ehasl says: This excellent walkthrough was originally written by PureEvil, so most of the credits goes to him. I spent "a few" hours cleaning up the code (that should make the page load a bit faster, and it's easier to change the design), and adding anchors for easier navigation. I also did some corrections/improvements. Please tell me if you are missing anything, or if something is wrong. :-)

PureEvil says: When I started writing this walkthrough, I had every intention of being as specific as possible. I've played nearly every D-Mod available at the Dink Network, and have found myself needing hints as well. But, I eventually decided to write one a little less intensive. I believe the element of fun can be retained by pointing one in the right direction rather than giving A to B instructions and giving away every detail of a mod. That having been said, I hope this walkthrough is helpful to everyone, but I have left out the normal "turn here, turn there, look here, get this" stuff. For what its worth, I hope you find it helpful. Other things to note: I have tried to document all secrets, which after beating FIAT will be listed in a new menu option on the start-up screen, under the title secrets. When possible, I will give instructions on how to find the secret the first time you are near it. Others are only accessible after beating FIAT. All secrets listed during the walkthrough will be noted with a number in. They again will all be listed at the end of the walkthrough with more detail. Lore and luck are also secrets to be found, however, they are not listed on the FIAT secrets menu. I will note lore and luck directions with a number. Again, some will not be accessible the first time you are near them. Lore and luck items will also be listed at the end of the walkthrough with greater detail, with their corresponding number


Cool, new splash screen, huh? Watch the opening movie, then you'll be zapped into a tree on the main Magik Isle, Medlid. A kind (and soon dead) wizard will help you out of the tree. Here is your first opportunity to see some cool new graphics. Nice looking bonca. Kill it! Wander around for a while, and a little movie will start on any screen. Listen to the wizard, then you'll be zapped into another wizard's house. Chat with the wizard, and then the adventure begins. The wiz says you need to build a fence to protect the village. Talk to the rest of the wizards on the isle, they are all a bunch of helpless, useless girlie-wizards. They will tell you what you need to know though. You have to find a fence guy that lives under ground. You'll notice some hill like areas to the east of the village and past the trees. One of these areas (kinda southwest) is accessible from an entrance hidden by a tree (not a pine tree). Find this area and push the rock in it to reveal a hole. Jump in! Follow the main path down here to the end, being sure to "talk" to all the bookcases. At the end you'll see a rock blocking the path. Looks like you'll need a bomb. To exit, take the path heading north off the main path, and you come out near the first wizard's house. Buy the bomb and go blow up that rock in the tunnel. Inside you'll find the infamous fence dude. Do what he wants, and he'll build a fence for you. Damn, he is quick! Did you read anywhere about the lead on the rocks? No? Make sure you do, because the wizard in the second door of the big building in the village can change it to gold. Find lead by "talking" to the rocks. Have the wizard keep changing it into gold for you, as you can only carry so much at one time. I found that he will generally do this 3 times for you, or until you have 250 or more gold. OK, enough about that. Back to the village now, on your way kill some stuff to level up (this walkthrough assumes you are killing as much as possible to gain experience, and saving when able, so I won't mention that again). You'll see the drunken hermit fence builder did a fine job. Let the wizard know its up and he'll chat a bit.

Off to see the pastor. Refill your life at the fountain (a well in the south central area of Medlid is useful for this as well) and talk to the Pastor. Nothing is easy! He has hidden the key under the church, but he won't let you go down there unless you have a sword. Odds are, you don't have enough gold for a sword, so you'll need to find a way to get some more. That trick with the lead doesn't work anymore, the stupid wizard takes it from you now. Back to the village, the last door in the big building is a hotel. Talk to the wimpy clerk, then go upstairs and find a guy who will tell you how to earn some gold. If you have at least 250 gold, you can find the pillbug larvae he speaks of one screen west of the church. If you have less than 250 gold, the lead trick will still work. Anyway, get the larvae and follow the instructions that the guy gives you. The clerk will give you 200 gold for your troubles. Go buy the sword from the wizard south of the main village, out on the water. Back to the church. The pastor now lets you move the fountain and go down. Kill as many monsters down here as possible, because they give gold. You can make lots of gold down here, and always come back later to get more. When your life gets low, go back upstairs to refill, then back down to continue fighting. Oh yeah, the key... The key is down another level from here, through what looks like a wall, but is an archway. Kill the Fire Stone dude to get it. If you killed most of the monsters down here, you'll have well over 1500 gold. I recommend buying a map. When doing that, invest in some bombs too. You can fit up to 5 in one inventory slot, and you'll need them.

