Walkthrough for Dink's Father 1:Quest for scroll Hints: [there are No savebots,save from the menu,whenever u like] [Cheats not needed to kill enemies,they are easy using light sword,use hit and run and just keep distance from them]

Spoiler warning--------- There are 3 houses in the area in which u are teleported at the start of the game

Starting from the well,to the north is the man who is trapped by the wizard,talk to him

To the east and down, there is a guy who sells beer,and u can take gold from his backyard

Further east there is a weapon seller,buy light sword from him

To the northeast is a guard,he will teleport u to a land Fight all ur enemies with your light sword and meet the wizard, he will ask u to find his hidden cabin and disappears,go into his castle/dungeon and enter a

entrance to reach an island(there are a few shells near the entrance,kill them).


Towards the west,there are 4 teleports

In the centre there is a house,the man in it will tell u to kill an income tax guy,who lives in the northeast of the island

Go to the NE of the island U will see a tree

Go back to the man he will tell u to burn it U have to get fireball magic from a secret house in the west

Go to the west, there are 4 teleports

go into the top most one, there ,you will meet a man who can give u fireball magic, but u have to perform a task of his b4 he will ask you to fetch his scroll book to the right of the tree in the northeast

Go and pick up the scroll(If u are not able to pick up the scroll due to a bug in the script use ultimate cheat and burn the
tree directly//I faced this problem), give it to that man, get fireball magic, burn the tree, defeat the income tax guy hiding inside. The income tax guy will teleport u to the wizard's vacationing place

In the centre of this land,there is a puzzle sort of large rectangular land,enter it and reach it's centre A man there will tell u to talk to Joe in the village regarding the wizard

Enter the village and enter the biggest house,there will be 5-6 men inside.Try talking to each of them,Joe is 2nd from left in the upper row. Joe will take you to the wizard Now ,defeat the wizard and take the scroll

You will now be teleported to the land where the man is trapped Free him,wait,don't press space again and again,just once to free him he will speak to u slowly and the game will end