If you played the demo first, DON'T copy the savegames from it to the full game, the full game's got more variables, so it won't work!

There's a special secret in the d-mod, I've put it at the bottom but you can only get to it at a certain point in the game. I'll refer to it again at that time but here we go...

You can't do much on the island now, so just go up and right and enter the house. Go up again and enter the basement. Check out the scrolls, then you know the history of the town. Exit the house, go up twice and then right. Search the pillars and one of them will disappear. There are a LOT of enemies now, and I advise that you kill 'em all, you'll need level-ups. Go up twice and right and go down the stairway. Keep going north-west for a golden heart, or right and down for a megapotion. If you've got those, go back where you started in the cave and go down, left and up again. Hit the slime and screenlock is activated. (This is a HARD fight, so look out) Once you killed him, go down, right, up, right and up and the flame barrier will go away. Just keep going now and you'll arive at a save-machine. Save here! Now go up and kill the wizard (a bit easier). Exit the cave and the animals are human again. (Tip: If you need even more hints (why? :) go to the witch northwest and offer to get rid of the signs, by hitting them, she can give you hints now) Go back to the house with the scrolls and kill the man there. Get the scroll and read it. Go back to the basement and through the fake wall on the north-side. Open the door and talk to the real Shryke. He'll tell you what happened. Now go back to the room where you fought the giant slime and check the brown 'spots' on the floor. If you Poly-morph now (aka use the diamond-magic) you can turn into a slime aswell. Do so and go to the huge rock, you can crawl under it now. Follow the route through the cave and when you see a dead knight on the ground, read his note. If you follow the ways to the east and west, you'll get to two buttons, press them. The blue sparkles are gone now, so you can pass. Keep going again till you get to a save machine. Save and go up and you'll face another boss (Hint: You can kill him easier as the bonca) Once he's dead you can go right and enter the warp.

Left and down now and down one more after the little scene. Hehe, smart Dink. Save and go right and up and kill the goblins. Up twice now and push the rock to the left. Enter the cave, smash open the barrels for a bottle and talk to the women up right, she'll give you a sword. Go up and right now, examine the grave and choose to give away the sword (This will pay evertually, but more later). Take the golden heart and exit the cave. Exit the town on the east side, and keep going right till you can't go further and go up three times then. Enter the house and talk to the hermit. He doesn't want you to smash up his stuff? You know what to do then ;) Keep hitting his stuff till he talks to you and he'll want to see a sign of good will. Ok, get back to town, leave it on the south side and follow the road to the left till you get to a catapult and you'll see a little scene with some goblin. Follow the road to the right now till you get to a bridge. Cross it and go right. Enter the house and talk to the guy. Exit the house now, go left, cross the bridge and go up. Push the rock in the water and you cut off the nice man's water supply... hehe... You can go back to the man to hear what he says, and when you're done, exit the house and go left and down twice, left twice, down twice and left for a magic potion. Right, and up twice again and enter the dried up river. Follow to the right until you get to a road and follow it till you get to another town. Exit it on the west side and follow the road till you get to a bridge. Go down twice for a blue potion and head back to the road, keep following it for quite a while now till you get to a sign with directions to the Church of Good will. Left twice and examine the sign of good will. Hmm, it's wobbly? Hit it and pick it up, you got a 'sign of good will' now :). Go left once and down twice now and pick up the potion. Go back to the Church and go down twice, crossing the water. Now go right once and you can pick up 3 potions. Get back to the road now and continue your journey north till you get to the castle.

Go up once and, left for a full heart and a save machine, right and up for 500 gold pieces or up for the king who's being attacked. Kill the wizard and you'll discover that the king is dying and Shryke knows the only cure. That can wait tho (:), so pick up the new rune, go left and down the stairs. You can get some hearts, food and a few bottles here, so smash open everything :) Exit the castle now.

