Penguins are pooping everywhere? This calls for some penguin hunting! And Dink Smallwood of course.

Enter the house and smash the barrels there for a golden heart. Exit the house and go north. Ah, cute beavers. Go north again and look behind the tree for a megapotion. Keep going till you get to a shop. Smash all the barrels that you see, you'll need the money to buy a sword.

One screen down you'll see a girl. The middle tree here hides a golden heart.

Follow the road until you see a savebot. There's a megapotion hidden behind the tree near the savebot. Also, there's a hidden chest on this screen. Open it and you might have enough money to buy the sword. Go right from the savebot and you'll enter town. There's a cafe here, a magic seller and a healer. Go up one screen. There's a library here. One of the barrels outside the library contains a golden heart. Enter the library and go up the stair to find out that the girl there is looking for a lamp. You can find the lamp in the healer's shop. Go left to find another house with some barrels in it. Two screens down you'll see house and superpotion nearby. Inside the house is another girl in need. In need of pumpkin! Go one screen to the right and amazingly, you see some pumpkins. You can pick one up and retrieve your reward. Another screen to right, you'll find a house with a woman looking for some bread. The bread is lying on the table in the upper floor of the library.

You should almost have 400 gold now, enough to buy Fireball magic. If not, you can fight the monsters outside of town again. Buy the Fireball magic and go back to the entrance of the town and burn the tree in front of the fence there. Then go up and burn another tree to find another golden heart. Go up and right and burn down the tree. Go to the right, but watch out, the penguins are close!

You'll have to fight your way through some penguin infested screens now. After you few screens you meet a special person, but I'm not going to say who. Then the game ends, way too soon!