You are Quakers, old Ethel's duck in the original adventure, and you want to find the Golden Nut that allow ducks to talk like humans.

All the golden nuts were hidden by a man, however, and only Mr. Ducky can give you a clue, that he will exchange for a new sea shell for his collection. In fact, you will have to collect all the shells in the game.

The first two are in the screen just east of Mr. Ducky. 7 others are on the other beach, on the western part of the island with the house on it, in the save machine screen, and in the one just west. Take care, some little shells are difficult to 'catch'.

Then Mr. Ducky tells you that the farmer's girl also have some shells. There are 5 more of them in the man's house.

But that is not enough for Mr. Ducky. According to that strange duck, there is a secret island somewhere. That of course means there is a 'classic' secret water path, that is located in the south-west of the island. You can find the 24 last shells there.

Note: you have to find the shells in that order. For example, you will not find the shells in the man's house before to collect all the ones on the beach.

And that is still not enough for Mr. Ducky: you now have to help one of his friends: Rubber Duck. You can find the duck in the screen just north of the man's house. Talk with him, and just go south; after a little cutscene, you completed the quest.

Now you can enter the hole in the north of the map. There is a little maze there, and only one path leads to the golden nut (none of the others lead to anything of interest).

  • Go one screen south,
  • then go east as far as you can,
  • then south,
  • then east,
  • then south,
  • then west,
  • then south,
  • and then east. You find the Golden Nut.

Go west, and discover why Quackers can talk and why he escaped.