After having saved the world again (Dink has a habit of doing this) our her0 is presented with one last quest. We've heard that before, but for Dink's sake, let's hope so! So off to Bandalla we are!

Add one point to your retro gamer scorecard if you recognised the Megaman 2 sample in the beginning.

Before Dink can save Bandalla, he has to find it first! This will be quite the quest! One screen down you'll find the town guide. But he isn't that helpful. One more screen down you'll find a girl and a house. You can use some of Dink's best pick up lines on the girl but she plays hard to get. Enter the house and talk to the farmer type man. He knows where the island of Bandalla is, but you have to help him first. How typical. He tells you to enter the cave northwest of the house.

Exit the house, go left one screen and then up. You'll see the cave entrance here. But go up first for a short funny sequence. Also, before you enter the cave, save your game. Enter the cave and go up to meet the Guard of Logic. He'll ask you some math questions. A novel concept in Dink Smallwood. Be careful though, a wrong answer will result in Dink dieing.

Guard of Logic answers and explanations:

1) 1024 - this is, 0^1, 1^1, 2^2, 3^3, 4^4

2) 0,5n^2 + 0,5 - I thought answer 3 was correct, dumb me.

3) 225, 625, 1225

Phew, depending on your math skills, this could've been some hard questions. Next up is the Guard of History. I hope you haven't forgotten everything about the German role in World War 2!

1) 22 june - Operation Barbarossa was the codename for Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II.

2) Albert Kesselring - no Wikipedia link for this Nazi! Instead you get Jewish Virtual Library

3) Panther - Wikipedia link

Next up is the Guard of Sweden.

1) Sweden - What a surprise!

2) Sweden - Even more suprising!

3) Sweden - Who would have thought that!

After this tough series of questions, you can go up to get your reward. There are also two statues here, examine them for some weird sounds and funny Simpons quotes. After you're done laughing, we're back off to the farmer! Show him what you found and he'll take you to...


After a strangely funny cutscene, you arrive at Bandalla. There's a secret area here. Go right one screen and you'll see the mayor. There's also a well here that refills life meter. Talk to the mayor to know what your quest is. Sounds like fun, doens't it? You can enter the house on this screen but I wouldn't do that. Read the next part to find out why?

[I'm not sure what the author of this D-Mod was thinking here. Inside the house is a black man. The talk sequence here features some racist jokes, which I find repulsive. This is simply not done and I hope the author will change this soon.]

One screen right of the mayor you'll find another guard. He wants 10 badgers. But there are no badgers around. This had me stumped for a while. Like an hour or so. I found that quite long. Want to know what to do? Just press ESCAPE and maybe you'll see. If you do that, after a while you'll be able to give 10 badgers to the guard. Moving on, to the right, that is.

The first puzzle o' Dome is a three knight monte game. Keep an eye on the red knight! You have to go through three levels of increasing difficulty.

Level 1: The middle one

Level 2: The left one

Level 3: The right-right one

Congratulations! You can save your game on the next screen, I suggest you do that. Proceed to the right.

Next up is fun Memory type game! Ten different objects are hidden inside the barrels, you have to find the pairs. Examine the barrels to open them but be careful, you lose health for every wrong pair you get.

| pillbug | brown bonca | duck | pig | pillbug | | dragon | old woman| purple bonca | bomb | heart | | duck | pig | dead knight | old woman | heart | | purple bonca | dead knight | bomb | brown bonca | dragon |

In the next screen you'll meet your farmer friend again, who will heal you. You are now ready for...

Srednar's Castle of Dome

Ooh, we're getting close. Save here, it might be wise. Proceed downwards. Here we meet the {{Guard of Riddles}}. He'll tell you some riddles. Answers are:

1) An icicle

2) A napkin

3) 42 - See The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

You can pass again, so go to the right. You meet an old friend who'll take you to the heart of the castle.

Looks a lot like the Darklands. Anyway, move up one screen for another juicy puzzle. A classic turn the red hearts in to gold hearts puzzle! Examining a heart will cause that heart and the heart next to it to change colors. And when you're done, you have to do it again. Enjoy! If you really stuck, here's one way of doing it:

|1|2|3| |4|5|6| |7|8|9|

Examine the corresponding heart in this order:

1) 1, 3, 7, 9, 5

2) 2, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 1, 3, 7, 9, 5

3) 1, 3, 9, 2, 4, 6, 8, 1, 3, 7, 9, 5

Conrats, we move on to the next screen! And maybe we save there too. Then we up again! But only for a few screens because Dink meets one of Srednar's helpers. What follows is a classic insult countering contest.

insult - counter insult

cartographer - astronomer

ugly contest - no professionals

for exercise - for exercise

After that is over, we can go up again. Oooh, goodies! Better get those and save here. You'll be fighting some big (and small) monsters next, but I know you can handle it. Next up is Srednar's right hand. No puzzles, just fighting now. This vile villain can cast teleport, cast a Slow spell on you, summon pillbugs and can damage you with Conflagration spell. But I still think you can handle it.