Go back to the small castle and use the key. Those bombs will work nicely here. Blow up a section of rocks and go down the stairs and follow the tunnel to the end. More rocks! Blow 'em up. Welcome to Magik Isle Rai.


Spend some time walking around the island, exploring and leveling up. In the south-central part of the island, near some trees, you'll see Dink think to himself "I have to find a way through those trees". Now the adventure on Rai begins. The village on Rai (did you buy a map?) is in the northeast corner. Talk to everyone in the village, the wizard in the most northern house can help, but wants a slayer claw. Luckily the wizard a few houses south has one, but he wants a beer. (Is there an AA meeting on these isles?) After getting the claw, go back to the wizard in the northern house, give him the claw and listen to his plan. Go back to the potion wizard on Medlid, where you will see that the potion you need is very expensive. If you need more money, head back to the catacombs under the church. After buying the potion head back to the wizard on Rai, he'll tell you how to use it. Go to that goblin hut and drink up. Once inside the basement here, you should look for a note first. After you find the dynamite down there you turn back into Dink. That note, however, can only be read by a duck. Kill some ducks down here, they're easy, plus they give gold and its kinda fun anyway. One duck even gave me a healing potion. Once past the trees that you blew up, go all the way east and look for a path on the east wall. Taking that path you'll come across some strong ass winds. Now, go west and find the only house in this part of Rai. Talk to the guy and do what he says. Completing his task earns you some herb boots. Wear those boots, and getting through that windy path is no longer a problem. After getting through the path, head north and find the burnt out house and crawl into it. Find some place inside to do a buttstomp (B) and poof, you're in the basement. Down here you must find 3 sticks and some beans and talk to a fireplace. There is nothing up the stairs here, but you can find bow luck by buttstomping near the east wall. After being blown out the roof, look around for a burning ring of fire. Walk into it! In here (it's far up in the clouds) is a maze. Certain parts of the maze will be closed off until you find two red dots and turn them green. Pretty easy. All the way west down here you will find 2 paths that head north. One has a well that will refill your life, the other a note. The note speaks of walking on air. Can't do that from where you are, but that little island you see is centered between the one you are on and the one with the well. Hmmm.. When you figure that out.. Meet the Air Knight. I originally thought this guy was tough. Try to stay all the way east on this platform, and be ready to use your direction keys, because this guy can call some heavy winds that will knock you off the platform and kill you. The best way to beat this guy is to kick his butt... with herb boots, of course. When you kill the Air Knight a short sequence will play out and you'll have the ability to use elemental air magic. At this point you may need to chop down a tree (it talks to you) to get out of the area you are in. If you want, you can have your sword elementalized with air. Remember the guy on Rai that does that? Anyway, he can elementalize swords with all the elemental magics you find on the Magik Isles. Different swords and magics work better on different elemental creatures. Although, fighting an air creature with air magic or air weapons, actually give the creatures more strength. So, play around with the weapons and magic as you earn them, and find out what works best. I went through the whole game without elementalized weapons. But, as the gold begins to accumulate and you can afford more swords, they do come in handy in order to build an Ultimate Weapon. The guy who elementalizes weapons can explain to you what you need. You will definitely want an Ultimate Weapon for you battle with FIAT, because beating him with one unlocks a secret...Ultimate Ending. Wow, really got ahead of myself here! But... Now would be a good time to talk about secrets. There are 14 secrets and numerous other cool stuff to find on these isles. At the end of the game a new menu button shows up on the main menu on the start screen that shows you all the secrets you found. There are many that will only be accessible after beating FIAT. At any rate, when possible, I will tell you where a secret is when you are near it. Others will be listed at the end of the walkthrough. Other items such as lore and luck will be mentioned periodically if I know how to get them. For example, Bow lore and axe lore can be found on Medlid. You must first have those 2 weapons in order to find the lores. You won't have an axe until after your adventure to Rife, nor a bow till your adventure to Tware. On Medlid, there is a pole surrounded by water towards the center of the isle. Attacking that pole with a throwing axe makes a teleporter appear that will allow you to get the lore for that weapon. Same process for the bow. Beer lore is available on Medlid also. You must be a duck to get it (in the tunnel leading to the fence guy, talk to the book shelves.). You won't have the ability to turn into a duck again until you get to northern Rife. Uh, back to the adventure on Rai. There is a fire torch surrounded by water on Rai, if you go back there when you have a bow (which you get on Tware), you will find a wizard. He will give you a duck whistle. During the course of your travels, arm it near ducks to collect them in the whistle. This will come in handy soon. You'll also see some new bridges built. Take the newly built bridge in the south to Drognu. Welcome to Magic Isle Drognu!