This new rune will let you cast magical spells, you start with the fireball magic, but get more spells soon (Hint: You can burn down those green trees now too). Follow the road till you get to a save machine, keep going down and burn the second tree (the ones you can burn ofcourse :) on your path, it will reveal a teleporter back the island. Go to Shryke's house and inform him of the king, he'll tell you to go the green forest. So back to the teleporter and head for the hermit. Give him the sign of good will. Hmmm, not exactly what he wanted. Listen to what he REALLY needs now. He also gives you the freeze magic now, which can be quite handy. Exit the house and go down 4 times and burn down all the trees, one will reveal a secret stairway leading to some potions. Time for a de-tour, go back to town on your left and the people from the cave are back (if you didn't give the sword to the dead soldier, they would all be dead, happy now? :). Visit all the houses and you'll get some potions and money. A man in a house to the north will sell you a clawsword (definitely get this one) and a throwing axe. Go down and left and enter the house. Talk to the woman and agree to find her necklace. Exit the house and cut the grass around her house with your sword. Eventually you'll find it. Give the necklace back to her and you'll get some more money. Go to the second town now. Right of the town is a tree which reveals another stairway when you burn it down. Go down the stairway for 3 magic potion and enter the town. You can't do anything special here so go straight for the south-west house. Enter it and go down the stairs. Extinguish the flames with the freeze magic the hermit gave you and enter the cave. Go left, up and right and talk to the dwarf. He'll ask you to clean his cave. So walk around the cave cleaning up the mess (by walking over it). Also pick up the red potion. The last pill of mess is in the screen with the dwarf, clean it and talk to the dwarf again. Buy the sword and equip it. With this sword, you can cut through the vines somewhere south in the cave, this will open up a new area of it. Explore this part and you'll find an ancient artifact, 2 megapotions and a golden heart. Leave the cave and go back to the hermit. Give him the artifact and he'll open op the way to the haunted forest.

Exit the house and go left. You can go immedeatly up here where you can burn a tree for a golden heart and right then for a path leading to a blue potion. Back to the entrance and follow the left path, that leads to a bridge (right of the bridge is another golden heart, below it and left is a chest with 500 gold). Go left and enter the building. Go up now and get some water. Head back to Shryke now (teleporter) and tell him you found the water. He'll join you now. Head back to the king. You'll get stopped by goblins though, and Shryke sacrifices himself... No time to mourn tho, go to castle and talk to the old man in the king's room. He'll administer the cure and give you another task. It's time to kick some goblin ass :) Start by going right, down and left. There's a lost goblin here, talk to him, and hmm... what to do now? Kill him :) You learn goblin morph now.

Exit the castle and follow the road down, about 2 screens down from the teleporter-tree. Start walking left now till you get to a goblin standing on a bridge. He won't let you pass unless you're a goblin, so morph into one. Keep going left, over the 2 bridges now. You'll eventually get to a town, forget that for a second. Keep going left till you get to the water, and then down till you get to a goblin sitting on a log. Talk to him for a hint, but that's not neccesary. Up and left for a potion and you go back to the town. The goblin in the most south-east house will sell you a stronger throwing axe, I suggest you buy it. There's an rock-collector in the most north-west house, ask him why he's mad, he'll tell you someone stole his rock. You can buy a rock if you want, but it's not tbat special. Exit the house and go right 2 screens. Enter the cafe and talk to the goblins, they're out of beer... Exit and go one screen left. Enter the house here and talk to the goblin alchemist about the stolen rock. Also ask him if he can make some beer, he can, but it'll cost you again and then finally ask him to tell you more about his potions. If everything goes right, this will give you a new talk option where can ask even more about the potions. He'll ask you to find a giant slayer claw then and he'll give you the Spark spell, it's a powerfull spell, but more about it later. Now go to the inventor's house on the screen below the rock-collector. Ask about his inventor and check out the huge rock. Exit and go to the rock-seller again. Ask why he's mad, tell him you know who took the rock, and then tell him the inventor did it. Wait a few seconds and it's bye bye for the inventor. Go back to his house and open up the chest for his invention. It's broken tho, so exit the house and go to the alchemist. Ask if he can fix the invention, he can, but this costs 5000gp. Pay if you can, it's worth it, just kill some more enemies if you haven't got enough money. With this magic axe, you can burn down trees too. There's one of those 2 screens above the goblin inventor, burn it down and go down the stairs for a golden heart. Go back to the pub and talk to the goblin on the left, then agree to give him the beer. You can enter the chief's house now, left and up from the guy who sold you the throwing axe. So enter it and another goblin will come in, informing the chief the tunnel to the castle is finished. Dink will go into the tunnel himself too. Take the way down till you get to a screen lock, kill all the enemies and go up for a golden heart. Back down and right now. The goblin leader will enter the castle and Dink will follow him. Kill the leader (shouldn't be too hard ;) and WAIT for the woman to come and talk to you. Dink will go back left now. Kill all the remaining goblins in the cave and head back outside. The goblins throw you in jail as soon as they see you though. Hmmm... Lot's of barrels. What do you think is in them? Push the 3 barrels next to the river into the water and look what happens :)

