The Green Voice in my Head


  • Ctrl = hit, use some items.
  • Space = for looking at things (very important in this DMOD), and some items are used with this key too.

Hangover & Agony in Armend

When the game starts up Dink talks to the Green Voice, from here on referred to as SBV. It appears that Dink has had a seriously drinking bout, and he has no idea of where he is, or what he has done, or anything...

The first thing to do is to talk to the girl and then the screen lock will go away. The girl tells Dink to go and talk to her father, but before leaving the start screen it is wise to look around. Smash barrel #1. Now Dink makes an agreement with SBV to smash 29 barrels more, and SBV will tell him where he buried the Claws Sword, when he was on the booze. Dink could also talk and hit the stone and tree, to get some interesting information. When looking at the chest, Din realize that it is his chest containing money and potions, but he has lost the key...

East from the start screen, enter the bar. Here you can sniff on the bar people to find out how is the girls father “... a smell of alcohol follows him like his own shadow”. When found, he tells you about how you signed up for the Death Tournament. 8 competitors will fight to death for 10000000 gold. Apparently, you have gladly signed up, for this. Read about the rest of the competitors on the sign on the wall to the right. Now you know its for real, and the panic starts...

Talk to the smelly man again, and plead for help. You are told to find the intro to this game, that can be bought of the Intro seller. Smash barrel #2. Before you leave the bar you can talk to the rest of the bar people, and also visit the cellar for an magic potion and some memories.

Save the game.

Go south one screen and east one screen. Enter the intro sellers house and ask for the Intro. The Intro is unfortunately not for free, you need 1000 gold! Smash barrel #3. (And don't kill the Intro seller...). Go north one screen and enter the weapon and spell shop. The ladies tell you to get a weapon and spell license before buying, so now you have to find the King, the only one that can grant you this.

Go south two screens. Smash the barrel #4. Go east two screens. Talk to the King and fool him into give you a license for free. Smash barrel #5. Save your game. Return to the weapon seller, buy a bomb, and destroy the stone on the start screen. Enter the secret entrance. Collect 1000 gold and examine the book case for a hint. Back in the Intro sellers house, buy the intro, arm it and watch it.

Now, Dink knows that Jack got the key (so no imaginary troll could steal it). It is true that he has buried his claw sword somewhere, and he really has signed up for the Death Tournament. Go back to the bar, and talk to the smelly man. But there is no more help from this guy, time to get prepared for the competition. Since Dink only has 20 gold coins, he need to find more money, and buy weapons, spells and potions.

Leave the bar. Go to the start screen. Talk to the girl for some info (she will give more hints later in the game, talk to her when you get stuck). Then go south one screen. Pick up 10 gold in the grass. Smash barrel #6. Enter the half-covered tunnel in the grass. Pick up the golden heart. Return through the tunnel, and go one screen south. Smash barrel #7-8. Notice the barrel on the small island to the south. Go south, and you will see the island you just explored. Return to the knight and his warehouse. Talk to him and let him tell you about how hard it is to guard to places at the same time. Go east one screen. Take the potion. Notice the three barrels on the small island in the south. Go north. Eat some cabbage. Go one screen east, one north and enter the museum. Smash the ming vases, and return to the warehouse. The guard is now gone. Smash barrel #9-12. Return to the the screen were you entered the museum. Go one screen east and one screen north. Talk to the well and frighten it. The well runs away exposing a coin worth 500. (Do NOT drop any coin in the well!). Pick up the golden heart, behind the bush. Go one screen east, enter the goblin hut. Talk to the goblin, agree on his quest and leave the house. Enter the portal. Read the sign. Enter the cave, and find the chining metal piece, return, sell the piece to the goblin. Agree on his second quest. Go through the new portal outside his house, collect the metal piece and the 100 gold. Return. Notice what happened to the land, then sell the piece to the goblin. Go one screen south, enter the tower to the right, smash barrel #13. Go up and down into the invisible tower. Take the four magic potions. Don't forget to read the sign at the surface. Go north two screens. Steal the rake, and smash barrel #14. Enter the goblin hut, sell the goblin's rake to him...

