Anyone and everyone is free to use this for anything they would like to use it for. Some of the number, such as stat checks may not be correct. Please post below if you have any corrections, additions or subtractions.

I write this walkthrough as a tribute to a game well done, thanks goes Simon K. for his work.

First this walkthrough will cover the bare bones step by step through the main quest of the game, dragon quest included, secret areas, side quests and such covered afterwards. Some attention will be given to stat requirements since there are stat checks needed to complete some quests in the game. Also some suggestions on getting through each area and beating bosses will be given.


Get past scorpions to the north then offer to help the woman. Continue north... After cut-scene, push rock, talk to bug, answer PROMISE.

Into the hole, explore this area, note the different colored crystals, find the magic herb boots along the west wall to the north, exit out of the steps by the yellow crystal.

Welcome to Fire woods!

[To complete this entire area you'll need agility - 6, luck - 7 and magic at 12,. Many potions can be found behind trees and in hidden caves, expect exploration to be rewarded rather then needing to do everything by pure leveling. As a note, since the sword isn't efficient to kill most monsters in this game the strength skill can be mostly ignored, relying on the boost the sword itself gives you when its necessary to use it, so you are free to put leveling points into meeting the requirements for the quests in each level, and then to concentrate on agility for using thrown weapons needed to complete the game]

Talk to the armor boy, answer BOOBIES to get Ice armor. Talk to the Shaman, explore Fire woods, notice the "lands of Punz closed" sign to the east, and the closed ring of fire in the south west corner, find some gold. Buy a flute from the shop, head to Southeast corner of Fire woods talk to the Soul man, answer THUNDER. Use the flute near a slurper, return with it to shaman and talk to him, this opens the Land of Punz.

Land of Punz

is made up of three main areas, the town area, then the area below the town to the west which has the inn and the lower bridge in it, and across the bridge area to the north east which has the ice palace and the queen.

You can find a map in a chest east of the entrance to Land of Punz right above the passage to the town. In town talk to the wizard, then to the guy with the skull collection. Go straight north of town along the edge behind a tree find a hole in the ground, get skull and give it to skull collector guy. Go into the wizards basement and push statues into the order written on the scroll, the bottom row is facing your right when entering the room. Talk to the wizard, when you have your magic skill at 12 you'll be able to get everything he has including confusion and hellfire which will be necessary.

Head south and west from town to a passage that leads to the inn area, note the bridge south east of the inn, and the family with the baby Roland. Go west of the inn to two empty screens, go back and forth between them until a peddler appears, chat with him. Return to the family house, its on fire.... go into the hole in the ground, explore, find the fire demons servant.

To defeat the servant, use the spell confusion to freeze it, then hit it up to 4 times with a decent sword (the claw sword will do) the freeze will hold up to the 5th swing, then use any thrown weapon to unfreeze it and quickly refreeze it, rinse and repeat until it splits. Quickly put on your herb shoes and use hellfire against the purple spinners, then water spell against the green ones when the purples split. For the fire demon, put on the ice armor, circle around the demon keeping yourself to its back, continuing to circle as you use water spell on it (luck of 7 necessary to hit it).

Talk to the mother. Go to the bridge south east of the inn. go across then go up north find a passage back to the west, talk to Fairi-nuff.

Head back, take the bridge going east from town (agility check of 6 to cross). Talk to the queen... while here go behind the castle as far as you can (past a blind spot), until you get to a chest, get the scroll from the chest.

Go back to the area near the inn where the peddler was, now talk to the old beggar, give him 10 gold and get some beet seeds. Go back across the bridge to the ice castle go down south now, and then east. Use hellfire to melt the ice off the east most tree there, then burn it, enter hole .Use the seeds in the garden, exit for a moment then return. Beat on beets with your fists several times to get sugar.

Return to the queen, chat .. Now back to the peddler, have a chat.

Take the sign you get to fairi-nuff... you'll receive a token that when used, will transport you to Machine Mnt.