After taking the bridge to Drognu, and exploring a bit, you'll notice that the isle is split in two by a fence. There really isn't much to do or find on the part you're on. Explore a little more and find an interesting formation of sprouts growing from the grass. The formation looks a bit like a star and has some nasty pillbugs nearby. Do a buttstomp (B) in the middle of this formation and fall into the hole created. Follow the tunnel through and you'll emerge in an abandoned home. Exit the house, after finding some goodies, which are supposed to be in there... Now you'll be in a small village. Enter all the houses and exhaust all possible chat options. Be sure to explore the houses as well, particularly one with a garden on the second floor. Take the green mushroom when you find it, you never know, it may be useful. After exploring the houses and this half of the island, head to the southwest part and notice a rock blocking your path. Talk to the rock (spacebar) , and a loony wizard will appear. The guy has a horrible speech impediment and pisses you off, but promises to move the rock if you get him something. He wants an A _ _ LE (he says "ahh-ll"). Remember the fruit tree in the village on Drognu? Hit the fruit tree and a short cut-scene will take place. The cut-scene involves a man who can help you obtain an apple, if you get him a duck head. A duck head? Did you come across a black church on Drognu? Find the black church and talk to the nice guy. He'll let you visit his duck for a green mushroom. Go see the duck, get the head and return to the fruit tree. You will now learn Fist of Might. Sure, its handy to get that apple, but it will also work on a certain tree in Medlid that had a potion in it. I believe this guy also gives you a necklace, hold on to it till later.

Go back to the loony wizard and give him the apple. Poof, the rock is gone. Besides lots of mean boncas and assorted enemies, there is also 2 houses in the southern part of Drognu, the area you have just entered. Work your way through the maze, and find the first house in the eastern part. If you got the map, it will help here. Go inside and meet Tony Hawk, world famous, potion wizard. Tony sells mana potions. Mana potions basically increase the strength of you magic for one use. It seems, however, that our boy Tony is out of clean bottles. Dammit! Find you way back to the village in the northern part of Drognu and get clean bottles. It'll take a little doing, but it is easy enough. After securing some bottles return to Tony. Buy as many mana potions as you can carry (5) or as many as you can afford. I never really saw gold to be a problem in this game after Medlid was completed. Now, go south from Tony's house and start to work your way west. Take the last north path before the bridge and POOF you found a secret (status: use the printscreen key to change the appearance of your screen). Go back to the bridge and continue west. Find the other house and talk to the guy inside. Apparently there is a bridge that you can't see! The guy will help you see it if you give him a mana potion. Good deal. Before heading back east to find the bridge, explore north and west of his house for good measure.