You should be at the castle now. Talk to the king and ask if there's anything else you can do, and you've got a new quest. If you go to the basement now, there will be a new barrel with a golden heart in it. Exit the castle. If you want 2 potions, go left from the castle till you can go no further, up a few screens, then right and you'll find them. There another one if you go down twice and right a few times, starting from the castle. Ok, keep going right from the castle, following the road up, then left, and then up again. You should be at a sign now. You can follow the way right for a chest with some gold or you can go up to a screen where you burn down a tree revealing a secret stairway. Continue your journey and try to keep walking north-west till you get to a bridge with a save-machine. There's a cave with some potions if you go right from here and walk a bit up then . Walk over the bridge and fire the spark spell to the north. You can pass now. Go one screen up. Walking right will lead to a golden heart, but you need to go to north-east side, where this is another cave. Enter it, save, go up and kill the slayer. You got a slayer claw now (remember? the alchemist needed it). Back to the goblin lands :) If you go to the goblin chief's house now, you can open a chest with anoteher golden heart. Give the slayer claw to the alchemist, it's useless, but he'll make you a "Strong as stone" potion.

Note: You can get to the secret island now, go there now if you want to see it, it won't be possible anymore later in the game.

It's time to go to the ice-island now. Go the goblins and explore the north border, you'll find a Charon (boatkeeper) there. Ask to him to bring you over to the other side. Once on the ice island, go left once and save. Now go up, keep going right across the bridge and go around the castle till you get to a guy. Talk to him, and after a funny scene, the goblins will take you to the castle. Go down once. You can go left, right or down from here. Down leads back outside and right is just a de-tour, so go left. Eventually you'll get to two stairways. Explore the one leading down for some potions, and when you're done, go up. Head south east here till you get to some stairs, and take 'em. You can go right and up at the for a blue potion. Then go back a few screens and up till you see a pyramid. Kill the goblin that comes and you'll see that Shryke is still alive! But this was not what you expected...

After a small scene you arrive at the Dead lands, what's left of the world. Go up and screen and right twice. (Talk to the all the people if you want to know what happened) You'll get a light sword now, I suggest you equip it :P Left once, up twice and rescue the man from the robots. You'll go back to the woman again. Go left and up twice again. Go right and watch the goblins burn a dragon. Talk the goblins that stays about the dragons and agree to help them. Go back left. Go up twice and touch the statue for a secret room with a potion. Back down and left once. Enter the hole in the middle for a fountain that refills your health. One more left and keep going down for 2 more potions. Now go kill the big dragon the goblin talked about earlier in the north-west corner of the map. Go back the goblin and tell him you killed it. You'll get a metal pass. Go left 3 times now and go down once. Enter the house and go the control panel. Turn off the all security fields and go up and left. Access the control panel and change the sleep mode to attack mode and kill all the robots. Go back right, down and then left, and go up the stairs. Go up and and turn ON all the security now, you'll get message about a power overload. All the systems will go down. Go right and down and reactivate the systems again, this will cause a meltdown but you've got some time, just get out ASAP. Now keep going north till you get into a fortress.

There are 3 stairways in the fortress, the two you have to take first are south east and south west. Both these stairways have got a 'button' at the end, just push a statue on them. Then go up the third stairway in the north. Keep going then till you get to another stairway. You have to collect the 4 runes now and bring them to the pyramid in the north. First the sw-rune, then the south rune, then the north-east one and finally the north-west one (there's a fountain there too). Shryke will come onto the scene again and you get a chance to kill him for the last time...

After this is done, just sit back and enjoy the lenghty ending sequence :)

Secret Island

Note: Buy some bombs (atleast 2) first from a shop on the island you started on.

Remember the spot where you pushed a rock in the river to cut off a man's water supply? Go back there, into the dried up river and walk right instead of left. Go past the bridge (in the water) and up a screen. Lay a bomb near the rock and it's water-slide time! After the ride, you arrive the secret island. Go left if you want to exit it, but do that later, cause you can get the extremely power ATOMIC spell here. Go up twice and left and enter the house. There's a long goblin here, talk to him and use up all the options. Exit the house, go up and left and enter this house. Talk to the guy there, they're oppressing the goblins... Being the nice Dink you are, go back to the goblin, and talk to him about the slavery. Exit the house and walk around the island a bit now, you'll see some dead goblins... Go back to the goblin's house and talk about them. Now, look closely at the blood marks on the island. Where do they lead? Right, the lead into the human's house. Enter it and follow the bloodmarks till you get next to the bookcase, push it to the right and enter the cave. Go to the end of the cave and read the papers there. Exit the cave and you'll see a little scene. Exit humans :) If you back into the cave now, you can get the atomic spell. Go back now through the portal. To get across the river now, blow up the catapult the goblins left early in the game with a bomb.

