go back to some of the earlier levels to pick up some more goodies. So go back to the entrance of the brothel and arm your sword. Go up and watch the cut-scene. Open the door on the right, kill the beastie, go back and north. If you like, go left and open the yellow and green doors. Talk to the bartender and exhaust all options.

Reminder: you now know you'll have to find a book for him. So talk to any and all bookcases you come across to look for it. Same for going right and opening the yellow and green doors in the casino. Same for going north west to open the green door there (push the big machine for some funny comments). *** BIG SECRET (see below) Go back to the save bot up north (killing guards if and when they notice you) and go down to the mad lab level.


Go to the scientist and open the green door to the right, follow the path, talk to the person and exhaust all options.

Remember that area south of where the save bot appeared and which we didn't go through as it was a bit hard before ? Let's go there now. Follow the path killing the beasties. It's a good idea to save after every screen. You'll get to another riddle gate. Before you answer the riddle, make sure you're health is perfect and you've saved your game. Again if you really don't know the answer, you can find it at the bottom of this walkthrough. Now watch the cut-scene and fight your way out of it again. This is one of the bosses and he's pretty tough ! Preferably don't go here until your attack is 15 or more (with the long sword armed). Use the pillbugs and blobs which are being spawned to get the much needed health refills during the battle and watch out for the fireball spawner.

Added info from Redink: "Hitting the lab object with an animated fire icon (near the middle of the screen) will shoot out a fireball, and when it hits Thumper it hurts quite a bit."

Once you've beaten this boss, go back to the save machine, save and go north. (Do I have to keep telling you to save ? Hmm. just remember to save often and whenever you can, I'll shut up about it now). Kill the beasties and go north again, open the door and kill the beasties. Move the bed from the east side of it and jump down the hole (you've done all you can in the mad lab anyway).

Read from the bookcase and read the note. Go west and north, jump down the next hole.


Remember the green door at the end of the bonca trail ? Let's go there now. Follow the path, go upstairs, read the books, go west, if needs be, kill the guards, go to the next room and read the inscription on the statue and go back the way you came. Reminder: you now know you need something to strick from the heavens with.

Now may be a good time to get rid of the rest of the rocks in the west passage. Wey hey ! You found another green door, not much use for now, but at least you've been there.

Go up and down again. If you haven't yet, clear the north part of the west trail and read the books. Go back to the staircase and go up.


Go to the wizard and get the magic (if you haven't done so already). Open all doors you can open and get the goodies (including the pig feed). Open the green door below the healing lady and walk to the end and keep walking. Talk to the guy and buy the bombs if you like. Don't forget to keep reading all books to find the one for the bar keep (if will appear in one of the bookcases after you've read from a certain number of them).

Ok, now let's go back up to level 4 and from there take the stairs to level 3, let's go through the casino for the heck of it. If you like you can go to the bar first to give the barmanager the book if you've managed to find it already. Mind: if you do give him back the book, you'll make things more difficult for yourself, so you might as well hold on to it till later (or take a save, give it back, experience the effect and restore your saved game).


In the shower room, read the poster and have some fun (remember what the poster says for later). South will just get you to a stairs down again, so go west. West again will get you to the stair to the bar, so either go north or south.

To go south, give the carrots to Thumpy. Go in and kills the monsters on all screens. Hit the bedpots for some funny effects and read the notes on the beds. In one of the screens, killing all monsters will make a chest appear elsewhere. If you find too many monsters are attacking you all at once, use the pig feed to distract some of them. When you get to the stairs, go left to pick up the gold heart from the chest. Don't use the stairs yet, let's finish this level first, so go back to the crossroads with the savebot and go north.

Sneak past the guards to the right. Talk to the bookcase, burn the bush. Talk to the wizard and exhaust all options. You'll now be able to buy rainball magic. I suggest you buy it. Go back and keep going west. Read the note on the bed and be very mindful of what it says !! Go up, talk to the poles and read the note on the bed to solve the riddle gate. Full solution can again be found at the bottom of this walkthrough.

Go up, you'll most likely get discovered by the guards, so go kill them. Now is a good time to remember what the poster in the shower room said. Go east. Now this one is kinda difficult, it's a maze of sorts. So feel your way through and if you really can't find your way, have a look at the screenshot included.

In the next room, solve the riddle (answer can again be found at the bottom). Go through the gate, read the sign and follow it's directions (answer at the bottom). You've solved it if you don't see any more coins on the sides. Going right won't do anything, going left will bring you to some stairs up.