Back east now, and you'll soon see a bridge heading north. Take the bridge and prepare for battle. What lies ahead is, in my humble opinion, the toughest Knight to beat. Once inside...Doh, falling rocks will block your path. Well, you know the drill, jump in that hole there. Yes, that one right near you. It gets a little tricky down here, and of course the quest is to seek and destroy this levels boss, the Earth Knight. It seems every path is blocked by stones and the damn dynamite is on the opposite side of them. You must find a way to destroy the rocks using that dynamite. The air magic you recently earned should do the trick, but you must do it from the side of the dynamite, and not from behind the rock. You'll figure it out, and realize that the entire path to Earth Knight is just like this. Simply back track when needed to access other paths to clear the one you need to use. Remember that air magic bounces. :-)

Earth Knight. I found the best way to beat this guy is to kick (with boots) him till your life gets to low, then use the air magic. Periodically he will drop rocks. If they land on you you're dead. But... those same rocks will score 50HP if they hit him. When a rock drops, simply arm your fist and punch it towards him. This process takes a while, but it is the only way to get more than 1 HP at a time. Keep in mind, he will stop dropping rocks unless he is attacked and uses his sword. So keep provoking him. When the Earth Knight is defeated, you will earn earth magic. Woohoo. Watch the short movie after your victory. This guy has built another bridge. Before leaving Drognu, there is another secret to be had. On the northern half of Drognu, you should have seen a triangular shape of trees with a blue stone at their base. Walk north past that formation and when the land stops and the water begins, well, just keep walking north. Follow the path on the water in the ways that it allows you to go and you'll be lead to a small island with a small dungeon. Go in and retrieve Gladiator, (a stand alone type game that has many levels.) When and if you gain your freedom in Gladiator another secret, Debug (use F12 to gain cool info) is unlocked.

Take the new bridge that has been built and Welcome to Tware.


Tware seems to be experiencing a horribly wet season, as it will not stop raining. Could it be evil doings? You will find that the elemental creatures are quite hard to kill on Tware. You can always buy another sword and go have it elementalized with earth to make killing these nasty things easier. Explore all the houses in the north west part of Tware and chat with all the wacky wizards. One wizard offers you a bow if you can find him 5 nuts, 1 pie and 1000 gold. Also in this wizards house is a bookshelf with great info. Talk to the bookcase, then punch it. A talking book will give you a clue as how to get Bow Luck. It's hidden in the sunken building on Rai. Read the secrets summary for more information. The nuts are all available in Tware. You'll find 2 in trees (punch them), 2 from kind residents, and one in the east-central part of the fenced off forest. You can access the forest from just north of the village. If you run into dragons in the forest, choose to "run" when given the option and go all the way east in here, then north to retrieve the nut. We'll get back to those dragons soon enough. The pie? Go back to Drognu, you can get one from the wizard near the apple tree. Before I get ahead of myself, in your exploration of Tware, you should have come across a Knight forbidding you access to southern Tware. He won't let you go until a bit later. You should have also read a posted news item in the mayor's office, calling for a hero to free his daughter. Ok, back to the walkthrough. After finding the required items, you will be given a bow. The bow will kill those dragons in the forest quite easily. And that's good, because you must get through that forest to find the mayor's daughter. Furthermore, the knight blocking the way to southern Tware won't budge until you save the mayor's daughter. In the forest, head north killing all the dragons, then east and south till you come to a house. Go in the house, down the stairs and kill the wimpy slayer. You have saved the mayor's daughter. To gain access to southern Tware just ask the knight to move and he will. Once in southern Tware, visit the only house down there. Talk to the bookcase and it tells you something. (Talking and hitting bookcases in FIAT is a great way of getting info, so remember that and visit others you have gone by if you haven't.) Rather than making you figure it out, I'll tell you what to do. You must find a Rain Machine. Work your way through the maze to the east of the house and explore every path. Remember where you see the save machine because you'll be going back there. The Rain Machine can be found by going east as far as possible, then south. When the path ends and turns west, keep going south - into the water. Walk through the water to a small island with a quirky machine. Remember that duck whistle I told you about? Use it right in front of that stone head blocking the entrance to the machine. Talk to the machine to shut it off, and the rainy season ends! Also on this small island another secret can be found! Just north of the Rain Machine is a secret exit off the island. Follow the path on the water in the directions it allows you to walk and it will lead you to a smaller island. Go in the dungeon and get Ed the SCV 2 (another small stand alone game where you are Ed). If you are patient enough after winning/losing this game, you will unlock another secret, Refill (an awesome function, accessed by pressing the R key. It refills your life. Unfortunately, this was almost the last secret I found, it will be very handy for you.) Ed the SCV 2 is available at the start-up menu under secrets. Refill is obviously available during gameplay. {Note from ehasl: I got gimme, not refill.}

