Again, you can find the Original version or this Walkthrough from the Dink Network Forum. But those who want, here is a better version.


After the pleasant cut-scene for Martridge, you are in a forest. Get as East as you can. (Don't bother to kill the Monsters yet). Then go one screen North. Enter the opening beetwen trees. And continue East until you arrive in the town.

The Town holds: * Rand and Andy(?) Can't remember was his name Andy. Anyway, have some fun with them. * Save Machine * Peasant man * The Wizard * Lumberjack (knight) * A locked bar * A sick shopkeeper * A health guild

Go East as much as you can until you'll see rocks blocking the way. Go back to the town, and talk to Lumberjack, about the blocked road. Now, you could go straight to the wizard, and leave the town, but I suppose you want some goodies and weapons first.

So, talk to the Lumberjack again, and ask how's it going. He'll tell you, that you need to bring him a log. So, get outside, go three screens East, take the log, which is behind a bush, and bring it back to the Lumberjack. In return he gives you some stats! WOOHOO!!

Go to the peasant man, and ask him how's it going. He'll tell you about a sword he has lost. Now, go to the screen with bar. There's a stairway behind the bushes. Go there. Go East of the cave and you are now in the bar. Get upstairs, and get the two potions and golden heart behind the table. Talk to the same table, and press a button. Go downstairs, and the gates have opened. Take the sword, and bring it back to Brian. He'll give you three blue potions.

Now you probably wonder how to get a sword for yourself, righ? No problem! Go to the shopkeeper. He is sick. Talk to him, and he'll ask you to bring him a leaf. Go to the Lumberjack. He'll give you a leaf, because the shopkeeper is his brother. Go back to the shopkeeper, and he'll give you a sword in return.

Now, that you've got some strength, and a sword, you can go talk to the wizard. Don't bother to ask him about the magic. You're not gonna get anything!! Besides, it would be just freaking waste of time!! If you ask about the village, he'll tell you about the stupid Rand. He doesn't know about the Temple of the Ancients, either, so ask him about the blocked road. He asks you to bring his magic coin back to him.

Go to the forest and this time, you can kill some Monsters.

But about the coin. It's in the most South-West screen of the forest. Get it, and bring it back to the wizard. He'll open a stairway, which is south of his house. But before you enter SAVE YOUR GAME!! When you're done, enter the stairway.

You should buy some health potions from here for the final boss. And whenever you lose health.

There are not gonna be any health guilds in Alidaz Town.


Now, here are some very tough Monsters. Or you could say, they aren't very tough, but there are MANY of them!

Get as East as you can and enter the cave, and you'll come near the road blocking stones, expect, you are now on the other side of them!!

Get North to the road, and then East, and enter the village. There is a stairway two screens down, from where the road turns to South, behind a bush. There are some goodies there. But yes, enter the village.


You are now in Alidaz Town. There isn't much to do here. You can talk to everyone, but they mostly say "Good morning!" or something like that.

There's a save machine outside the Inn, by the way. AND a drunk guy. You can have some fun inside the Inn too.

Get outside from the North gate and follow the way until you see a destroyed bridge.

Go back to the town. Talk to the little girl in the town's most North-West house. Ask about the bridge. She tells you that maybe her sister knows, and the sister is barmaid. (The girl/woman who works at the Inn). Go talk to the barmaid. She tells you that MAYBE the wizard knows how to cross the bridge. Ask the wizard and he tells you about hidden stairways and gives you a Hellfire Magic.

Get out of the village now.


Get back to the bridge, and work your way to the most West screen you can get. Watch out for the enemies. They are tougher here. Pillbugs are as strong as the Boncas we saw before.

Go down the stairs you can see behind one bush.

This cave is pretty easy if you don't want to battle the glowing Monsters. It's better just to walk through them. Otherwise, it's pretty hard.

Go North, and then East. Go over the bridge and continue West. Take the North and continue the path until you hit stairs. Go up them.

Now, this area is extremely hard. I would say, don't even try to fight the Monster, try to avoid them and try to not be killed or ambushed by anything.

Follow the way to East untl you come to a road follow it North. In some screen there's a stairway behind a bush. Get the stairs down and take the goodies.

Go up.


You are now in the Temple of the Ancients. Go up. A little cut-scene will occur. Try to do everything to the statue. It won't move. And according to Dink, there are stairs under the statue.

Go East one screen and read the letter. There is a throwing axe, which you can get. Look at the bottom of this Walkthrough.

Go outside the temple. Follow the road down, until the bridge comes to the way. Then follow all the way to the West. In about a minute you should come to a Priest from {{the Temple of the Ancients}}.

Talk to Akidaz. He'll move the statue, and gives your sword the Power of Light.

Now, this is the tricky part. Maybe the most hard part of the game. And that is Leveling up.

And the Monsters are very strong. Still you'll have to kill them. I suggest being at the Level 7 ATLEAST when you enter Downstairs of {{the Temple of the Ancients}}.

When you're ready, enter the stairs where the statue's head was.


Now, that you are in the Basement of the Temple of the Ancients, SAVE!!

The Ghost Knights are very strong, but they have not much HP. AND they give pretty good EXP. If you just let them come near you (very hard, since they are fast) it shouldn't be a problem.

Go East, until you come to a smaller hall. When you go through it, it will bring you to a bigger area. In the South-East corner, you'll see a gate, go through it. Again, go South-East, until you come to a huge pile of Ghos Knights, and stairways. Get downstairs.

Here, SAVE, again!!

Go down. I hope you did buy some health potions from {{the Forest Area}}.

So here, you'll meet Bishop Nelson, and you are gonna fight him too.

Use your sword to kill him. When the Ghost Knights disappear (There is a bug in Version 1.00. where the Ghosts won't disappear, but it's fixed in Version 1.01.) and Bishop Nelson turns into a Stone Giant use your Throwing Axe and Hellfire to him. Don't let him come near you.

If you don't have a Throwing Axe use your Hellfire. But it takes a long time for it to load again. If you have cheated your way through the bridge, and don't have Hellfire, you ain't got much of a change.

But if you have the Throwing Axe, he ain't gonna be a problem.

When you kill him, A cut-scene will occur. You take the Book, and get to Martridge. But then Mog will come to knock your door gently, and you have finished the game.

Then you are gonna wait for {the Fall of Imperial Seth full version}. Download its Demo, from the Dink Network.

Secret - The Throwing Axe

When you are in the Temple of the Ancients upstairs, go North-East and you'll see hidden stairway. Go down them and follow the way up. Don't worry the Ghost Knights can't come to you, if you don't go too close the walls.

Go to the blood-circle, and you'll be teleported to an island. Get the potions and the axe, that is pretty hard to get, because you'll have to go to the right spot.

When you've collected everything get back with the blood-circle.

Phew! What a Walkthrough!

Good luck!