Once again, this is part 3 of the Quest for Arithia Trilogy, so if you want to know what happened, play The Ninth Lock and The Rozarus first.

As soon as you get control of Dink, go left twice, down and left again. Enter the house and talk to the 3 beings (or men). Exit the house, and go to the north-east corner of the island. Follow the pebbles leading to the water and cross it (just keep following them). Go left and open the chest. Right and down now till you see a guard. Go left after the conversation. Now you have to walk REALLY close to the castle wall and it will move over to the next one where someone will talk to you. Go back to the guard you talked to and you can pass. (Hint: Drink from the fountain to regain you health) Keep going down now and follow the path till you get to Hembar's Castle. Try to enter and talk to the guard then. Go back to the Lords of Time now and talk to the middle one. He'll increase your health bar, go to the fountain to fill it and (starting from the Lords of Time), right and down twice. You have to fight 3 screens of bonca's now, and that is HARD. There are some roses in the third screen, get them and go back to Hembar's Castle, try to bribe the guard with them and he'll let you in. Enter the right door, go left and down, and then right. Talk to the guy there and he'll give you a whistle. Exit the castle, keep going down, right and up a few screens. You'll see a lot of ducks now. Blow the whistle and one will start to follow you (stay on the same screen!). Talk to that one and he'll give you more gold. Now go up, right, up and keep going left till you see a guard. Talk to him and use all the conversation options. Bribe him with 1000 gold. You can pass now, follow the route and enter the cave. At last, Arithia! Go back to Hembar's castle after the conversation and go down the stairs. Enter the 4 doors and get all the elementals. Exit the castle, follow the route again and go to the north-east corner of the island again and push a rock there. This will reveal an opening. Enter it enter then you have to punch all the elemental till they are black. I don't know how, but I just punched them a couple of times and it worked :)

That was it for the Arithia Trilogy... To be continued in Dink's Doppelganger. (update: this D-Mod will most likely never be released)