After turning off the rain machine and exploring for secrets, return to the maze through the water. Go back to where you found the save machine and you will find a stairway leading down has appeared. This dungeon leads to the Water Knight. The Water Knight maze is very inventive. You must explore the maze and set off nukes in order to access other areas of the maze. After every nuke you set off, you will find a new rock bridge leading to a formally inaccessible part of the maze. The ultimate goal here is to reach a stairway that brings you to your battle with the Water Knight. The stairway will eventually be accessible towards the center portion of the maze. In your travels here, kill as many slayers and stone giants as you can, as they randomly drop weapons that will make it possible to create an Ultimate weapon. Having an Ultimate weapon at the end of the game to beat FIAT will unlock a secret, so it is worth killing these foul creatures. Weapons they drop include Snedfee's Sword and Gimac's Sword. Snedfee and Gimac were once powerful warriors. Anyway, a certain house in the Gladiator mini-game explains this very well. The guy on Rai who elementalizes weapons also gives clues. Ah, back to the walkthrough. The Water Knight. This guy was easy, I beat him in about 3 minutes using nothing but earth magic. If you've been increasing your magic instead of strength the magic reloads pretty quickly. Beware of water waves on the southern part of the platform. After winning, watch a short movie and you have elemental water magic. You can also buy another sword and have it elementalized. You will eventual need to for an ultimate weapon, but not yet, unless you want to. There is now a new bridge from the sand bar on Medlid that leads to Rife. Before leaving Tware, you will see a blue arrow formation of rocks just west of the fenced forest. Do buttstomps just south of the formation and you will find Green Blood (an escape menu option that turns blood green). Find your way back through Tware, Drognu, and Rai, then onto the sand bar on Medlid. The bridge will enter onto Rife on the north. Take the Bridge and Welcome to Rife.


Rife is full of elemental fire creatures. Once on Rife, explore all the houses, kick barrels, and talk to dead people. Remember that necklace? Talk to a dead woman in one of the houses and she will give you axe luck. Walk around outside town for a while, and soon, one of FIATs minions will appear and KILL you. Yup, you're dead. The option comes up: Load, Restart or Quit. Chose any of them. You are revived. And you have a full life line. Cool. Talk to the guy again and he tells of a tunnel on Rife that leads to the northern part of Rife. Go outside, talk to the boat, and head back to Rife. One of the houses has a bed that will move when pushed from the south towards the north. There is a blood trail leading it. Under the bed is a stairway that leads to a room and a blocked tunnel. Talk to the guy, and find out that nothing can move those rocks. He says he can make an axe for you, but needs 20 water spike shells. I hate water spikes. This is one of the hardest parts of the game. You must return to the southern half of Tware to kill and collect water spikes. These things suck to kill. Good luck! I found that earth magic works best on them, but it still takes a long time. After killing one, walk over its shell to pick it up. When you have 20, go back to Rife and return to the guy in the room with the blocked tunnel. He will now give you an axe.

Time out for secrets. Now you should have both an axe and a bow. On Medlid, near the center part of the isle (look at map to be sure) is a pole surrounded by a small pond. Throw your axe at this pole and a machine will appear to the west of the pond. Talk to the machine and you are zapped into a room with a scroll. Get the scroll and you have axe lore. Leave the room and now shoot an arrow at the pole. Machine appears. Talk to the machine again. You are zapped into a room with a scroll. Pick up the scroll. You know have bow lore.

