Here it is. The official walkthrough. There are a lot of secrets in this one so pay close attention. There are two secret islands. I'll explain how to get there and what to do at the bottom. Naturally during the course of the walkthrough I'll tell you when its time to go. Okay with that said... here we go!

After the opening movie, talk to the tree and exhaust all options. Head south and try to enter the guard house. Then talk to the guard. Head north then right to the rivers edge. Head south and get the potion. Head east. Go to the upper left corner of the screen and walk north. Another potion! Head south a few screens until you get to the forest's edge. Head east and then south to the house. Talk to the man inside and he will eventually let you take the king scroll. Pick it up and head back to the guard house. Talk to the right guard and he will let you in. Once inside a quick movie will take place and then you will find yourself outside again. Head north, east, south, and then east 3 screens. In the spot where the trees are you'll see Milder's axe. Pick it up and head back to the guard house. Talk to Milder once inside and exhaust all options. It's time to kill the bonca. Get out of the house and go west. Kill all the pillbugs and go west another screen to the fence. Break the fence in the middle and then go south outside of the fence. Go south again and then east. Talk to the sign then walk east into the dried up river. Head north and into the cave.

Once inside the cave save the game. Just above the save game along the wall is your first secret. Walk along this wall until you are walking over it. Pick up the potions in this secret room and continue to head east into the next room. Go east again and then north. Kill the bonca (not difficult) and grab the iron ore! Leave and go back to Milder. Pan down the options until you see "I found the iron-ore!". Milder will then make you a sword to kill the guards. Go outside and kill them both. (Not hard either. Just hit and move) Go back inside once finished and another short movie will take place. When its finished Milder is gone and you will be just south of a bridge. Head north over the bridge. Follow the path north (do not go down the castle road yet) until you reach the town of Moravia. Head west into town and go into the first house. It's a wacko woman so once finished leave. Go into the next house and talk to the guard. He will talk of problems with the town. Head west again and into the first house. Talk to the woman and she will talk about the problems with the Slayer. Leave and go west again and enter this house. All she says is MY DAUGHTER MY DAUGHTER so once done leave. Go north of here and then east. See the cave? Enter it and collect some goodies. Leave and go back the way you came and then go south all the way to the wizards house. Go in and talk to him. Leave. Remember the castle road? Go there now and follow it to the small island with a well. There's a bridge now (you've got to love visions) so take it. Grab the potion and enter the cave.

Once inside save again. Head north and then take the first right. Kill the boncas. Along the east wall is another secret. You'll walk over the wall and into another secret room. Grab what's here. Leave and head back to the main chamber. You don't need to kill anymore but if you want to go right ahead. Head north and follow it all the way around to the slayer. Kill him (again not hard, just hit and move). Once done the wizard will show up and blah blah blah. Leave and head back to Moravia (save the game on the way out if you want to) Talk to the guard again and exhaust all options. Feeling sleepy? I think so. Leave this house and go south. Enter this house and go upstairs. A dream will start, so watch. Once finished save if you want to. Leave this house and go back to the woman (Slayer one) and talk to her. Leave. Head south back down to the wizards house. Secret area 1 is now available Go into the wizards house and talk to him. Exhaust all options. Leave and head to the rock. Push it to the right and enter.

Once inside the cave head north. You'll see a parchment on the ground. Talk to it and get the password for the girl. Write it down! (or remember it or something...) Follow the path all the way to the 4 locks. Just hit the poles in the order in which the parchment said (I'm not telling you in this ... come on do SOME thinking here! HA HA). The farthest pole on your right is #1. After that it will chime and You have unlocked it! will appear. Go in and save the girl. A small movie will take place. She leaves you some gold. Take it and leave. Go back into the wizards house. IT's on fire!!! Oh no .. get out of here. Go north and to the missing daughters house. WOW! She's back! (Visions are a beautiful thing) Talk to both of them and get out of there. That's all you can do in Moravia (ISn't that enough?) so leave. Go to the castle path and follow it all the way to a fork in the road. Take this fork south and follow the path to an opening in the trees with a sign. Take this grassy path north to the hermits house. Go inside and talk to him. It's the daughter's grandfather! HE will give you a small quest about love letters. Leave his house and head south. Follow the path south. The road will fork 3 ways. Take the eastern branch and follow it to the town of Private. Don't go north into the town. You can't go that way so there's no point. Head east and then north along the fence. See the skull? Punch out the fence in front of it. WHOO HOO!! Head into the first house and grab the letters. LEave and head back to the old man's house. (DOn't bother walking around town ... there's nothing to do) Talk to the old man and give him the letters. Ask him about the lantern and voila!! Leave and head south to the 3 way fork. Now take it west and follow it to the cave. Do you want a LOT of potions? Now's the time to do it. Go up and around the cave to the west. The next screen is a river. You can't go north very far so don't bother. Head south and follow it for a few minutes. (There are no forks in the road so it's a straight shot) FINALLY at the very end you will see many many potions. Across the river see the chest? Remember that for later. Head back out and go into the cave.

