This is a walkthrough for the DMOD 'Chores', by MadStalker.

Notes: If I don't include some areas of the DMOD in the walkthrough, it's because there isn't really anything there that needs to be put in. Oh, and every time I level up, I put it on defense. Just wanted to get that out there.

Watch the nice little intro scene, and you'll be in a snowy area. Go North, and you'll see a guard. He doesn't really have anything important to say right now, so you can either go North again or West. Let's go West. Uh-oh! It's a bonca! I don't recommend trying to fight it right now, so back and go North this time. Then go one screen right, talk to everyone in the bar, then come back out and go South. Talk to the guy about everything, then you can talk to his wife (I think it's a wife) upstairs, although she doesn't have anything good to say. Head back out and go one screen up, then west twice. You'll be in an area with some more houses, so head to the screen with the savebot and go inside the house. After the conversation, talk to Dink's granny and ask her for work. Go down into the basement, and get the pig feed. There is also a chest and some barrels down there, but you can't break open the chest yet. Head back outside and go one screen up, and do what Dink does best. Oh, and you can kill the pigs now for variation at the end of the game :). After you feel satisfied you have supplied the hogs with enough food, head back into granny's house. Ask her for more work, and then go to the shop, which is just one screen to the right of granny's house. Talk to the shop keeper and ask for the package. Head back to granny's house, and give her the package. Ask for more work. Apparently, when the sun is reflecting off of pure white snow, it's getting late and time for bed. So, head upstairs and talk to the bed. That's how it works. You talk to the bed, you sleep on the bed.

In the morning, talk to granny again and ask her for more work. Your next challenge is to go get some firewood from the forest, so let's get cracking, so the fire can get crackling. (See what I did thar?) Head outside, go west twice, talk to the little girl, then go South once and grab the strength potion. From there go West, and talk to the docks guy. Tell him about the bonca for a laugh. :D Go North and watch the scene with the pig, then go back the way you came, towards granny's house. Save your game. From granny's yard, go East and go into the house above the shop. That bonca guarding the forest is going to have to vamoose if we want to get that firewood. Talk to the hunter, and he'll give you two strength potions. Don't use them yet! They're effects don't last forever. Head back towards the screen with that nasty ol' bonca and get ready. As soon as you get lined up with the rock, he'll attack. Take one of those potions and start pounding him. It takes both potions to kill him, so get as many punches in as you can. After he's dead, walk over the branch sitting next to the rock on that screen. Then, head west into the forest, we still have 5 branches of firewood to get.

In the forest, you should kill pillbugs for their small hearts. I was kind of low on life after the bonca battle.

Go one screen up from the bonca fight, then go one screen left, and grab the branch by the stump. Then go south once and grab the branch behind the tree. Then go one screen down and one screen left, and get the branch that's up against the fence. Then go right, then down, and brace yourself for a monster so evil, the devil himself had to turn away....prepare yourself for the horror, of.....

A DUCK! RIDING A BONCA! Don't worry though, he's not too tough. After he's dead, grab the branch that was by the tree on that screen. Head up twice, then left once. Grab the branch that was behind the black tree. That's all the firewood. If you notice, one screen right of the last branch, there is a rock with holes in it. Hmmm.... Anyway, head back to granny's house. Ask for even more work, and you'll have to go feed the pigs again. Wow. Go feed the pigs, then talk to her again. She needs some water from the nearby well. Go one screen right, then one screen down, then examine the well. It appears the water is frozen, and you need to fine something to break it with. Head to granny's house, then go west to where you saw the girl, then go west some more to the warehouse. There's a blue rock on that screen, pick it up and head back to the well. Drop the rock in by examining the well, then go talk to granny again. After you give her the water, a midget with a hat will come in and cast a spell on everyone. The spell doesn't work on Dink, and he runs off. The plot thickens. Everyone in town will now be under the effects of the spell, which basically makes them stupid. While you're here, head down into the basement and get the bomb from the chest. Guess what we're going to do with it. Head to the cracked rock in the forest and make with the exploding. Crawl through the hole, kill the pillbugs, then go east until you see the wizard guy again. He'll run through his sprinkley teleporter thing. That coward. Chase after him by walking into the teleporter. You'll be in another cave, so go east, grab the defense potion, then go North, then west. Save your game, then go west again for a gold heart and a spring. From the save machine, go North for a small fight with a knight. He should be no problem now. Head east, then north, and climb up the ladder. You'll be in a new snowy area now, the guy in the first house is being controlled by the spell, so go South. Talk to the guy, then push the boxes aside and go downstairs. Break the barrels and talk to the girl. Head back outside, then go east and into the house. Open the chest for a healing potion, then go South. Another wimpy guard for you to kill. Head west. What's this? Two guards? Do the classic Dink Smallwood move where you get them to attack each other, then finish them both off. Head west again. Grab the heart, save your game, then go north, killing everything that stands in your way. Now it's time for the boss. The boss transforms into a....DUCK! Hit him twice, then enjoy the final cutscene. Great game MadStalker!