You wake up after having a bad dream (aka The End of the World). Go outside and read your 'mail'. It seems your long-lost brother Zink is back! Go a few screens east to the town square and talk to your brother and you'll a new evil wizard (there are hundreds of them) kill him. So much for long lost family. Go right after this scene and you'll see the wizard has sealed off the only exit with a huge stone slab. Instead of just jumping over the fence (Dink can't jump), he'll have to find some magical way to make it disappear. So go to wizard Partridge, one screen west of Dink's house and ask to do something about it. He'll tell you to get the Eye of the Ancients, so go downstairs, save your game and enter the warp. One screen up and left for a megapotion, right, up and right again for a golden heart, then left and up for.. some grapes on some chairs? Hmm.. One chair is empty, so head back into town and buy some grapes (one screen north from where Zink got killed). Now go back the stools and place the grapes on the empty one. A passageway opens (surprise, surprise) and you can go and collect your Eye of the Ancients, bring this back to Partridge and the boulder will be gone.

Go right a few screens and you'll see another town in distress. They need food and quick, so go the food vendor and he'll give you the feast package. Deliver the feast package and in return you'll get a red herring, which can get you the hellfire spell in the first town. Get it go the screen just ouside the second town and go up then. Notice the two different looking trees? Burn them down and go up. (Note: My computer almost freezes at this point, if that happens to you, bug the author ;) If you do make it past this screen, enter the house, talk to the wizard and exit again. The second spell has been removed, so you can go right again. Keep doing that till you reach a dragon, kill it and go right again, a few times, then up, enter the cave. Go up, and right and keep going till you see a pillar, touch it and you'll face the evil wizard again. Kill him and keep going right for the ending sequence.