Milderrr!!!3! Yes! It is recommended to play at least Milderr!!2 (and Milder!1 if you can) before to play this, so you will understand the story.

Un-dah Groon Vill-laguh (underground village - pronounce like goblins)

You start in the cave where you defeated Sharp last time. After the little automatic sequence, go left to a house. Enter it. Go downstairs. Then go right to the screen with the save machine, and use the stairs on the left. Talk to the guy: he offers you 10.000 golds for killing the bonca who badly hurt him the day before. Interested in this? Leave the house.

Go right and explore the land until you see a fast bonca. Crush it, and then watch this (would I dare to say funny :)) cut-scene. Some burnt bones are the fun result of this adventure ;)

Go back to the house on the left of the map, and return to the screen with the save machine. Use the stairs on the right this time, and talk to the bridge builder goblin. Hoax him and then exit the house.

Walk to the extreme Northeast of the map and discover this so expensive bridge. Cross it.


Go east to a town. First, fill up your inventary with healing potions at the local healer, and enter the tavern (the door on the right of the big house). Talk to the barman and use every dialog choice. You'd like this reward, wouldn't you. So head back to the goblin's underground.

Go southeast until you can't do it anymore, then burn a fence, and use the stairs. You'll have to fight the two witches. Easy. Then watch the (funny again :) - only Sharp can imagine such situations ;)) movie.


Go down now, and look for a place where two lines of seashells lead to the river (does not this remind you something?). Go into the river, and walk to its source, where are two other seeshells lines.

Continue on your left (on earth this time) to a bug hole. You are taken by two men who are decided to make you fight a dragon. Anyway, Milder(rr), nicely seduced by Dena, decide himself to do so. In ordre to prepare for this fight, talk to Dena and use every possible choices. Then go talk to King Daniel (an old and well surprised acquaintance... 2 screens North and 2 screens West). Go bck talking to Dena, and again to the King. Done, we can eventually go west to the dragon's lair (path is between the trees).

There, you have to hit the dragon with the first fireball (easy - for now).

Go west. Kill the dragon, using heal potions and pillbugs' heart when you are hit. Pick up what remains of its carcass (HellFire magic! =)). Leave that place.

Little cutscene: drastic change in the plot, you have to help Sharp. To do so, you are going to be catapulted.

Awaiting this, play Dena for a few minutes and look for 4 branches. Easy when you know that 2 of them are in the screen you start in, another one is one screen West, and the last one is 3 screens South and 2 screens East. This being done, go North and find a path through the trees. Then Milder is catapulted with Sharp.


Back to your town! Sharp behaves like a coward and flee (or at least seems to). Go one screen down, find Dink, and fight the bonca (use the weapon that Sharp gave you - so she helped you eventually).

This being done, go North and... it is...