Go down 3 times from the room you start in, through the bottom fence, down again, right and up. Kill the side dragons first now, and then the middel one, otherwise screen lock WON'T disappear!! Now continue on until you reach two dragon statues, enter the one that leads to the snow mountain (the other one leads to town). Go down from the snow mountain and right until you reach a save point and some rocks even further down. Push the center rock to the right and you can enter a cave. Keep going through the cave until you reach a dragon statue. Enter it and you will be back home. But wait! You're in the past before you mother died! Don't talk to your mother or anybody else IN town or else the guard at the entrance will appear and you will be stuck in town. Go to Wizard Martridge's house and talk to him. Your goal now is to save your mother but once you reach your house... NO!!!!!! She died again!!!!

You now learn that she died by a simple kitchen accident and get to read a note. But this time it's from Wizard Martridge!! Read it and you've finished the d-mod!