Before using the token, go back to Fire woods use the scroll to clear the fires, go into the 4 holes in the ground, hack on the crystals with a sword to collect the 4 crystals, (if you missed the crystals here you can find them in the next area, but not as easily)

Machine Mnt.

[to complete this area you'll be needing Luck of 16 , and Honor of 18, there's no need to put any points in honor as their are several side quests to acquire honor, and additionally much honor can be gained on the high seas, ( more then enough to make up for what you can loose in the brothel :) Also in preparation for completing the game you'll want to make 30,000 gold to buy a dark thrown weapon at least.]

This area in the upper part contains the dark forest and Machine Mnt. above it, and below it across two bridges the town, then the high seas from off the port in town. Go west through the dark forest then go north, then along the trees east and downward toward the forest, find some trees that can be burned, go through and talk to the tinker. Now go back past the forest south until you get to bridge #1, talk to bridge, answer TIME Explore a bit, note the mermaid in the water. Continue west to bridge #2 , answer MIRROR. Talk to the Boat Seller, then go into the bar ask for the harbor master. Now in the M RATED game get busy in the brothel until you are allowed into the gambling room upstairs in bar, or in the G RATED game talk to several people (not sure of this, not having done it myself) .Back to the bar talk to bartender, go up find harbor master, gamble with him until you win. Talk to the two people on the right to get lucky dice if you need them, you can also gamble with them to get some gold you'll be needing soon. Buy a Frigate from the boat seller, and buy a cannon from the weapon smith. Making sure you have 4000 gold with you head off to sea. One screen to the east talk to the mermaid on the rock to get Thunder strike magic. If you miss the mermaid here you can use a rowboat and go through the shallow water to get to the mermaid first spotted near bridge #1] Become adept at using the cannon combine with thunder strike to deal with the sharks and octopuses, this is the best area to level up, get honor and make enough gold to buy that 30,000 or 50,000 throwing weapon you'll be needing.

Explore the high seas thoroughly find one tree island and get off, avoiding the quicksand go talk to the tree. [You may go on the dragon quest at this point or wait for the next chapter, be warned that having a "dark" thrown weapon or better is just about a necessity to beating the dragon. Burning the tree opens up a hole, follow it to the area with the fire bugs, place a bomb opposite the mini volcano.... Down the steps, the 4 crystals are used here. Find keys on monsters after you kill them to open the doors.]

You may need to talk to some people in the town now (also there is a luck check of about 16 here, not exactly sure) to get the whirlpool to show up. Get in your frigate and go to the nearest area high seas , one of the screens will have a whirlpool now, enter it.

Talk to basilisk (honor check of 18)...

When your all done and ready, head back to the tinker...

Destroyed world is a twisting mazelike area, a passageway through the center above the house you start in divides the upper and lower areas. Additionally there are posts that block off certain areas that open as those areas become active in the quest.

Talk to Cthunik (the Priest who saves you) .. head out go south east one screen.. buy some water, and a short sword. The pestilence cure potions sold work as full heal potions. Go north one screen, talk to the guy there, give him some water. Now go through the passage to the upper area, continue north, spot a female goblin, Skard, turned to stone, chat with her. Note the passage blocked by the stone goblins. Now go down a bit and bear to the left around the spiral. Talk to the wind spirit...

Now back to the lower area and head east , you get to a three way fork up, middle and down, follow upper passage... talk to the wizard... [If you didn't do the dragon quest previously you can find a cave behind a tree in the middle passage here,3 yellow spinners in there as well, that gets you to the dragon area]

Now back to talk to the wind spirit , you get storm magic. Now on the way back talk to the person along the way give him a short sword to get a empty bottle. Go back to the fork in lower area, this time take the bottom, follow until you get to a ring of columns, use storm magic here on the columns. Talk to the earth spirit...

