Here are new adventures for Milder! After being nearly killed by Sharp, he now has for mission to kill her. For this, he has to follow her in Finland!

In this DMOD, you'll have to help every people you meet, or else you won't be able to win the game. A special event will be unlocked when you'll have finished all the small quests. If you ever feel you did a wrong action, then LOAD GAME! It would be really boring to be near the end of the game, and realize that you missed something in the very beginning of the DMOD... ;)

OK, from the screen where you start out, go south and the two men will bring you to an island.


Go north. You can talk to everyone here, but you must buy new clothes - this will come in handy later, and in addition, if you don't buy them and quit the island, you won't be able to go back to buy them). So buy new clothes. Then go west (you can talk to everybody here as well, for fun :)) and north. Talk to the guard. Isn't this human merchandising horrible? Go back and tell you new friends about this. Uh-Oh, I hope Finish people aren't like THAT!! Return talking to the guard. As you're a nice guy, you'll try to save 'em all :) Wait for the girls near your "friends"' boat. Too bad, you gotta go... ;)

Now, after this misadventure, head east to Helsinki.


Go two screens east and enter the bar. There, help the barmaid. Please wait when the barmaid leave the bar, it always takes forever. Or don't help her, and have fun - this still allow you to win the game if you don't help here :) Now go east, and enter the house near the Save machine. Talk to the guy inside, ask about his problems, and agree to help him. Go upstairs, talk to the nasty little girl, go downstairs and talk to the guy. Done!

A bit northwest of Helsinki, there's a house. Go in it. Now you'll have to find a way to give funerals to Salla's father. We'll see about that later. Go out.

Now, press 'M' to look at the map: in the same horizontal line than the house you just left, on the bottom-right of Finland, there's a farm. Travel to go into this house. Inside, talk to the guy, and learn the fireball magic (yay!). Now you can exit.

Time to go to Kuopio. Go northwest a little bit.


Find the place with the fountain and enter the house on the left. Talk to the little boy, and then to his father: talk about Bonkomon - another quest to complete - and buy as much mushrooms as you can. Exit. Go north, then west, and enter the house. Talk to the boy, go downstairs to grab the wine (the red jumping bottle) and talk to him again. Quest completed. Leave. Go two screens east, enter the house, go upstairs and talk to everyone. A guy will give you a Bonkomon. Now leave, go south, then west, and give the Bonkomon to the little guy. Again, we're done :o)

OK, let's leave this place. Go north.


Come in the most southern screen of this new town, and come in the door in the middle of this screen. If you have 200 gold coins, you can buy a book about disguising (optional) :) Scram. Enter the house just west of the previous one, and talk to the Dink-face guy. I didn't understood everything, but this new quest is already completed ;) Please remember the house top of the current screen, it's Eero's. You'll need to go back here later. Nothing to do there at the moment, though.

Now, Lapland. Go north (for change ;))


Go to the eastern house. Talk to the guy: he's a Shaman, so this will help you for the funerals quest! Go straight away to Salla's (Southwest) to tell her (yeah)! And the go back to the Shaman to learn how to do funerals (if you don't have 50 golds, then go 2 screens west from Shaman's: there's a women who can make you earn this money) - and then return %) to Salla's. Now you need to find a good place for funerals. Go 3 screens north and 1 east. 'Talk' to the tree, and an automatic sequence will occur. Go tell Salla, and this last quest is over (was about time) :) Now, go to Eero's, in Sotkamo (you aren't against a little walk, aren't you ;)) Talk to him, and he'll let you call with his phone (which he didn't want before). Call Kaisa - that's the girl missing in the beginning, remember?). Now you're ready to go find... Sharp's

You just have to go the to extreme Northwest. Then you'll notice a hole (Kaisa just opened it). Enter it. Here's Kaisa, listen to her. She's right, you should surprise Sharp. So let's disguise: wear your new clothes, and then go downstairs. Here's Sharp!!! Destroy her with fireball, and also use all your mushrooms when you need healing. You win, she disappeared! Reply honestly to the poll and...

-- The End --

Quests Recap

  • Åland: Buy new clothes
  • Åland: (try to) Free the girls
  • Helsinki: Enter the bar and help/don't help the barmaid
  • Helsinki: Help the guy with the crazy murderer girl
  • The farm: Learn fireball magic
  • Kuopio: Find a Bonkomon (and buy mushrooms while you're in the right place)
  • Kuopio: Find wine for the alcoholic boy
  • Sotkamo: Talk to the Dink-face guy
  • Lapland - Salla's: Give funerals to Salla's father

Now you can go to Eero's and 'open' the secret entrance to Sharp's