I guess I don't need to do the walkthrough for the lava pursuit... Just check the readme of the game.

Follow the path... Destroy the bushes standing in your way, then go east. Slimes will appear, kill them. Climb the stairs and follow the bridge (it looks like a wall) to the south. You will meet Lana.

Now, go to the north. AVOID THE SHADOW AT ANY COST (Remember what Lana said!). Kill the slime... The pillbug will start moving. Kill it as soon as possible. Then kill the spike. You won't have time to kill the bonca before the end of the timer. A Stone Giant will appear. If the bonca or the stone giant hit you, you'll die very quickly, so be careful. When everything is dead, step on the ring.

There is a secret here... Go east to find the first secret... and an elixir! Explore the Avalon Heights. Destroy all the barrels, then look for a dead guard. Put your finger in his nose, then save your game. You now have a note. Look at it, this will help you to find the secrets. Go to the northwest corner of the heights. There is a bridge it. Follow it. Talk to the man, enter the cave, kill all the pigs. If a pig touches you more than once, you will die. Once you killed the host, exit the cave and talk to the man again. He will give you an elixir, then die. Now go and kill ALL the spiders. Go to the north gate, it is now unlocked. Now save your game ( put your finger in the dead guard's nose ). Go north to meet Zisanda. Kill the clones ( HINT : wait for the clouds to disappear, it's easier ;)). Now you're in the cemetery. Look at your note, the third screen on the note is around here. Try to find it, then go east to find the third secret. Now look at every grave (you will find a unnamed grave), then go to the northeast corner, kill the slimes, then go west. Look at the door, answer GILIM. Go north all the way... Go through the hole. Avoid the Stone Giants and hit Zisanda until she runs away. If Zisanda hide near a Stone Giant, just go near it. When the Stone Giant tries to hit you, it will hit Zisanda. Go north, then west. Find the two stoned slayers you can push. Pushing the first is necessary to continue the game, pushing the second unlocks the fourth secret. Go east twice. Find the only statue you can push. Go west then north. Fight Zisanda again. Enter the castle.

There a lot of shadows here. Avoid them. Go north twice, look at the dead man. Now leave. Go south, then east. Destroy the machine with your bow. Go south, then go down the stairs. DON'T try to reach the machine or the shadow will hurt you. Shoot the machine with your bow. Be careful, if you do not shoot it at the right time, you will only hit the shadow. Once the machine is destroyed, go back to the body and squeeze one of his balls if you've not enough hit points. Go east, then north, then prepare to fight the third machine. To destroy it, you must destroy the four poles. Do not stay at the same place or you will die. Avoid the fountains. HINT : You can try to hide near a pole. If the machine try to shoot at you, it will destroy the pole. Once the four poles are destroyed, hit the machine and run until it explodes. Go back to the dead body. Squeeze another ball if you've not enough hit points. Go north, read the sign, free the souls, destroy them, hit the four poles to unlock the fifth secret. Go south twice, then west. Follow the path, you'll find the last machine. Hit it several times. Slimes will appear. Kill them. Hit the machine again... Slimes will appear... and so on. Once you destroyed ALL the slimes (you know you killed them all when no more appear when you hit the machine) , hit the machine again. It will explode. Get back to the dead body, go east twice, follow the path. You will find another machine, but this one is different. Push it. Go down the hole. Follow the path as fast as you can... You'll meet another machine. Hit it several times and it will summon four more machines. Destroy them. Now wait for the machine to come back to the middle of the screen. Destroy it. After the scene, you will turn into a slayer and lose your bow. Go north and fight the slayer. Avoid the spikes. Be warned, the slayer will summon clones. You must destroy them, then fight the slayer again. When he runs away, go north ( you'll turn into Dink again ). When you land on the platform, step on the star. Now you will face the boss. I hope you've at least one elixir, otherwise it will be hard. Never step outside the platform. Hit the boss once, keep turning round it until he shoots at you, avoid the blows, hit it again, etc... Do that until he summons a giant ball. Destroy hit. You can also try to turn round the slayer when the ball tries to catch you. If the slayer shoots at you, he will hurt the ball instead of you. Now hit the slayer again, he will summon another ball. Destroy it. Hit the boss again. He will summon one last ball. Destroy it, hit the boss, and run until the shield is deactivated. Congratulations on finishing Chapter Zero!