Go to the upper area continue west until you spot the armed camp. Now go talk to Cthunik... either go to the lower area, take the middle fork find the woman and talk to her or go into one of the huts talk to a guy that's suicidal exit and return to find him almost dead, use him to get poison in your empty bottle. Talk to Cthunik again. Now go back to upper area go west but now go below where you head toward the armed camp, through some yellow spinners in a screen locked place you get to the well area. Arm the poison bottle find the right spot and use it... Talk to the wizard. Read the scroll.

Now Go back and talk to Skard (the female goblin), push her...

Remember the place you get to by the water spirit as you'll be needing to return to that exact spot later. Remember its west from the upper area above the armed camp, past some huts then through a thin passage north , then continue north.

Talk to Skard, find a lone frog beast, don't attack it just talk to Skard before it attacks her and it will be disabled.

Get in the frog and go up past the passage that was blocked before by the stone goblins, find the two frog critters guarding the entrance to Machine Mnt. talk to them. Go back to Cthunik..... Now talk to Skard, take her to the water spirit spot, then talk to her...

Go along the bloody river, some dark thrown weapons or better are very useful to get by the ghosts in the water. Find the locked doors guarded by zombies, kill them and get the keys, open the doors rescue Cthunik. [Note that Skard and Cthunik aren't damaged by your weapon even though skard will comment on it and the damage numbers show up]. Continue inside, explore, find one door that is the "emergency exit" and one that is the Laboratory, and needs a password. Talk to Cthunik near the laboratory to get the password. Before taking the scale put on your running shoes ready to run, grab the scale, and go through the emergency exit quickly. Head south and west, until you reach a large room with many zombies and frogs, run to the southeast corner of the room. The screen will lock up, after some dialogue, pull out your thrown weapon and hit the boss until the screen lock opens, now run eastand then south to the exit....


Secret areas and side quests

Start area

Go west through some trees then into the house, punch the middle shelf with fists to open cave with 3 luck potions. Fire woods

Use the water spell or if you have it the "fire put out" spell to find many potions hidden behind trees. Most of the household items in the shop can be given to different people in the village that will give you hints and add to the story, drum and jewelry box go to the kids, candlestick to the old man and so on...

Land of Punz

Look for a cave under a tree burned down in the green area, before the snow. In the first snowy area, along the cliffs to the south their are a few caves, one leads to a few magic potions and a bronze throwing weapon.

Another goes to a island behind the ice queen castle that has one of each potion there. In the Fire demon dungeon you can spot mega potion near the entrance, I don't know how to get to it though ... but you can look at it :)

Machine Mnt.

If you go along to the east in the area below the dark forest you can burn a tree to get to some stuff. In the area after Bridge #1 you can talk to a tree blocking a bridge, answer MEMORIES to get across, one of the Mini Castle is found in there. At the point in the game after talking to the one tree, the two mini forts become active, quests can be done in each of them to gain honor points, I don't know these well, so someone else needs to fill this in.

Dragon realm

In the red volcano area before the dragon one of the volcanoes is green, I assume that this volcano gives a dark sword someway, I do not know what you need to do to get it.

Destroyed world

In the upper area along the west side you can find a old man in a hut, and a tree you can talk too, I don't know what if anything can be done there.

In the area below the wind spirit you can find a bridge, across it you find a area with a save and a few monsters, go down another screen, in a corner you can find a scroll of deus-strike magic.

Extra (unsorted) SimonK Hints

Games are either R-rated or M-rated... I don't think I could ever make a G-rated game.

Standard megapotion in green caves accessed by bombing area earlier - can also get the light sword.

Use water magic on the green volcanoe in red/blue realm of dragon, but stand below it facing up and wait for the volcanoe to stop before casting the magic.

Honour Castle Quests are opened only if you need honour to open the whirlpool. Castle outside of Port Town can give 3 honour points if you get the Cup and return it. Talk to people in Port Town, especially the smuggler after taking the quest. Castle on island past tree bridge... can get between 1 and 6 honour points depending on what you do in the castle. Make sure you have a spare inventory slot too.

End World - Tree Spirit talks to you after you have used water magic on other trees (need to heal about 15 of them I think) - mainly helps you with hints and clues