Go and explore the level. Be very wary of the grandfathers in this level as their firebolts will hurt you badly. Two screens down from the stairs you'll get a golden heart from a chest which appears after killing the beasties. Read the books from the bookcase. You will also find a lady selling healing potions. Talk to her exhausting all options as usual. The prices of potions go up exponentially depending on how many you are carrying. So preferably, buy a few, fight some, use the potions, buy some more. Stocking up loads will just cost you a fortune. Above the lady you'll see a little cutscene. To the east of there you'll find a guy who will sell you arms. Buy what you can afford and if you can't yet afford the top item, get more gold and come back later to buy it anyway.

Go up the stairs now.


Watch the little cutscene and get the white key. You can if you like end the game now (or just for the fun of it see what one of the bad endings looks like). If you want to do that, save the game where you entered and then exit this level after the guard from the cutscene to go warn King Daniel.

Ok, now reload the saved game and continue.

Go back down and open the white doors where you've seen them before on level 2 just to make walking around easier.

Go down to level 3 using the stairs at the bottom of level 2. Remember you'll probably need some more gold for the top weapon, so don't be shy about fighting around some more.

After getting some more gold, go down to level 4 via the left staircase (to the bar).


Ok, now so you're in the bar - again if you got the book, you could give it to the barman, but that'll just make life more difficult for you. Go to the trail behind the barman and follow the path south. Open the door and go through. Talk to the old crone and exhaust all options. It would be a good idea to get that cheese, so buy 10 tenticles to get it.

Move the cupboard at the top of the screen and follow the path up, read the book for some more info. Go back to level 4.

Remember where there was a smudge on the side of the trail ? Go there now. Kill the beastie. Possibly a chest will appear in one of the other paths on this screen. Leave it till later. (if it doesn't appear try killing some more beasties on the other paths in this screen later on). For now, walk over the smudge and feel your way (bit north, then east, then north again), you'll end up in a screen with a tree. Talk to it. Use water magic on it and talk to it again. You'll get the lightning/shock magic from the tree. Talk to the tree again to get some more info on magic.

Now go back to level 5.


Go to the room with the scientist. Use rainball magic on the fireplace and enter the now revealed entrance to the sewer.


Explore the area fully to find a chest with a gold heart and get lots of gold from the beasties. Beware of the new sewer menace ! Very deadly. Just remember you can go out and come back and visit the healing girl on level 6 in between.

One done, go back through the entrance to level 5 and down to level 6.


Remember the guy who didn't make any sense ? Go offer the cheese to him and he will teach you sixth sense.

Remember that there was a white door here (near the stairs to the mines on the east side) ? Go open it now and enter yet more sewer.


Again explore to the fullest. Two screens up from where you entered you can push a rock to link the area you explored before to this one. If you've done that one properly, you won't need to go there again. Three screens further up yet again, you can enter yet another area blocked by a rock. Take note of the electricity gate. It's up to you whether you want to do something with this. You can disable the electricity by using the shock magic you got from the tree, however doing so will literally take out the electricity and make all the other levels go "dark" (i.e. you'll go through with a lantarn). You can obviously also leave this till the very last when it shouldn't bother you that much anymore.

Back to the main sewer again. Keep going right. You'll get to a screen with a raised area all round the north and east site and a raised block in the north-east as well with a path going round it. At the bottom of this block you'll see some trees. The leaves of these trees actually hide a path going east, so go there. Some pretty mean bonca's to fight, but the grey one will reward you with the herb boots. You can leave the cave in the screen below that, but better to go back to the main sewer.

In the screen below the one where you entered the bonca area, there are two paths leading west. The upper one will provide you the purple key. You've now got all keys !!

Once done, you go back out to level 6.


Ok, so now you can open the purple doors on this level (there are three). Remember the dragon statue you saw earlier ? You can now get to it straight (instead of going through the mines to get there). Go to it and read the inscription again. Got it ? Ok, use the shock magic on it. Fight the dragon (a boss - so he's pretty hard to beat) and you'll get the sabretrout.

Ok, time to go back upstairs again, back to level 4 for now.


Go to the bar. Walk behind the bench which is in front of the fireplace (or hack it to pieces) and use water magic on the fire. Yippie ! Yet another sewer entrance ahead !


Explore this part of the sewer to the fullest. You'll be able to get to the parts where you've been before quite easily, but the new part is the interesting bit, so go to the left. Find the purple door and go in. Fight the beasties of which there are quite a few, get the doll and get the gold heart from the chest.

Once finished, go back to level 4.


Ok, so you got the doll now, let's return it to it's owner in the casino. You'll get a kung-fu glove in return.