Go west three screens. Collect 10 gold. Return to the weapon seller. Buy the sword, 2 bombs, and the throwing axe. Pay attention to the comments about the stuff you bought. Ask the weapon seller about advice, she tells you to buy as many weapons spells, and potions, you can afford. You can also read the post for a hint, about the well, even though it's not needed now. Save the game somewhere. Return to the screen with the warehouse. Arm the axe. Throw it, smash the barrel (#15) on the island. Enter the secret passage to the secret island, pick up the axe again. Return to the warehouse. Go one screen east. Throw the axe and smash the three barrels (#16-18). Go two screens east, bomb the rock. Continue south two screens, pick up the potion, then go east through the water. Pick up yet another magic potion. Go north, through the water, pick up 2 defense potions. Return to the crossroads and the museum house. Go east one screen, and south one screen. Enter the coopers house. Steal a hatchet, in the next room. Leave the house, eat some cabbage if needed. Then go to the screen just above the start screen. Examine the fence where the pill bug died. Arm the hatchet. Press space and Dink destroy the fence. Take three red apples. Go north. Destroy barrel #19-20. Go one more screen to the north. Collect the 100 gold. Go one screen east. Smash barrel #21-22. Go two screen east. Enter the cave. Take ten gold. Go further east. Smash barrel #23. Go one more screen east, to the bridge. Smash barrel #24. Go south. Smash barrel #25. Talk to the bonca hunter. Sell the sword for 900 gold. Save the game. Go to the big house, where you found 10 gold, beside a bush (north of town). Enter it and go down in the cellar. Use your last bomb on the rock hiding the food, potion and barrel. Smash barrel #26. Leave the house, go east one screen, and enter the little house. Sell two apples and the hatchet to the man. Go south one screen, and east one screen. Smash barrel #27, behind the bar house. Enter the house to the right. Talk to Jacks wife, and then you know that Jack got eaten buy a bonca north of town! His wife is in chock. Lock at the bookcase. Leave the house and enter the other house. Smash barrel #28. Read the bookcase for some info. Go to the screen just south of the Raven towers, north from the King and his glove. Smash barrel #29. Return to the coopers house. Talk to the cooper, he says that he made a new barrel today, so unfortunately for him... Enter the other room, smash barrel #30. Pay attention to what SBV says. Go to the beach, the screen with the two threes and some stones and sand between them. Examine the spot with the stone and you get the Claw Sword! Go to the screen above the screen where you found the three red apples. Kill the purple bonca, Jack's bane, and retrieve your key! Increase Attack two times. Enter the big house with the cellar where you smashed a barrel, got a strength potion and some food. Arm the claw sword and cut away the wines, and open the chest with 500 gold. Go back to the spot on the beach where you bombed a rock, where the bridge to The Lord of the Game's castle lies. Go south two screens, cut down the grass, take the gold. Go back to the screen with the bar. Destroy the bush and enter the cave for a magic potion. Go to the start screen, lock up your chest, buy examine it, take the potions and the gold. Go to the crossroads with the museum. Go one screen up and enter the potion lady's shop. Buy 11 magic potions. Ask her if there is something more you can buy? Go to the weapon seller, and ask for more advices, now when you bought all weapons ands potions. The weapon seller offer a quest for 3000 gold, you are to find some ore from the mine in Old Armend. Dink agrees. Go to the screen with the big rock, north from the screen with the well. Kill all monsters, and examine the rock. Now when you know the Kings note about the rock, go back to the goblin that you sold the rake to. Tell him about the fantastic rock you found..

The stupid goblin has now destroyed the rock, and you can enter old Armend...

The Quest for Ore - The Forest of Very Mad Slayers

Save your game. Hack down the bushes with the Claw Sword. Go one screen to the east. Arm the fist, push the rock away. Enter the next screen, and the north into the Forest of Very Mad Slayers. Go north two screens. Collect 1000 gold from two chests. In the middle of the forest there is one more chest. Another chest is in the south-west corner of the forest. Go north two screens. Save the game then enter the old Mine town to the west. Enter the first house. Pick up the magic man. Examine him for fun. Leave the house, and go west. Read the sign. Smash barrel #31. Try to enter the house.... Then take the stone giant corpse :-). Go one screen south. Smash barrel #32. Enter the house. Smash barrel #33-48. Examine the dead people. Leave the house. Notice the burnable three at the south border. Go east. Enter the house. Read the note. Then enter the oven. Hack down the grass, enter the cave. Go north. Take a look at the rocks. Go west. Save the game. Go south, collect the gold and take a look at the rock with chining ore. Time to go back to the village! Time to become a sword master.. again. On the way, in the forest of Very Mad slayers, try to get the slayer to fight and kill each other and collect the gold. The slayers will not attack you before you hit them, and when many slayers are close to each other, they will hit each other when this happens!