Ok, back to Rife. The tunnel in the room below ground is not passable. The axe you just bought has 2 modes. You can swing it or throw it. Switch between the two modes with the "A" key. Make sure it is swing mode and go back upstairs to the isle. Just west of where the evil minion killed you are some trees you can chop down. Don't you miss fireball magic? You'll have it soon. Once in Northern Rife, head north, then west all the way till you see a duck statue. Talk to the duck statue and you turn into a duck. Now that you're a duck, head back to Medlid and go to the tunnel where you found the drunken hermit fence builder. One of the bookshelves here had writing that you could not previously read. As a duck, you understand it. Poof, you have found Beer Lore. Now, when you drink beer and puke, the puke will attack your enemies. Beer Lore is pretty powerful, and gets more powerful the higher your magic level is. After getting Beer Lore, head all the way back to Tware and go into the only house in Southern Tware. Talk to the guy (you're still a duck) and he will teach you Disco (a cool escape menu option that will make the screen flash different colors). As far as secrets go, you're half way there, and you should have all lores and lucks. Only one more secret is available now, the other 6 will be accessible after you beat FIAT. Head back to Rife and the duck statue now. Turn back into Dink and head east. Head south when the map permits it and you will find a fire pit blocked by rocks. Talk to the rocks. Nothing! Head east and find the only house in Northern Rife. Talk to the guy in the house and he will sell you TNT for 500 gold. Buy it. Go back to the rocks and blow them up. Water rushes in and puts out the fire, but now the water is in your way. Go back and chat with the TNT guy again in Northern Rife. He advises you to seek out a rock summoner. You will find him in Southern Tware. Chat with the guy, then return to Rife where you will find rocks near the fire pit that were not there before. Push them. Hmm, they won't move. Maybe the TNT guy can help again? Go see him and he will help one last time. You both go to the rocks and push them in the water. Take the path to the stairway that is now accessible. You are on your way to the fire dungeon, and then the Fire Knight. When you get into the dungeon, a pig will come and steal your water magic. Damn. You have to find Mr. Pig and kill him to get it back. The first path to the south after getting to the maze leads to the Fire Knight. However, the path is blocked with flames, lots of flames. You must track down the pig, somewhere in the rest of the maze, kill him, return to the flames and put them out with water magic. After each flame you put out, your magic disappears again. You know the drill, find piggy, kill piggy, put out flame. Do it till all flames are out. I suggest saving the game after each time you put out a flame, and each time you retrieve your water magic. Again, kill as many slayers and stone giants as you can. After the last flame is put out, you can walk north from where it was, over the fire and onto a small island with a well. It will either heal you or give you gold, I can't remember which. Back to the path, down the stairs and it is go time with the Fire Knight. Kill the Fire Knight by continually hitting him with water magic. Before long he his dead and you have elemental fire magic. Finally you can burn some trees! Head back to the southern part of Rife and burn some trees! One tree will burn down to reveal a stairway to a below ground room. In here you will find a fire glove that is very useful in destroying regular (non-pine) trees. It won't destroy all of them, but after hitting a tree 8 or 9 times or more, it will destroy some. Before taking the new land bridge that has risen from the sea in the west part of southern Rife, head back to Rai. In the southern part of Rai, you probably noticed two blue rock formations in the shape of an arrow. Somewhere between those two formations is a regular tree that will reveal a secret. Hit all the trees down here with your new glove. One will burn and you will find Black Blood (another escape menu option that turns all blood black.) After screwing around there and finding the secret head back to Rife. When back on Rife, go all the way west, then north to the tree line. Walk over the new land bridge and Welcome to Odvi.


