This file contains solutions to all of the secrets and puzzles of the game. Reading the solutions may cause the MOD to be less fun. Proceed at your own discretion.


Puzzle solutions

Five Machines

There are 6 screens in this puzzle. The first one is where you arrive. Ducky is on this screen. You have to talk to the machines in a certain order to get the warp point to work properly. There may be more than one way to solve this puzzle, but the fastest way is to talk to machine 1, 4, 5 in that order. After you have done this, talk to the warp point, and it will work.

5 Machines

Puzzle of the Faces

  • Part1 - The joy of life...
  • Part2 - ...can fade away...
  • Part3 - ...and burn with hatred.


In the Core

  • First Dragon, say this -
  • "Hi, how are you?"
  • "I have come to request that you allow the humans to come down here."

  • Second Dragon -

  • "Can you let the humans come down here?"
  • "I don't want to use force if I don't have to."

  • Third Dragon -

  • "Don't you get tired of fighting with humans?"
  • "Why can one event cause people to war for years?"

Test of Wisdom

Part1 - You must approach the Bonca, but it would be nearly impossible to beat him. Just go back to show that you are smart enough not to fight.

Part2 - Similar to the 5 machines puzzle, but more variables. From where you start, go up, up, left, up, right, up, up, up. The warp point there will transport you back to the wizards house. This is the only way back.

'Legendary' Monsters

Bonca Wizard Girl Rock Monster

There are five monsters that you can fight after you have returned to the first island after completeing the core as a warrior. Four of them you are required to fight, the other is optional, and is only available if you have done the correct things at the beginning of the game. The bonca is in the southwest corner of the island, on the screen with the apple tree. There is a wizard straight east of Twin Lakes. He is on the screen with a lot of rocks and one pine tree (the unburnable kind) in the center of the screen. A possesed girl is in the mine by the forest, and a stone monster is along the cliff north and west of Twin Lakes.

The Castle

This puzzle is very complex, although, I don't know how difficult it actually is. Basically you have to get to the Dungon of the castle via the warp arches. The trick is that most of the arches are double-sided. I have tried to draw out the proper course to take. This path will take you to the end, but there are some benefits to taking the long way...

The Castle

Paths to all 8 bosses

All the story lines require you to save one of the mines. After that you can choose where to go.

Boss 1 - Triple Sisters - HP - 150 x 3 - Defense - 12 - Attack - 8 - How to get there - Go back to the fairy and she will warp you to final hall.

Boss 2- Metal Slime - HP - 30 - Defense - 35 - Attack - 14 - How to get there - Solve the puzzle of the faces and when you get to Bahamut, tell him that you won't help him.

Boss 3 - Spike - HP - 200 - Defense - 16 - Attack - 8 - How to get there - Take the spiral warp and defeat the beach pillbugs and then you will warp to Final Hall from the beach.

Spiral Warp

Note: this plot line is in my opinion, kind of boring/tedious

Boss 4 - Larry - HP - 300 - Defense - 20 - Attack - 20 - How to get there - Go down the well and into the core. When you talk to the dragons, get a score below 53 points.

Boss 5 - Thing - HP - 500 - Defense - 35 - Attack - 40 - How to get there - You must save the boy and get the sword. Go down the well, and get a score of 53 or better.

Boss 6 - Mog II - HP - 1600 - Defense - 12 - Attack - 8 - How to get there - Save the old man and get Hellfire. Solve the puzzle of the faces and say yes to Bahamut when he asks you to help them.

Boss 7 - Inferno - HP - 1600 - Defense - 40 - Attack - Perfect Harm - How to get there - Save the old man and to get Hellfire. Go down the well, and get 53 or more points in the core.

Boss 8 - Tenjin - HP - ? - Defense - ? - Attack - ? - How to get there - Save the boy and get the sword. Solve the puzzle of the faces and say yes to Bahamut when he asks you to help them.

Secrets of the game

Hidden Items

There is a house in Twin Lakes with no visible door. If you walk along the top/right side of the house after speaking with the fairy the first time, you will go inside the house and find a gold heart.

There is a gold heart behind the shelves in the house in Shoreview of the mother with the lost son.

In the castle, there is a hidden gold heart in the room with the stairs that leads to the fire room, in the narrow walkway with the slayer.

A magic bottle is in the west mine. You can get it no matter what mine you save, as long as you haven't killed the slime (in the forest mine) already.

If you get enough points in the core, you unlock a few megapotions. One is in the room up and to the left of the third dragon. To get the other one, follow the lower narrow path.

Find the cave just north of Twin Lakes in a shady part of the cliff for a gold heart.

During the test of Endurance where you can collect the items if you fight the monsters, find a cave in the northwestern corner to get a gold heart and a mega potion by killing only 1 slayer (usually it is a 1 for 1 trade off).

While on top of the cliff in the forest, there is a gold heart west of the cave that leads to the lost boy from Perfection.

That is all I can think of now, there may be a few more.

Extras with people

When Vince asks you for your sword, say yes. He won't take it anyway, and later in the game, there won't be any spike wheels in the castle.

Talk to Ezra (the small boy in Shoreview who lives by the med. center) 3 or 4 times. This triggers another sequence of events if you return to the island.

To actually win the game, and get the good ending, you have to save the boy in the forest mine.

After you defeat the knight in Monster Maze, while talking to Bahamut, tell him you didn't do it for an award. If you are a warrior, you will get Hellfire, otherwise, you will get a magic boost.

Magic Valley

Wizard Leader

After getting about a million questions about this section of the game, I played through it and found it riddled with bugs. Now the problems have been fixed (at least the ones I know of) and here is the complete walkthrough.

The lead wizard who will give you your quests. He lives in this hut.

First go to the cave in the upper left side of the valley. You will find a bonca there that is impossible to defeat. The wise choice is to leave. Go back to the lead wizard. He will give you the next quest. Go back to the cave of Trials and this time go in. You have to get to the end of the cave in a certain path. The correct path is:

Up, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Up. * The warp point will warp you back to the wizards hut, and you will gain a level.

Talk to the wizard again, and he will give you the light sword. Go back to the cave of trials and find the warp point. You are transported to an island with 5 boncas on it. Defeat all of them and you are transported to the cave of trials. Return to the lead wizards hut. Now is the test of stamina. You have to save at this warp point to initiate the test.

Save here

Now, don't go back to the lead wizards hut until you are done. Go around the valley and collect the items. Generally, the better items are guarded by stronger enemies. After you are done, go back to the lead wizards house.

After you talk to him, you will get the spell 'Greater Nuke'. Return to the cave of trials for your final test. Find the wizard there and warp to the final cave. Fight your way through, and warp back to the cave of trials. The wizard is gone. Leave the cave to find him. He will tell you that the village is under attack and give you the goldfist. Equip the goldfist, and go take out the dragons. When they are all dead, talk to the lead wizard back at his hut, he will send you to Final Hall. Now you are ready to fight Inferno.