Let’s get started, shall we? Pick up the scroll on the table and leave. Head to the pigpen and blast the right side of the fence with your fireball. After that, head to Martridge’s house and talk to him. He’ll ask for a dead rat. Go find a rat, kill it, and bring back the body…doesn’t sound too hard, eh? Well, you should attack with the fireball, because the rats have a particularly nasty bite. After you’ve given the body to Martridge, go tell everybody in Stonebrook about the evacuation. Now, go back to Martridge’s house again. He’ll tell you to go to the boat located to the south. Do so.

Now that you’re on the ship, head to the very bottom of it. Mr. Smilestein will be attempting to sink the ship; you must knock him out! To fix a leak, press the talk button, then don’t move until the leak disappears. Also, make sure the girl doesn’t get hurt.

Now you’re in the snow area. Grand! Up, west, and up twice, then burn the tree. Grab the golden heart, but beware of the slimes, for they can poison you. After you exit the cave, go west, up, and west twice, and look at the funny crack. Go tell Martridge about what you’ve found so far. From here, go up, right and up twice, then burn the two trees and get the potion in the chest. Now go to the ice entrance – not the one to the west, but to the north - , go up, right, south once to get the golden heart, and then south another time to get the megapotion. Assuming you have gone back to the entrance, go left, up, left, down, and up. Get the potion, and head onto the snow. Go up, right twice, up, and left. Push the rock on this screen, and you’ll find a cave. Enter. Kill the bonca in the northwest portion of the cave, and report back to Martridge. After you talk to him, its back to the bonca’s lair! (Note: Whatever you do here, don’t talk to the guard…he’s 100% guaranteed to crash your game.) After Martridge talks to you when you enter, tell him about the weird black crack that you’ve found. You’ll have to let him think for a while…take a rest, and then ask him what he decided to do. He’ll follow you to the crack. Hop into the crack.

Once in the other phial, hop off of the building. Talk to the man in the south, then talk to everybody inside the building. (You have to use the space bar to open most doors here.) In the bar, convince the dark green guy in the white shirt to send a message to a mage’s guild for you. Now, rent a room from the barkeeper. Go upstairs, go to the left, enter the door, rest, and then enter the southernmost door. Jump back into the rift and talk to Martridge. You may want to equip the Scan spell before you do. After you’re done talking to Martridge, press the M key and then press shift (with the Scan spell equipped, of course!). You’ll record all the Scan data into the stone. Head back to the cave, and guess what? The demo is over.

Now, go nag Paul Pliska and tell him to finish!