Odvi is tough! Save as often as possible. Only general directions here, you're a bit on your own. Explore Odvi, find a blue arrow, kill stuff, and level up if you can. The blue arrow points to nothing. In the opposite direction of where it is pointing, though, is a movable rock which reveals a cave that will bring you to a higher area in Odvi. During your exploration you should also find a stairway on a peninsular that is inaccessible, and flanked by 2 poles. You will also encounter a talking skeleton somewhere towards the center of Odvi. The skeleton tells you to find a pendent and rescue his friends. His friends are the tortured souls of the skeletons you may have encountered in the houses on Odvi. There is guy in the upstairs part of one house. He will give you a pendent if you can dance. Follow the directions and Good luck. A walkthrough can't help you here. It may take a while, but when you get the pendent, start collecting all the skeletons with it. Go back to where you found the talking skeleton after you have collected 6 of his friends. He will tell you what to do. You need to again find the stairway that was blocked and flanked by 2 poles. Arm and use the pendent and you will have access. You may or may not have to leave that screen and come back in order to get to the stairs. Take the stairs down and prepare for the Void Knight! Just keep hitting this guy with magic (your choice) till he's dead. Its pretty easy if you've been leveling up on magic. You have defeated the final Elemental Knight. Well, sort of. You will have to face each and every one of them again if you want to battle FIAT. All the way west is a path that leads north and seems to be blocked with barbed wire. Walk right over the barbed wire and you will find a small castle. One screen north of the entrance you will find 2 stone heads. One screen west of the entrance you will find a save bot. North of the save bot is an arch which leads to every Elemental Knight and a dungeon which will eventually give you access to FIAT. What you find when you pass through the arch depends on what position the 2 stone heads are in (one screen north of castle entrance). There is a different stone head placement for every knight. The position that the stone heads are currently in, allow you to pass through the arch into a dungeon. Explore the dungeon and you will find another arch down here with a single stone head blocking its entrance. That stone head will not go away until all the Elemental Knight are defeated again. So, head back up to the top floor of the castle. The following diagrams should help you manipulate the stones. Different positioning of the stone heads will lead to different Knight through the arch.

Here are the codes (an X means there is a stone head):