Go back to the weapon seller. She is not in the shop anymore, but buy fireball magic for the gold you found in Old Armend. Then ask where the magic sellers sister went. Go to the park where the Intro seller has his house. Talk to the weapon seller. The quest was a failure. Now go north to the house with the man how bought 2 red apples and the hatchet. Ask for advices, about how to become a sword master. He tells you that the weapon seller can help you, so go back to the park, and ask for advice. She demand 1000 gold of you so pay it. Then you go and fetch the paper she wants from the museum.

She tells you that you are going to fight with Flux, in the first (and only?) part of the Death Tournament. Since there is no way you can win, you have to cheat somehow. She suggest that you travel to Niv, Flux homeland, and tries to poison him so he can't use his flux abilities in the fight. SBV agrees, and Dink protest. The weapon seller tells you about her father, the mayor, he can open a warp light to Niv...

Explorations in Old Armend

Before you talk to the mayor, return to the mine town, and burn the tree you noticed before. There are two other trees to be burned, one in the town, and one in the forest, that give you some useful stuff (golden heart, defense potion, money, food).

Enter the new area. Kill the slimes, take out barrel #50. Go east for another barrel (#51). Then one more screen east. If you look closely at this screen there is a passage to the north, through the forest. Go north two screens. Smash the barrel (#52), take the gold from the chest. Go east one screen. Smash barrel #53-55. Open the chest. Get the shining metal piece... Examine it. The dragon statue can heal you if needed.

Return to the screen where you found the passage through the forest. Go south two screens. Smash barrel #56. There is a chest behind a tree with 500 gold. Go east one screen, enter the tunnel behind the tree.

The Secret Forest

Go south, for a chest and some gold. Go north and east, and the south again. Collect the gold and obtain the second shining metal piece. Go north, and east for the another 500 gold chest and barrel #57. Leave the secret forest. Go one screen to the north and take the pumpkin. Go one screen east, take the 500 gold chest. Then go south, smash barrel #58. Go one screen east. Take the 500 gold chest on the screen north from here or go east into the house. Look at the book case an retrieve the map! Press M when viewing the map as usually. Read the scroll for a hint. Go up the stairs. Examine the book cases. You get two hints, one about the Raven staff, another about a secret glade and a tunnel. Take the potion.

Go down, push the bed a side and go through the tunnel.

In the glade, open the chest and retrieve the strange key! Leave the glade and the house.

Go one screen north for some food if needed, then east. Smash barrel #58-64. Save the game. Pay attention to the rock in the north west corner. Go one screen south, to the pyramid. Take out barrel #65-66. Examine the strange fence. Unlock it with the strange key armed and pressing examine.

Inside the pyramid there is yet another dragon statue. Some potions and gold, a lot of food, and most important, the third shining metal piece!

If you have the money, or you might have to kill some more slayers, then bug water magic in the spell shop. Return to Armend. Go south to the island with the burnable three, one screen south from the island with two defense potions. Burn it and enter the cave for a magic potion and some gold.

Moks'Hel's awakening

Go to the Mayor, and ask him about everything, since this is crucial for the game. He will tell you about Moks'Hel and his three servants, The Raven, The Raven Staff, Flux, Niv, The Lake of Fire. Now, you know what you have done when you sold the two pieces of the Raven Staff... But do not confess yet, blame everything on the “Bar Bum”. The smelly man, (remember?), and buy some time. Actually the bar-bums name is George, and now you know it too. The mayor will tell you about the Raven staff pieces you found.

Then of to Niv through the portal in the cellar.

The Quest for the Poison Potion in Niv.

Save the game. Take out barrel #67 and two magical potions in the south-est corner of the screen.

Go east, north and west to the big house. Smash barrel #68-72. Enter the left door. Here you meet Flux for the first time. Steal his gold and smash the barrel #73. Hit and talk to the people and things it might be fun :P.

