This is a new version of the End of Time DMod, designed to fit in the Dinky Dimensions trilogy plot. Thus, the DMod is really different from (and better than :)) the first version.

You begin in Windemere without anything in your inventory; you have to prepare yourself for your next adventure: - Potions: lots of potions are spread in these first 2 isles: Windemere and the 'isle' east of it. 2 are in the group of trees and rocks just right of the broken bridge. Some others are near Dink's stone, and in the screen right under a well (behind a tree), and also in the middle of the second island. Don't hesitate to burn down all the tree as soon as you get the fire ball, and to break (boxes, barrels) everything in and outside the houses. - Magic: In one of the first house you see, a woman can learn you fireball magic, but you need to have 4 magic points. - Weapons: you will find a weapon seller in Windemere. Kill some boncas to get money, and buy 2 slayer claw, the clawsword, and the map. Do not forget to get some healing potions. You will also need a bomb... Ah! No bomb until a month. But a guy in the 2nd isle can help you; he ask you for a yellow apple, though. You can get a yellow apple from the apple tree south-west of Windemere, exchanging a slayer claw. You only need one bomb. - Secret: if you want to buy again the firebow, you need 25,000 golds. Such a treasure can be found on the second isle, in a secret cave under a tree to burn down. But be aware! Do not follow the yellow coins to the next screen: there are lots of powerful and invincible boncas. You will prefer to use the secret invisible way wich is just left of the cave exit :) Then you can buy the bow.

Since you are near the bow maker, let's go south-west of his house, and blow up the rock in the bottom of the screen. You now can enter King Eric's kingdom.

South-west of there is a trapped goblin. To free him you have to find a special weapon. Go south-est and try to find a place closed by fences. There is an entrance, but some plants prevent you from passing. Use the slayer claw to destroy them. Inside is a guy who can sell you the Pure Evil Hammer (C). Buy it, and use it to free the goblin. You now have the key to enter the house east in the forest, and now can reach Beladar.

In this town, talk to everyone. Don't miss the healing fountain. Then go back to the guy in the house north-west so that he sends you in the red world.

Find the 3 rocks south-east, then find the 4th rock north-west, and bring it back to the 3 other ones. The south pass is cleared: use it. Now, go east, then north, and find the only part of the map that is not red: the guy here can give you some information and sell you some magic - it depends on how much money you have. Don't miss him. Then return to the recently cleared out pass, and go west this time, then north. There is a little maze then. Go east, and fight the 3 strange ennemies there (you don't have the choice) . You are now out of the red world.

Go back to the future teller, then go to the extreme east of the town. There is a big rock; push it right with your new strength, and then push it left to prevent the boncas from coming back in town. In this new part of the forest, there are potions in the extreme north-west, and a wizard a bit below and west who will give you a spell to fly some seconds above the eastern trees.

The next part will be more simple with these two maps: pillbugs In this first map, you have to kill the 3 pillbugs, which are in the white dots. Yellow dots are treasures to grab. When this is done, the 3 rocks in the center of the map will disappear, and you will then have to find a stairway in this little maze.

Downstairs is another more complex maze: maze Follow the white line killing the little pillbugs before to walk on them, and do not forgot to read the notes with the code. When you reach the end of the white line, then just continue to follow this path, the only one available until the end. When you reach the end, go to the door and enter the code you read (9948). You then enter a strange level: you have a central which leads to 3 paths. Go to the end of each path, use each computer, and then come back to the central room and talk to the red dot in the center of the screen.

Then watch the ending. Bloody, huh? Fortunately, next (and last) part of the trilogy is in HighSpace Revolution. And do not forget Talmadge's second prophecy: - They will not have the chosen one - Unless the dead are revived...