Once inside kill these few baddies and get to the otherside. You are now just south of Athello! Head north to the save machine (kill the boncas... a little easier now!) and head north to the path. Follow the path to the town of Athello. There are baddies off to the north of the path and some potions so if you want them go right ahead. Once in town head to the bar. (You can heal yourself if you need to... just pay) Once in the bar talk to the two men. Leave and go east then north. Enter the double decker house and into the main chamber. A woman is screaming about some bugs. She will offer up the guard suit so go downstairs and kill all the bugs. (No hints here.. they are pillbugs! COme on!!) Once finished go back upstairs where Milder is stealing the guard suit. After the movie leave. Go back to the bar where Milder will be waiting. Talk to him. After this is done leave. (you can't get the guard suit by fighting Milder so don't try) Head into the weapons building and find out about the Clawsword. It's 3,000 you should not have enough gold. (unless you cheated!) If you aren't going to cheat (it's more fun if you don't) then you'll need to save up. First head toward the screen with two fountains and talk to the girl. It appears they have no water. What to do? You'll need to save up. Walk around town and talk and go into as many buildings as you can. Leave Athello and head south once outside of the fence. Head south all the way until you can't anymore. If you've gotten magic there's a secret down here. To find that head west until you can't and you'll notice there's a tree here that you can burn down. Burn it and get all the goodies. Now to find more gold. Remember that chest? There's 1,000 gold in it. But you need to find it. Walk along until you see an opening to the south. Follow it. This is a little maze here. Your chances of dying are slim so I won't tell you the proper way to go (I know its a walkthrough but ... so what?) But eventually you will find the chest. (One hint.. take the most northern branch when the path splits.) Once you have enough money (you might need to kill some baddies too) go and buy the Clawsword. Now its time to kill the dragon. Leave Athello and follow the path almost to the river. The entrance is just west of the path you initially came up after you went through the cave. Follow this path south to a rock. Move it out of your way and continue south to the cave.

Once in the cave head north and watch the quick movie. Kill the dragon. The best way is to stand right next to him and continue to pummel him with blows from the clawsword. He should die quickly. Another movie will take place and the wizard will restore the town's water. Go back into town. Save at the savebot just before town. Go talk to that drunk Milder at the bar again and he will give you the guard suit. (IT shows up as a scroll in your inventory... SO WHAT? I CAN't DRAW!!!) Leave the bar. Before you leave Athello make sure you talked to the old man in the southern edge of town. IF you have magic he will give you the combination to the goblin island. Leave Athello and follow the path. Once screen east and one screen south you will be stopped by some goblins. Enjoy the Prophecy of Ancients joke. Once done follow the path to the river. Hey the bridge is there! (Visions are my friend). Follow the path to that castle path again. Follow the castle path to the guard standing in front of the bridge. (DOn't put the guard suit on before this because these pillbugs are tough) Put on the guard suit and cross the bridge. Once over you can change back into Dink just by arming another weapon. Follow the path north. On one of the screen you will see the thick green trees. There's an opening here along the trees. Take it and you will see some potions. Go back to the path and follow it all the way to the river. The first screen of bushes is a secret. See the skull by one of the northern bushes? Walk over it and south and then one screen to the west. GOLD HEART! Go back to the path and follow it to the castle. A movie will begin and you will then be transported to an underground cave.

