You start in a house. Go outside. It rains now and Dink can't go up when it rains. Go east, and enter the house. Talk to the person inside. It doesn't rain now anymore. Go back and go up. A dragonhunter asks you to look for the dragon he shot down. Go right twice. Now you must find a mushroom. Go back to the house where you started and go 1 screen down. Take the mushroom. Go back to the dragon and he'll bring you to the other side. Go right and down. The mushroom here is not good for you so don't take it. Follow the path, when you see a fontain, go right and up, enter the bar. The man left can fix the bridge if you bring his axe. The woman behind the bar gives you hints, just talk to her. Leave and go down twice. The priest inside there can heal you if you donate money. Go left and enter the house. Talk to him, he gives you fireball magic. Kill the pillbugs if you want. Go to the bar, then go up (kill the slimes if you want). Go right to find a defensepotion there, go from the screen with that potion, up and then left, burn the tree to go to the place where the man lost his axe. You can also explore the area to the left first to find a golden heart there. Go inside the cave. If you touch a spike, it will attack you so be careful. Go up twice and right. To take the axe, you'll need to walk a bit right of it. There's a monster, after you've killed him, the screenlock will go away, try to avoid the spikes while you're fighting him (or kill them too). Now go back to the man in the bar, but he's not there! Now go to the weaponstore, he's inside. Talk to him, Dink will give the axe. Now go back to the bridge (follow the path west of the fountain). The bridge is back and you've finished the D-Mod!