Nine Gems of Life 2


After the intro, go east; Zilver the pirate comes and talks. He then go away, but he leaves his goblin. He is though, so be really careful. Kill him!

Now Link is prisonner, you are alone, and you do not have the gem. Go right to see Zilver leave. Then Martridge teleports you and gives you a spell book to fill in.

Gem 4 - The Cave

The next part is a big underground maze, with teleporters that are not linked by pairs: you can access a place from several teleporters, and thus you cannot use the destination teleporter to go back. Oh, and some teleport you in a room full of fire, where you die. In addition there are a lot of screens, so a map would not really help. Just wander around and try to recognise each path between 2 teleporters.

In the cave, you can find several scrolls to add spells to your book. Some other spells are taught by people wandering in the cave and who appear (see the Spells List).

Kill all the ennemies you meet and do not hesitate to kill some more. You will need to be strong later. At a point, you will come to a save machine next to ancient ruins, and no teleporter to go back. You will have to fight a strong bonca 3 times, and then fight an even bigger bonca in the fourth screen. Then you can grab the 4th gem and Martridge teleports you.

Link's Escape

You now play as Link, and you must escape Zilver's boat. Examine the chest, and dress yourself like a girl. Talk to the goblin, choose "high voice I want to go to his room" and leave the room. Go west and open this other chest to grap the powder. Go east and upstairs, examine the canon, and say goodbye to Zilver. Bug: if the game crashes at that point, download the temporal patch from the Dink Network.

Gem 5 - Blaze

You play again as Dink for this last part of the game. North of the area is a burnable tree that reveals a secret entrance, and downstairs is a guy who can sell you a new spell (Armageddon) for... 30,000 golds! If you have them, then buy it, because you won't need your gold after, but else, don't worry, it is not that powerful. Now go NW of the map, and then downstairs. Go west to the screen with the save machine, but before to go north, talk to the (apparently) dead slayer on the left: it will give you a powerful spell (Microwave Blast); arm it, it will be very usefull for next screen. Go north.

After a little dialog, Blaze appears! Do not touch it, and just hit it using one of your spells. Do not worry about his healing spell, it is not powerful enough to counter your attacks. When Blaze his dead, watch the ending cutscene, and the game is finished.

I would like to point out that JVeenhof and I are working on an improved version 3 of the DMod, so this walkthough will soon be obsoleted. See you soon :)

Spells List

SpeedDink goes faster for a few secondsTaught from a wanderer just 2 screens south of the first save machine in the cave and also at another place near a teleporter.
StrengthDink is stronger for a few secondsFrom the first cave screen, go south until you see some spinning machines. Examine the one that does not move and press its red button to unlock the scrool.
DeathFiremakes a big fireball, but it takes its power directly from your healthIn the cave, far east, where the new monsters are. Talk the duck statue and reply 3.14 to unlock the scroll.
Healadds 1 health pointIn the same area than DeathFire, but completely SW. Push the statue towards the right to unlock the scroll.
Armageddonlots of explosions appear on the screenWhen searching for the 5th gem, in the area with lots of black slayers, burn the only pine tree and talk to the guy downstairs. Requires 30,000 golds...
Microwave Blastsend a kind of powerful fireballIn the area with all the death slayers, talk to the one just above the save machine.