Alternate walkthrough by someone

You start off on an island. Don't kill the animals. Go up and right and read the note in the basement of this house. Then go to the top right area of the island and "talk" to the poles to get rid of them. Go left when you first enter the cave to kill the mini boss (he isn't hard -- but you can put it off if you really need too). The continue to explore 'till you find the boss. Collect the gold heart, mega potion and power +1 potion. Once you've finished the cave boss, leave.

The animals will turn back to humans, again. Go to the house with the note, and kill him. Note: the fountain outside his house will cure you. Grab the note from him, read it (by selecting and using it from your inventory) and find the secret room by going thru the top wall in the basement. You find the real Sryke with a mega potion and a gold heart next to him. Talk to him again AFTER leaving the basement (don't go back into the basement, but where the fake one will be) and talk to him about getting out of town, then about magic. Next, go back to the cave, go to the mini boss and look at the remains.

BTW: In the house with all the signs, you can talk to the lady in there, then go back and hit all the signs (including 2 hiding behind the trees), and she will help you thru the early parts of the game.

Press M, press left/right to switch to the slime, then up/down. Press Shift (the new selection will act just like a new spell so it will take ages to load), and go to the boulder. You will now be able to leave the island. In the cave, you will need to switch the 2 buttons (left and right) to get past the sparks.

Now, wait for the cutscene to end, and go down for another cutscene. Then go left and up and kill the 2 mog-style goblins (make them attack each other if they are too hard). Then go up, and push the rock away. Break the barrels and talk to the woman, she will give you a sword. Then go up and left and examine the dead body. Give the sword to the ghost (yes, do it!). Now you can leave the village.

Go left and up from the village and enter the house next to the haunted forest. Keep hitting his stuff (where he says something) until he says he'll help you if you bring him a sign of good will. Next go back to the village, down, over the bridge, left and push the rock into the river.

Next: go over the bridge, go down as far as you can go, the left. Don't enter the channel until you get the potion a few screens down. Where you do, keep going down the channel until you get the gold heart, then get out of it. Just follow the path (explore the area, but follow the direction of the path) until you get to a sign. Go left from here and hit the sign and pick it up. Get a drink from inside, then go down and over the "bridge" for a secret. Then continue up the path and to the castle (there are a few more potions around here too). After killing the wizard, go left, down the over-sized trap door, and break everything (for potions).

Go back down the path, then burn up one of the green trees next to the path for a shortcut to the starting island. Talk to Shyrke. Go to the guy next to he haunted forest and show him the sign of good will (the sign you stole). I suggest going thru the cave to go back. The town is back in their village (if you gave the sword back). Talk to everyone. Talk to the woman who's house's garden is overgrown. Agree to help here then cut here grass to find the necklace. Go back in get reap you rewards.

Go to the town which was killed off, go to the basement of the house in the south-west. Get rid of the fires with your ice-ball magic (do NOT touch the fires). Go left, up, right and talk to the magician. Go around picking up rubish, once you're done go back to him. You won't be able to pick up the rubish in this screen until you leave the screen and come back. You need that sword that he offers to sell you to get the artifact. It is 3+ as powerful as the one you can get at the previous village. Go to the part which is particularly green. Slash it a few times with the sword and it will go away, enabling you access to the new area. There is 2 mega potions and 1 gold heart in this area. Once you've got the artifact, leave (unless you still haven't got the 2 mega potions and gold hearts yet) and go to the haunted forest.

Talk to the man, he will unlock the gates (left of his house). The haunted forest is a bit like a maze. Your on the right path when you reach the green grass, but explore the area (a few stuff to pick up, including 2 gold hearts and 200 gold). Zig-zag in and out of the green and black grass until you reach the bridge. Once you get to the Fountain of Kronos (straight forward from the bridge), take a drink if you are not on full health but remember to refill the bottle again. Then leave and find Shryke. Take the shortcut back (burn the tree left of his house). You can't save with him BTW. If you HAVE to fight, use a long distance weapon (Shryke isn't very good with his aim...).

