The beginning-section should be familiar to you, after all it's part of the original game. Too bad you can't go to the ducks tho ;)

Follow the path till you get to a house and enter it (this guy sold you the fire bow in the original game). Talk to him twice and exit the house. There's a save-machine a few screebs to the right if you have to save, or you can just go down the stairs here. Go down from the start and you'll go through the cave easily. You should up in a house, save if necessary. Exit the house and go up a screen, check the sign here. Down again, check the fountain now. Enter the house again and check the left shelf. Exit again and go a screen to the right. Read the note to learn more about the story or go up the stairs and take the rake (:). You can get the water potion on the shelf now, equip it and use it on the shelf. Use the potion you get on the fountain and the fire barrier disappears.

Go up 2 screens up, 2 screens left and you'll see Frank the Goblin, who's been locked up. After the little chat, go right about 5 screens and you'll see the guy who captured him. He's an easy kill, and you'll get a key from him. This unlocks Franks prison (aka house) and you'll get another key from Frank. This opens the house below the fountain. Inside you'll find a bomb machine, you can get a bomb here every time Redink thinks you need one :) Go back to the road leading out of town and follow it till you get to a cave. Examine the rock and you'll be able to get a bomb to blow it up. Stand back though! Unlike bombs from the real game, this one can kill you. Enter the cave that appears.

Go up a screen and you'll get a little cut-scene with wizard Acturas. Use the fly-magic he gives you when gives it to you and you'll end up in a new area. If you walk around a bit you'll find two things. One, some stairs leading down to a cave where you can't really do much (except for a funny scene with a rock bug) and two, a screen with a farmer. Examine the big rock here, you can get another bomb now, do so and blow the rock up. {{(HINT: Gary's Cheat menu has a speed-option where you can alter Dink's walking speed, this is REALLY handy here :) }} Go down the stairs, follow the route through the cave and go back up. You're on the higher platform now, so you can talk to the farmer guy now (you could already talk to him before, but that wasn't the author's intention). The farmer will only let you pass if you give him two cans of Spam. The wizard mentioned something about Spam, so hike back to the town and go the house near the fountain. He'll give you the cans, now head back to the farmer. He lost his key now and the guy who has it is located 2 screens up and one left. He won't give it to you, so kill him (the people here aren't too friendly, are they? ;). Back the farmer where you can open the gate now. But you can only go a bit further, as you'll encouter another rock that needs to be blown up. So do the bomb-routine and you'll reveal another stairway. Go down, walk up a bit and go up again and surprise! Another blowable rock. Bomb-routine once more and your reward is another stairway. Down the stairway then, walk a few feet down and go down another stairway.

A goblin spots you and runs away to alert the others. Save your game here and prepare for a couple screens o' fighting. Just remember to take all the goodies you see in the houses before you fight the goblins. The third house is the last one, save after you've killed the goblins outside. Now go up and you'll see a knight who tries to give you a location, but dies before he can say the name. He's got a letter on his body, read it. Hmm, you have to target the town that had a problem with ducks years ago. Prepare for some fighting and move a screen up. Whatever path you pick you'll have to fight your way through (or just avoid the goblins). At the end of every path you'll find a terminal. The town you have to target is Windemere, so rotate the globe accordingly and target Windemere on the 3 terminals. Go back to the screen where you can choose on of the 3 paths and you'll see a new stairway leading down. So go down it and examine the terminal...

The end... (what a cliffhanger ay? ;)