The chef is in the next room. There is also barrel #74-75 and some food and gold. Talk to the upset chief and agree on the quest to find some spices to Flux Power Porridge! Leave Flux house and enter the weapon sellers shop though the right door. Smash barrel #76-77. Have a chat with him, buy so many bombs you can carry, ask about pieces of the Raven staff, and about poison. Dink is told to search for Dr Stein who lives across the Desert, he can make some poison. Go one screen north, two the two houses. Smash barrel #78-79. Enter the left door, smash the barrel (#80). Read the sign. Talk to the lady if you want to get healed or buy heal potions. In the next house, lives crazy Isaac, the adventurer. He has a house filled with useless stuff he stolen on different expeditions. The only of value are the 5 pieces of the Raven staff. But he demands 300000 gold for them after some discussion!! Smash barrel #81-82 Sell some useless stuff (The Intro, The Strange Key, The License). Leave Isaac, and go one screen north. Smash barrel #83-87. Enter the leftmost door, talk to the lady and enter the cellar for a standard slime fight! Smash the barrels (#88-90). Talk to the collected knights. Then go east, push the stone aside, take out the barrels (#91-98), and pick up the duck.

You stands behind another pyramid without entrance. Smash barrel #99 and take the magic potion. Go north. Save the game. Kill the scorpions and smash the barrels, #100-111. Go north, and kill the scorpions. Talk to the man and retrieve the bag with olives.

Into the Desert.

Now it is important to have the water spell, otherwise you will surely die (can also be bought in the weapon shop in Niv). Go north. Take the potion. Go north, west, then south to the ocean, kill scorpions if you need more money. Go west one screen, then go north, until you get to the border of the desert. Bomb the rock. Enter the passage and take out barrel #112 and some gold. Go west, then south until you passed the oasis and reach the pyramid. Two screens down, bomb the rock for another secret place. Smash barrel #113-118. Take the gold and heal yourself. There are some magic potion here too.

Then go south the end of the desert for magic potion. Go east one screen, then north. There is a chest with 500 gold one one screen. In the middle of the desert you meet a woman. Talk to her and get some hints, it is possible to open the pyramid in the desert, and there are tunnels under the desert too....

Continue north, to the border of the desert. Then go west, and south again. Save your game, take the potion, and important the sea shell, on screen #3, counted from the ocean and to the north. Take look at the stone in the corner of the desert. It can be bombed, enter, kill at least one enemy (a skeleton), go north, collect the gold, and then south and out. Enter Dr Steins hut. Take out barrel 119. Talk to him. Here you can buy some stuff you will need. If you don't have an apple, a stone giant corpse, a magic man, a pumpkin, buy the ones you need. When asking about poison, he will redirect you to the witch Pomperipossa...

Go to the screen west from Dr Steins hut. Pick up the rotten fish, and touch the blur crystal.

The Darkwood Forest.

Smash barrel #120. Go north. Take another pumpkin if you want. Go west one screen, enter the gingerbread house. Smash barrel #121-125. Notice the caged children, and the gateway to the Dark Lands. Talk to the witch. (Do not kill her yet!). Ask her about the children and the poison making, tell her the truth. You have all the ingredients, except the pig feed! Leave the house, go south. Then east one screen, and north if you want to save your game. Or go east again.

Smash barrel #126-129. Examine the bushes and cut them down, exposing a secret area! Collect all the gold, the potion, take out barrel #130–133. Open the chest and retrieve the armor!

Go back though the crystal warp, smash the barrel I forgot to mention (#134), then go east to a place where there is a passage up in the mountains.

Unlock the Pyramid - Elrands castle and the mountains.

You have found the castle! Unfortunately, Elrand will not open the gate for you. Hit the gate and then go east. Smash the barrel (#135), then enter the secret area in in grass with the mountainside on the same screen. Smash barrel #136-140, take the golden heart and the potion. Leave the cave. Go east, and south. Smash the barrel (#141). Go east and north. Burn the trees. Enter the cave. Kill the slayers. Chop down the dark wines. Enter the next room. Chop more wines and enter the portal (the skulls). Smash barrel #142-144. Take the golden heart. Go west. Smash barrel #145-147. Look at the dragon statue, now you have the entire map!

Now depending on how good fighter you are, go south or return through the portal (this part is easier with the light sword).

South: Kill at least on skeleton, then rush east, into the treasure chamber. Smash barrel #148. Take the gold and the potions, and the golden heart. Return, kill another skeleton and go though the portal.

In the pyramid room, examine the pyramid. Pull the lever, despite SBV complaints. A door open in the small pyramid and in the big one too...

Leave the cave. Go west, pass the castle. Save the game. Go south. Talk to the man that sells herb boots. Buy them if you want. You can also sell stuff, but thats not a good idea now.