Once you've given the king's servant the potion, go to the castle's save point and kill the goblin. Find the goblin's island (with goblin guarding the bridge), morph into the goblin and enter. In the town, by a hammer (2,500), well worth it for killing slayers, it's long range, hits the enemy more then once, and even hits the enemy 2-3 times if used like a sword. Talk to everyone in the bar. At the goblin potion shop you can now by beer for 1,000, give it to someone in the bar to gain access to the boss's hut (you can also get the spark spell off him if you say the right things). But before doing that, talk to the rock guy. Ask him why he is mad. Talk to the potion guy and ask him if he stole the rock. Then go to the inventor and look at his rock then ask him. Next tell the rock goblin he took it. Go the inventor's hut and get the (broken) magic hammer. Take the magic hammer to the potion guy. You need $5,000 to fix it. Kill slayers and the like around the island to save up for it. There is a goblin who will offer you chicken in one corner of the island (which will refill your life). Follow the path after the castle for plenty of slayers to slay (hehe). You can get to the secret island now (before going into the boss's hut):

Buy 2 bombs from the orginal village. Go into the water channel and go the other way. Go up to the rock YOU DROPPED IN, and blow it up. In the human's house, push the bookself. Go to the goblin who will talk to you. Tell him about the cave. Follow the blood trails the the human's house. Then go back into the cave and read the papers on the desk. Leave the cave, watch the cutscene, then go back and open the chest... :). You can now exit the island and go to the goblin's village (you should have enough money for the magic hammer, not to mention the new spell once you've finished, so it will be easy!). Use the second bomb to blow up the catapult blocking the way (instead of going thru the water channel). BTW: the magic hammer can burn down trees :)

In the cave (after going into the goblin chief's hut), go either way, but return the other way. If you go down, you can get the gold heart first. You can switch to human at the boss screen. Once you've been caught (leave the cave), push the barrels into the river. Ask the king (auto transported to him) if there are any more tasks. Go to the king's basement, for another gold heart. Go north-east of the castle (the place with a whole heap of slayers). When you reach the bridge, use the spark spell to get past the "gate". The rock guys are REALLY hard, so you might want to morph to the slime -- so you can quickly zoom past 'em to the cave.

Once you get the slayer's claw, you can get some money of the king (not much), but go to the goblin village. Get the gold heart from the boss's hut, and give the slayer's claw to the potion guy. Now you have this new potion, head north. Somewhere along the beach (not really a beach, but anyway) up there there is a goblin who will take you to the ice kingdom. Go all around the castle until you reach another human, and talk to him.

Now that you've finished the castle... Go up the double left to get a new sword off the lady (10+ the last one), and then try to leave, but kill the robots to save Jarod. Now you can leave. A directly left is a big hole, down here is a fountain which gives you health. Go right, find a place where the goblins are burning the dragons (the cutscene might not happen everytime), talk to the goblin afterwards. Tell him you will help him to find the gaint dragon and kill it. He's north-west somewhere... I'll let you find it! ;) Sometimes he's not there, I don't think you have to do anything else but you might have to.. Once you've killed him, go back and tell the goblin.

Go to the house next to the save point (left-down from the recovery spring). Inside, go to the first computer and de-activate all the fields. Then go up, and go thru where one field used to be. Activate all the robots with the computer, then run. Go out, then down, then left. Continue until you find the wierd energy ball. You will need to activate all the fields on the computer just before. Re-activate the systems with the computer near the ball. Then run, killing all the robots you have to. You can now enter the base north.

The base is the hardest part of the game. If you don't have enough defence you will find it very hard, the first time I played, I would dart in, kill a few robots, leave, and re-save (after going to the recovery spring), until I had enough defence. You can use the throwing axe to kill them at a distance, btw... You need to push 2 dragon statues on the buttons (one each), to get rid of the sparks. Once you've got past the sparks, you will need to recollect the 4 runes, 1 by 1 (when you get the first one, you can get the second, then the third etc). Each one is guarded by 1,2,3 or 4 robots (harder then the castle ones, gives 500 experience). You can save the game after each one, but defiantly save just after getting the last one.

The boss is easy. Just run along side him while slashing him with your sword. He'll be dead in no time, and I wouldn't be shocked if he never hurt you the whole time! (There might be something where he won't shoot fireballs near himself.) You've won! Yay-Hay! Man this is a big walkthru.. :)