Walkthrough and hints for {The Red Jacket Murders}, March 06 v1.5

The wizard (Martridge) teleports you to a new land to solve the mystery

Go straight (find a map) and turn right to enter DN village


Talk to all characters throughout the map(it's very small)

and remember what each one says

kill boncas to earn gold and xp points kill other enemies to get xp points

Buy potions and long sword

reach level 3 to fight main boss. have potions,use hit n run method U can use soccer bombs,but sword is easier

don't worry,the game is flexible,u can do things in any order.

walkthrough:(spoiler warning)

In DN village there are 4 houses/shops

northeast is the medicos shop where u can get healed or buy potions

(don't bother to kill the enemies until u get the sword)

south east is tal's house/shop Tal says:U can drink fountain water from the SE corner of the map to be able to talk to the ghosts, 3 in all

drinking fountain water can turn u into ghost and vice versa.

speak to all 3 ghosts

the ghost near the fountain will give u a very important hint

Go to redink1's house ,southeast in dn village (there is a Savebot in his upper floor) he will ask for a rope

fetch the rope like the ghost near the fountain told u about stonepillars near the murderer's hideout go to northwest in DN village u will see 2 pillars move the pillar to the left to the left (main hint) there is the murderer's hideout Go inside find 200 gold,heart container,heart,rope and all goodies

Give the rope to redink1 he will give u 200 bucks

now u have 425 gold coins

North of dn village is sabretrouts weapon shop U only need long sword,soccer balls are not necessary at all //U have to earn money for long sword

U pay him 400 gold and get the sword

now slaughter all enemies to get xp points and gold from boncas

go to south east of the map

the road to the fasion fair which was closed has opened after u gave the rope to redink1

U will find the main boss there

U shud be at level 3,I recommend take a lot of potions with u

I killed her using sword(hit n run) U can try using soccer bombs

I hope you found this info useful. regards,