This walkthrough is split into four different parts, one for each internal adventure.

Lost in Dink

Go down all the way to get out of the cave. Go left, and up, and walk inside the building. Go one screen up and walk up the stairs. Near the bottom of the screen is a wall you can walk through. Walk through this wall, and talk to both of the gobline statues, and go back up to the bar. Talk to the farmer guy to learn what has happened, and then ask the barkeep for a job. Go downstairs, open the doors by talking to them, and kill the pillbugs. Go down one screen, and kill the pillbugs, saving your game and getting the gold in the process. Go back up into the bar and buy the weird key. Leave the building and go back into the cave. Go up one screen then right one screen. Open the door and walk to the next screen, and then walk into the teleporter thingy. Go up two screens, then left one. Go into the building. Talk to Bob about everything. Leave, and go two screens right. Go inside the church, and ask for the key. Leave, and go one screen left, and then open the door and walk behind the fountain.

Kill The Ducks!

Talk to everybody (if you want to). Now go down three screens, and left one. Hit the thing in the middle of the walls in the room. Now go up and left, and leave the dungeon. Kill the duck, and go up, then right. Keep on going up until you get to the cave (go in it). Go up twice and kill the slimer. Walk around and hit all the switches. Now go into the central room where you killed the slimer, and go up. Talk to the machine. Use the duck spell, and leave the ice cave. Now go back to the fountain, and go into the log cabin. Kill this duck, and go down. Save the game, and turn yourself into a duck. Go up until it stops you, and kill the ducks. Go up once more, and then right. Go up three screens to get the coin. Go down two screens, then right two screens to get the other coin. Go left two screens and talk to the well. Go down, left, and up. Use the Bonca Crap Remover. Now go up then left. You must kill all the ducks in the following screens to get into the staircase two screens to your right.


Walk into to the Fortress, and talk to the guy. Now leave and talk to the Temple of the Damned guy. Now go to the upper-right most screen and enter the goldmine. Kill everybody and get all the gold. Now leave and go into the lumber mill. Talk to him, and you get your stronger axe (it really isn't stronger though). Now talk to the Temple of the Damned guy again, and get the key for the fortress under construction. Go to the fortress under construction and find your way to the staircase. Kill the pig, and now your back at the fortress and you've won! Please disregard the message about e-mailing the author... Please.

Coconut Monkey Island

Talk to him, and now you're on an island. Go into the two story house, and go in the basement. Talk to the girl, and then leave the building. Now go left all the way and enter the building. Kill the CM. Now go back to the girl, and see what happened. Now leave the building, go right and up, and into that building. Talk to the bookshelf, and then leave. Go North to the beach, and find the 'map' of the island, and hit the post. Now go down a screen and go down in the cave. Save your game, and leave the cave by going south. Then just make your way along the grass bridges, there is a fork in the path but it still leads to the same place. On the large patch of grass there is a fountain, so drink up! After that, there is an extension with two peninsulas off it, just walk off the end of either one to come to the endboss, and after you beat him, you won the game.