If you (still) haven't got enough gold yet for the top weapon or maybe you want to buy some upgrades from cookie or stock up on healing potions from the healing lady on level 2, either go through the mad lab difficult bit again (which should be easy now) or through the beastie part of the dormitories or go through the sewers again to get the gold you want. Alternatively go and play with the slot machine. Accidently hitting it with the shock magic won't do your changes no harm.

You can also go back up to level 1 to the screen where you saw your spy-friend. See the cave entrance ? Remember that the axe can get rid of rocks ? Ok, so try and get rid of some rocks and enter the cave. You can get to the electricity gate again now and going through there won't give you too badly a disadvantage now you've done nearly everything. So shock it and get the gold.

If you've got enough gold, buying a dragon heart and a dragon lung would be a good combination. Getting some health potions will help you too.

Ok, once you're done getting your gold, go to level 2. Buy the lightsword if you didn't do so before. Go to the purple door, open it and take the stairs up.


Go south, try and help the girl (you'll probably be too strong and accidently kill her), read the books and go west and watch the cut-scene.

Sneak to the bookcase and read the book. Try and go north undetected, otherwise kill the guards and go north anyway. Kill the zombie (go back to the healing lady on level two to refill your health), go the next screen, round the corner, kill the guards and talk to the paintings. Next screen, same thing. Go to the riddle gate (answer below). Talk to the lady in the pen and exhaust all options. Follow the path, talk to the posters, talk to the guys with the vases. If you like, get rid of the vases for him.

If you like you can now get bad ending two. So save your game, move the table in the part where the dishwasher is and jump down the hole. Get the dynamite, jump through the hole and go all the way down to level 7 (mines). Remember what the book said in the meeting room ? Ok, so go to the poles and use the dynamite on them.

Ok, reload the saved game and continue onwards on level 1.

Go on through and do some more killing. In the next room you'll find a nice puzzle again. Look at the knights in the corners to see what you should do. Hitting the pole will reset the puzzle. If you can't figure it out by yourself, the answer can be found below.

Before going through the now opened gate, you may want to look at the room on the right.


Ok, go through, watch the cut-scene and go through the portal.


This area is incredibly hard, so I wish you luck ! Fight your way through the screens. Some weapons will work better than others on specific items. Be very wary of the firebolts ! Finishing some screens will present you with helpful items and such, though things are quite different from what you'd expect in this world. (a pillbug will give you a health refill for instance) The screen two south of where you entered will release the firesword. Except now you still have to go get to it. Find the screen above the savebot with the arrow in it and follow the arrow a couple of screens to the west. Walk on the void and follow the hardness to the firesword. Mind that even in the void you'll find some enemies.

The water magic seems to work well against the fish, the fireball against the chests, lightning against the little hearts. The big red hearts are really tough unless you start talking to them.

Ok, once you have the firesword, get the hell out of this area.


Arm the firesword and cut through the gate. Watch the cut-scene, fight the boss and you'll get ending 3 (the real ending).

Ok, so there is one more ending... want to see that too ? Go back to an earlier save game. Remember Death popping into your screen every now and then ? Go and do his bidding : go back into the stronghold and kill every single person. There you go, you'll now get ending 4.


Level 6: If you like, you can move the bed next to the wizard now (otherwise come back later once you've heard about needing these goodies) : drop down the hole and you'll get to the goodies which you saw in the mining level behind the metal rocks. Move one of the metal rocks to get out of that part of the mine and go back upstairs.



Level 4: * First one (left of the scientist): COW * Second one (at the end of the hard area) : TABLE

Level 3 with the poles:

Hit the poles in the right order and read the note again, keep doing this until you've solved the puzzle. The trick is to hit the poles in the order described in the note, but only if the third letter of the word is written on the note, so you'll have to hit the poles in the following order: O E U V X, talk to the note, E E U V X, talk to the note, E E U V X, talk to the note, E E V X, talk to the note, E E X, talk to the note, E E, talk to the note, E E and the riddle is solved.

Level 3 maze


  • Level 3 after the maze: TOILET
  • Level 1: POSTER

  • COIN PUZZLE after the riddle gate on level 3:

  • The way to go is: One, Three, lots, Five.

  • KNIGHT PUZZLE on level 1: Looking at the knights from left to right and calling them 1 to 7 in that order.

  • Top row: hit the knights in this order: 7 5 5 2 1 1
  • Bottom row: hit the knights in this order: 1 7 7 3 3


  • In the armoury room on level 4: Walk behind the sign for the diltonator and push it to see a spectacular cut scene.