The end is nigh, indeed! It's time I let you go, the rest is up to you! Enjoy the funny end sequence!

Secret area

After you arrive at Bandalla, exit the screen on the upper left side. You've found the secret Bubble Bobble area! No special items here though, only retro gamer fun!

There is only one secret area, contrary to what is said in the ending.

Scratcher's Alternate Walkthrough

(Highlight puzzle answers to read)

After you're done wandering and talking to people, enter a cave west of the screen with the savebot. You'll meet the "Guard of Logic" who will ask you some questions.

1st question answer: Choice 4, 1024
2nd question answer: Choice 2, 0,5n^2 + 0,5n
3rd question answer: Choice 3, 225, 625, 1225 etc.

After you answer them correctly, continue north. Another guard who asks lethal questions, the Guard of History.

1st question answer: Choice 3, 22 june
2nd question answer: Choice 3, Albert Kesselring
3rd question answer: Choice 1, Panther

Continuing north, talk with the last guard, the Guard of Sweden. There will be no answers to his ultimatly difficult questions in this walkthrough.

After answering correctly, pick up the red heart. Head out and talk with the farmer in the westmost house of the village. On to Bandalla you go! There are two secrets in this area that are fairly easy to find.

1st secret: Beyond the bushes on the top-left edge of the island.
2nd secret: Argue with the man in the southern house for a while.

Once you've spoken with the mayor who's standing next to the well, head east, and talk with the guard. He wants you to bring him ten badgers. Where to get badgers in this dmod? Hmm.

Answer: Escape menu.

Head east, save the game and find another puzzle. You have to find the red knight amongst a bunch of blue ones. This can get difficult and annoying if you have to try many times, but luckily the answers aren't random. If you have to try again just remember what the answer was the last time and go eat a banana while they walk around.

1st answer: Choice 2, The middle one
2nd answer: Choice 2, The left one
3rd answer: Choice 5, The right-right one

Going east, you find the second puzzle on the way to the dreaded castle of Dome. Memory. There are 4 rows of barrels from top to bottom and 5 rows from left to right. Each time you answer wrong, you lose a chunk of your life.


Pillbug Brown Bonca Duck Pig Pillbug
Dragon Old man Purple bonca Bomb Red Heart
Duck Pig Dead guard Old man Red Heart
Purple bonca Dead guard Bomb Brown bonca Dragon

Going north, you meet the farmer again and he gets you in a fiery cave. Here you meet another guard, the Guard of Riddles.

1st question answer: Choice 4, An Icicle.
2nd question answer: Choice 2, With a napkin.
3rd question answer: Choice 4, 42?

After that, talk to the boatman and he will take you to a very vile and twisted place. There will be more puzzles, of course. You have to change the colour of some hearts in a 3x3 grid. (Generally these kind of puzzles are faster solved with pure luck than actually thinking about them, though it might take a while if you get a streak of bad luck.)

1st answer: Talk to the 4 hearts on the edges, then to the heart in the middle.
2nd answer: Top-right heart, bottom-middle heart, bottom-right heart, bottom-left heart, left-middle heart, right-middle heart
3rd answer: Middle-right heart, middle-left heart, bottom-left heart, bottom-middle heart, top-middle heart

That was the last puzzle on the way to the castle of Dome... Yay. Shortly after entering, you meet a wizard who challenges you into a game of insult mom-calling!

1st answer: Choice 3, Yes, but for yo momma they call in an astronomer.
2nd answer: Choice 2, When yo momma entered, they said ¨sorry. no proffesionals.¨
3rd answer: Choice 2, Yo momma so fat, people jog inside her for exercise.

Going north, you find a savebot, a healing well and some goodies. On the next screen... The first actual fights in the dmod (excluding one of the secret areas). The pillbug and the slimes should die easily, the magician is more troublesome, though there's no specific tactic to beating him. Just hit and evade fast instead of letting him run around freely and cast a lot of spells.

Once you go another screen north, that's it. Enjoy the ending.