After the intro, go to the chest for your Longsword. Save the game if you want and go down. Read the poster to know a bit of the story and other things. Go down. You're now outside and there are monsters in the area, you can kill them for experience or gold. Go left, enter the house and take the potions you see jumping there. You can buy a Clawsword here, so kill monsters for gold, you'll need 3000. Go out, one screen down is a magicpotion, also take the one behind the tree. After killing some monsters, you could have around 1000 gold. Now go one screen above the house where you can buy the Clawsword. He'll give you 2000 if you save his daughter. Go to the house where you started, then go right twice and continue. You'll get to a place with spikes. Save your game here. Go right, kill them, then go up to see her, she'll say that you need to use a lever to open a door. Go to the bone left. After some text, you are somewhere else. Kill the monsters, and take the hearts, avoid to get hurt when you're trying to get them. Now use the potion in your inventory to get out of here. Go right, killing the monsters if you like, enter the hole. Go right and up. Save your game and kill the slimes for gold and experience. Go up again, you're now in the area where you started. You should now have enough gold to buy a Clawsword, if you killed all the monsters, so buy it. But you can also go to the man who'll give you 2000 for saving his daughter. Enter the house where you entered this area. You can now go left. Go left, duh ;), and you'll be teleported to the forest. That's the end of part 2!

Heh, it seems that you don't even need the Clawsword in part 2...but oh well, just kill the monsters anyway ;).