Jveenhof's Version

Listen to the ducks at the begin of the game. Then go up for 3 screens. There's a opening in the wall there. Go in it. Then go 1 screen down and then 3 screens to the right. A conversation starts. Then the game automaticly makes you walk to the next screen. Defeat the bonca with the fire magic. Then go back to the screen. Another conversation starts. Also here you get automaticly moved tot he next screen. Go back to the exit of the caves. From the place where you enter the game you go 2 screens down and 1 to the left. Here's the hunter. Defeat him and you finished the game. If you cant beat him look under secret.

Now you just have to wait for ROTD2

Secret: Keep on going left and up until you cant go any further. There's a tree blocking the way. Burn it and you can get some bonnusses on the next screen. Now you can defeat the boss without breaking a sweat.

Beuc's Version

Yippie! Another mini and humorous DMOD!

You're a duck, and designated volunteer to save your kind from the HUNTER. Go up three times, enter the cave. Go down, then right, talk to the shrine and you'll get some magic. Then kill the bonca to prove your bravery. After congrats, go out. If you want a secret, go in the Northwest of the map, then burn down the trees, go left and pick up the goodies!

When you're ready, go down two times, then left, and kill the evil HUNTER with your fire ball. Now you rule! Admire the ending.