Save your game now! There are a lot of baddies here so get ready. Head one screen north and the wizard will show up and turns all the lights off. But what do you know... you have the lantern. HEad north. Kill... kill... kill. Just follow the path along and kill everyone. There are some red hearts along the way to help you out . At the fork in the road head south. Keep following the path until you get out to a screen with some steps. Take these. Once inside the castle get the dragon claw (Thanks JVeenhof!) and leave. You are now outside the castle and everything is on fire. Just follow the path and be careful. Follow the path for about 8 or 9 screens until you see the sign followed by the bridge blocked by the fence. Equip the dragon claw and break the fence. Walk east. On the next screen you can go east but its more fun to go south around the rock. Follow it all the way down and then east. When you can't go any further head south and more goodies!!! Okay go back to the main path again and go east. Secret area 2 Head east another screen and collect the heart and save your game. Go back to the fork and go north. If you have magic you can get to another secret room. Go north to the cliffs and then west. Another tree to burn down. Burn it and collect your stuff. Go back south to the rivers edge and east all the way. Go north to the cliffs edge and if you want some more secret goodies follow the path east along the cliffs to another cave. Come back and take the path to where the stone giants are. You really can't kill them so don't try. Just follow it for a few screens west to an opening to the north along the cliffs. Take it and go east now. Two screens and you'll see the cave. Enter.

Okay things are getting interesting now and you are almost done. WHEW huh? Follow the path north and the east two screens. You will see the love of your life Dorinthia and the king . Watch the movie. When its done go north and arm the dragon claw. Just touch the 3 crystals and then equip the Clawsword again. SAVE YOUR GAME! When done head south and watch another movie. Fight the guards. (These guys are easy. Half the time during testing they just killed themselves) Once they are defeated the wizard will show up again. Time for the end. The wizard moves pretty quickly. If you didn't get magic he will be tougher because his defense number will be 20. If you did he will have no defense at all. Just try to slice him with the sword or shoot some magic at him. Kill him and sit back and watch the final movie sequence. At the end Dink will tell you all the things that you did. Did you get magic? Did you find the goblin island? BLah blah blah. And you did it!!! WHOO HOO!! Congratulations! Hope you enjoyed playing. Drop me a line and let me know how I did.

Secret area 1

This is the main secret... without this you can't get to the 2nd one. On your way to the wizards house you will see some skulls and crossbones. You will notice a single skull by the western trees. Walk over this skull and into the next screen. Walk over the trees to the west and into the next screen. You will see a teleporter. Take it and arrive on an island. Head north to the house and then east. Read the sign. The code for the daughter. Write it down if you want. Go back west and into the house. Go upstairs and break the chest. Fireball magic! You need to learn it now so leave the island and go back to the main path toward the wizards house. Once inside head east a screen into the next room. On the northern wall you will see another skull. Walk over it heading north and into a secret room. WAtch the movie. The wizard will ask you to find his parchment. No problem. Leave the wizards house and find the rock. Push it to the east and enter. Go one screen north. See the skull by the wall on the western wall? Walk over it and west. Go north once in this secret area and you'll see a parchment lying on the ground. Walk over it and head back into the wizards house and into that secret room again. Talk to the wizard and he will make you learn magic. You have fireball magic now! When you are done, go to the wizard i n the main room again and head down and save the daughter. To find hellfire magic when you are in the cave with the lantern on the second screen heading west you will see another skull on the northern face of the wall. Walk over it heading north and into another room. Grab the goodies and most importantly the scroll. There's no learning magic now... you've got Hellfire!

Secret area 2

This is for the secret goblin island. If you didn't get magic don't bother with this. If you do and you talked to the old man in Athello he will have given you the combination. It's 2, 3, 4, 1. After you've broken the fence with the dragon claw head east to the main forks in the road. East takes you to a save machine. North leads you to the wizards cave. South is where you want to go. Follow the path to the 4 trees. Read the sign to get the proper order of the trees and then burn them in the order that I told you. You will unlock the secret and follow it east. Follow this path all the way to the goblin house. Enter the house and talk to him. Once this is done go west from the house and kill ALL the pillbugs. Piece of cake? Go back into the goblin house and talk to him. He will now give you the fire axe. Leave the island and he ad back to the main fork in the road. Pick up the walkthrough from there.

Just looking at it... it's a pretty big walkthrough. Using this I would think it should take you well over an hour to play, maybe even two. I'm currently working on the 2nd one and I should have something out for you to take a look at in a couple of weeks. Thanks for playing!