Just something before you start: just kill all the monsters on your way for experience. Also save your game when you feel you have to.

You washed ashore on an island, time to check it out. Walk down one screen and take the orbs. Try to find all the orbs in the game so you can get to a secret room in the end of the game, just before the endboss. Go right, take the potion behind the tree, save your game if you want and go down. Enter the house, greet him and ask why he's happy. Accept to play a game (or say no, you'll have to play the game anyway). Go outside and find all the 10 food. Go back to him and he'll give you his sword. Go outside, up and enter the bar. Talk to the people here if you want, then talk to the tree, greet him. He'll say he's a magican, you'll need to find a scroll. Go outside, down twice, then left. Go down, you're in a cave now. Go 1 down, 2 right. Take everything there, then go back. Continue down all the way, then right, you'll get to a small island for a heart and gold. Go back, left, up, right and take the scroll. Go back to the magician. He'll change into a human and learn you fireballmagic. Now go outside, down, then left. Enter the house. Greet Gobbie and ask about his minivillage. He wants to have a small goblinguard. Leave, go left, down. Burn the trees. Go down, left and enter Norman's shop. Greet him if needed. Ask him for a small goblinguard. Pay him and bring the small goblinguard back.

You're now on the other side of the island. Save your game, the savebot is one screen left of you. Go right and take the stuff there, right again and enter the house. Go downstairs, go right, and follow the path right till you get to a screen where you can go left or down. Go down and push the rock. Now you can pass the dragon. Go one screen down and read the code there. The code can be used to access the mini D-Mod: Dink's Pimple. Go back, leave the house, left twice, down and kill all the monsters. Follow the path, enter the village. Check out the houses if you want, then enter the largest house if you want to continue the main Once in a Lifetime story. If you want to play the minigame Dink's Pimple (a mini D-Mod), read Dink's Pimple below. Enter the largest house in the attacked village, go down, read the paper if you want, go left twice. Here's a puzzle you must solve to continue the escape route. There are 5 wells, the middle well is an example. Look at it, and you'll see that there are 2 coins. Now looks to the mushrooms around it. As you can see, there are 2 green mushrooms. So you must now look for each well how many green mushrooms are around it, then drop that many coins in it. Let's use the numpad to locate the wells (so 5 is the middle well, 2 is the thing to reset the puzzle, etc..). The solution is then:

  • Well at 7 - 3 coins
  • Well at 9 - 2 coins
  • Well at 1 - 4 coins
  • Well at 3 - 3 coins

If you've dropped to many coins, you can reset your puzzle with the thing located at 2. If you've solved the puzzle, the fence will move and you can continue. Read the paper if you want, then go up. You'll teleport, then go left, up and hit the teleporter there. Then you're somewhere else. Go left 3 times, then up and right twice, enter the house. Ask if he has something: he'll give you a Clawsword if you give him the Skull of Death. Go back to the screen where the bonca's were, go up, then right. Take the Skull of Death and bring it back for the Clawsword. Now continue your way to the left and burn the trees and enter. Go right, here you can go to a secret rooms, depending on how many orbs you've found in the game. The more orbs you have, the more stuff you can expect in the secret room. Take a secret room if you want, then go back. Go down, take the potions and go down again. After a small talk, fight the endboss and you've finished Once in a Lifetime!

Location of the 10 food:

  • On the screen where you washed ashore
  • One screen north of the bar
  • A screen northeast of the bar
  • On the screen where Gobbie lives
  • On the screen where the bar is
  • On the screen where the man lives
  • A screen east of where the man lives
  • One screen down of where the man lives
  • In the cave on the screen where Gobbie lives
  • One screen west of the bar

Location of the 15 orbs:

  • One screen down from where you start
  • Duck Island
  • One screen north of the location after you've used the first teleporter
  • Right of Norman's shop
  • In a house of the attacked village
  • The escape route
  • In the cave with the scroll
  • In the cave with the scroll
  • Near the bar-pet
  • In the house with the man who can give you a Clawsword
  • Near the man who can teleport you to a secret room (you'll give your orbs to him)
  • All the way left of the man who has a Clawsword
  • On the beach in the attacked village (corner)
  • Right once in the area where you'll arrive after you've finished the quests in the village
  • In the bar

Dink's Pimple

To get to the minigame (mini D-Mod), when you're on the screen with the largest house in the attacked village, go right and enter the code: the fence will move. Go left, down, right twice, up and hit the pole left of you. Then use your fireball magic to hit the pole on the other side. Now go back, up, right and hit the other pole on the other side. You can now cross the bridge. Now you can play Dink's Pimple. Go down, and answer the question with 'Yes'. The intro begins. After that, you'll begin in front of your house. Follow the path and enter the bar/restaurant/store. Go downstairs, then down. You'll see 2 goblins invading the village. Dink will tell it to everyone, then you must go right. Go right again and then you can't go back anymore. Save your game if you want. Go right, talk to the goblin and ask if he needs help. He'll ask you to hit a switch in the forest. Go left, down, left. You're now in the forest, go left, kill the pillbugs, go up, hit the switch, then go back to the goblin. He'll move a fence for you. Now go left, down, right, up, down and hit the pole there. You'll be teleported to an area east of your village. Go left twice, up, left, up, right and enter. Watch what happens, after that, you'll have to fight a monster in a cave. Kill him, you'll see all the stolen pimplecream and you've finished the mini D-Mod: Dink's Pimple!