Go west, smash barrel #149. Go north. Bomb the rock and enter the cave. Here are some more skeletons, guarding another treasure chamber. Smash barrel #150-153. Take the gold. The leave the cave.

Go south one screen then west, on the cliff!

Here you find, barrel #154, a golden heart, and a heart. Now time to go back and buy bombs! Fill the inventory if possible.

Enter the Pyramid

Enter the pyramid in the middle of the desert. Kill the scorpions if you like, then in the next room, bomb out the rock to the left and right, and enter the two treasure chambers for more gold and potions! Take everything, Isaac demanded 300000 gold, remember?

Bomb out the rock in the end of the tunnel. (Return to Niv if you are out of bombs.) Now, you have entered a place looking not so much as a pyramid... Kill the monsters, save the game, and go north. Bomb the broken wall and steal the gold! Smash barrel #155-163. Go south, save the game, go west. Read the note on the Terror Cage... Notice the dead princess and the barrel. Go down the stairs. More gold!!! Go up and north, and enter another stairway. Take the key. Go up, kill the skeletons, go east.

In the end, there is a gate and barrel #164-169. Open the gate with the olives and the key. First use the oil from the olives. Go south. Smash barrel #170-173 in the corner of this level.

Go north, up the stairs through the gateway.

Read the book cases. Go west. Read some more bookcases, some will give needful hints Smash barrel #174-175. Enter the treasure chamber and take all the gold! Go up and then south. Here is another heap with gold, and two barrels #176-177. Go east. Kill the skeletons. Notice the entrance to the castle, and the stairs up...

But continue east. Here is some more gold. Go north. Kill the skeletons. Go down the right stairway. Take out barrel #178-184. Retrieve the light sword! Go up and down in the other chamber, take all the gold. Then go up and north. Take the gold. Go west, take the gold. In the west most part of this level, there are more gold and three barrels (185-187). Go south for two more barrels (#188-189). Go east, enter Elrands plastic surgery room, where he makes him self look more like a human of parts from the people he kidnapped! Smash barrel #190. Take the pig feed!

Now, you could go up to the highest level in the castle and fight Elrand, but thats a bad idea, since he is powerful, and you have no healing potions at your disposals for know.

So go back to the Dark wood forest. Talk to the witch again, and she starts brewing the brew, with your incompetent assistance. You happens to throw down the magic man in the pit, when he was suppose to say the magic word! Go back to Dr. Stein and buy a new one. Then return to Pomperipossa and get the poison potion at last! Kill the witch and free the children. They will give you another piece of the Raven Staff.

Give the “bag with spices” to the Chef. Then leave the building, before Flux notice you.

Now you have to kill Elrand before you will be able to go back to Armend. If you have any ingredient left, sell them, and buy as many heal potions you can. Do not trade the light sword yet. Go north, to the house next to the brave knight collector. This house is the library, here you can gets some hints, a magic potion and have a chat with the librarian. In the rightmost house, you can collect some gold (enter the oven). Read sign, and look at some dead corpses. Burn the tree outside the houses and enter the tunnel. Look at the dead man for a clue. Then go up on the rock to the next room for some gold. Go back to Isaac and buy the 5 pieces if you have enough money, otherwise kill scorpions and skeletons till you have enough. Enter the castle again and fight the endgame with Elrand. When he is dead, open the chest. It is empty!

Go back to the village, trade the light sword for a piece of the Raven Staff. Since the Mayor now has opened a warp light, it is possible to go back to Armend (but buy some more heal potions first and 1 bomb IMPORTANT!).

Part I of the Death Tournament - back in Armend again

Talk to the mayor. He is not happy about the news, but tells you to go and talk to the weapon seller and prepare for the fight.

Remember the stone in Old Armend. Go up to the place with a little pond, a tree and some smashed barrels. Bomb the rock, enter the cave and destroy the barrels.

The Death Tournament is held in a castle, east and north, from the place were you found the bonca hunter. Enter the gate and face Flux. He is weak now, when he is under the influence of the poison but he is still deadly to touch and he throws fireballs at you.

Kill him, then enter the screen to the south.

The End

Time for the final cut scenes and the intro to part II....

When the cut scenes are ended, Dink is warped to Evaluation man and get his and SBV's score for the first part. Then he and Desert Rat appears in Stone Brook, and they discover something terrible...