In Reconstruction, you cannot lose. Essentially, all you do is walk around and follow the 'plot'. After completing each quest, talk the the Freedman's Bureau agent, then you can progress to the next quest. You do not have to help everyone you come into contact with, you just need to talk to everyone and make your own decision on whether or not to help them. You can be prejudice against whoever you wish. For instance, if you hate schools, don't give them money. Spend it at the bar (you can get drunk and pass out, if you wish, but at a hefty price).

Because you cannot lose, I will just point out where all the people you need to talk to are. This makes it so things are sort of a surprise, if you read the walkthrough before playing all the way through the game.

Also, the S on Map 1 refers to the building in which you start the game.

Quest 1: Black School

For this quest, all you need to do is go to the black schoolhouse. It is marked on Map 1 at the bottom of this page, under a white 1.

Quest 2: Help the Black Community

You need to talk to every black person on the right side of the rail-road tracks about whether they need help or not. See Map 1 for the general area in which you need to talk to them, and Map 2 for an enlarged map showing where all 7 of them are.

Quest 3: Marriage

Go back to the black schoolhouse, marked with a 1 on Map 1. That's it.

Quest 4: Plantation Census

For this quest, you need to go to all four of the white plantations, and talk to the owners. Look on Map 1, then look for the 4s to find them.

Quest 5: Court Case

All you need to do for this case is go to the courtroom. It is marked with a 5 on Map 1.

Quest 6: Help the White Community

Now you need to talk with 7 people of the white community. The general area is marked with a 6 on Map 1. For a closer view, with each person marked, look at Map 3.

Quest 7: Speech

Go to the area on the map marked with 7, and you've finished the game. Be sure to check out the Trivia section, and prepare to fail miserably :)

Map 1 Map 2 Map 3