Use the same methods to beat these guys that you used the first time. The Earth Knight is still the hardest to beat, it takes the longest. After defeating them all (and saving the game between each victory), manipulate the stone heads one last time back to their original positions. Go back to the dungeon and you will discover the stone head blocking the arch in the southwest corner has now disappeared. Walk through the arch, if you dare, and meet FIAT. FIAT ==== FIAT is, as you may have guessed, the final boss. He is an overgrown golf ball with arms. If you don't have an ultimate weapon, don't worry, you can still beat him. Beating him with an ultimate weapon, however, does unlock a secret. Beating him either way, with or without an ultimate weapon, unlocks another secret as well. Once again, the guy on Rai that elementalizes weapons, can make one for you if you have: * Regular weapon * Air Elemental weapon * Earth Elemental weapon * Water Elemental weapon * Fire Elemental weapon * Void Elemental weapon * Snedfee's weapon (randomly dropped by slayers and stone giants, and also found in wells) * Gimac's weapon (randomly dropped by slayers and stone giants, and also found in wells) This is how to beat FIAT: to do a little additional damage in the final battle, you can use bombs and _Beer Lore_. To have a much better chance of winning, you should also have 5 elixers. Before destroying FIAT's head, you'll need to take away his arms. While you do that, he sends some deadly, fireball-like attacks on you. Use your herb boots to avoid them. After his arms are gone, you must destroy his head. Creatures escape from FIAT's mouth all the time. Avoid and kill them, while you still give FIAT as many hits as possible. Don't eat their big hearts before your life has almost run out. This way, you can fight longer and have a higher chance of winning the battle. Since swords do more damage than axes and bows, you should use that type of weapon against FIAT. Ultimate, Gimac's and Snedfee's swords are all nice, while defeating FIAT with a weaker weapon is very hard. Experiment a bit with magic use, different weapons/Herb boots, bombs and beer, and you'll win this round. FIAT's head will eventually blow up, but you aren't finished yet. He will be reborn, as a copper sphere spitting fire and using some sort of "star attack". To win this round aswell, keep away from his mouth, and try to avoid his star attacks. He will die, and the ending cutscene starts. Congratulations! Your victory has unlocked _Skip Intro_ (accessible through the secrets menu on the start-up screen, it allows you to play the game again from the start without having to sit through the intro). If you have beaten him by using an Ultimate Weapon, you have also unlocked the Ultimate Ending, a longer ending that better explains the plot of the next Dinky Dimensions Part, EOT 2. If you have gotten all the secrets listed, you have only 3 more to get. The 14th secret will unlock when you have found 13 of the 14. While still on Odvi, go back to the house where the guy made you dance. He will give you the option of completing levels 6-10. Agree to the challenge. If you win, you unlock _Dinkaxian_ (a very cool mini game where you are a space fighter shooting down enemies). After beating the dance game a second time, return to Medlid and talk to the very first wizard you spoke to. He will send you on a quest to find 10 rings, each with a different color stone. The rings are spread out all over the map. There are some on every island. * Odvi. Go south from the town, and keep going east. * Odvi. From the town's Save Machine, go east one screen and north two to see it. * Rai. The duck dungeon. Use the duck machine on Rife to turn into a duck, so the old woman will let you in. * Rai. Just East of the tree bridge. * Drognu. On the south 'island'. * Drognu. Past the cliff area, on the east side. * Tware. On the south side, at the end of some land. * Tware. In the house where you saved the girl. * Medlid. Just south-east of the church. * Medlid. In the secret room of the catacombs where you fought the fire giant. It is up to you to track them down. When you have collected all 10 rings (it will take a while), return to the wizard and he will give you _Exterminator_, a very difficult mini game where you exterminate pillbugs in increasingly difficult levels. 65 levels in all. When, and if, you beat Exterminator, you will unlock _Gimme_, a keyboard cheat that brings up a menu that allows you to have what ever you want. Awesome. Access it by pressing G on your keyboard {Note from ehasl: I got Gimme after defeating Ed the SCV 2}. With the 13th secret unlocked, you have unlocked _Dinkemon_ (a mini game that allows you to train and battle your very own elemon). Secrets summary =============== Lore and Luck ------------- * Bow Luck - Buttstomp near the east wall in the sunken building on Rai. * Axe Luck - Give necklace to dead woman on Rife, she gives it to you. * Axe Lore - Throw axe at pole on Medlid surrounded by pond. Only available after getting axe on Rife. * Bow Lore - Shoot arrow at pole on Medlid surrounded by pond. Only available after getting Bow on Tware. * Lore - Turn into duck at machine on Rife, or by drinking the duck potion. Talk to bookshelves in tunnel leading to fence builder on Medlid. Use as weapon by drinking, puke will attack enemies. Title screen menu listed secrets -------------------------------- After beating FIAT, a new title screen button appears. 14 secrets listed.; * Status - Status can be found in the southern part of Drognu. Southeast as far as possible, then work westwards. Last north before bridge. Enter invisible room and get scroll. Access the function by pressing 'Print Screen' on your keyboard. It changes the look of the status bar that surrounds the game window. * Gladiator - Found near Drognu. Find triangle pattern of trees with blue rock at base. Walk north from pattern and right onto water. Follow path on water in the directions it allows you to move. Leads to island. Get scroll below ground. Gladiator is a mini game based on the legend. You must fight enemies on a platform. You must buy your way to the next tier of enemies. You must buy and defeat 7 tiers till you are allowed to purchase your freedom. This can take a very long time. Be sure to learn about Ultimate weapons in this game by visiting everyone. Completion of game unlocks another secret. * Debug - This secret is unlocked by defeating 7 tiers and buying your freedom in the mini game Gladiator. Pressing F12 on your keyboard during game play accesses debug. It has some cool info about the number of enemies killed, number of times you used the attack key, etc. * Ed the SCV 2 - This secret is found off the coast of Southern Tware. Go as far east as possible, then south. Continue south after path ends and walk through the water. You must do this to turn off the rain machine anyway. On the northeast coast of the rain machine island, walk off the island onto water. Follow the path on water in the directions it allows you to go. You are led to a small island. Go under and get Ed the SCV 2 scroll. Ed is a cool little game. You are directed by a pig to kill Dink Smallwood. To get Dink to come out of his house you must imitate a parade. Bombs are used to blow up rocks. Make sure you talk to the first pillbug you see. He has something for you. Explore and collect as much stuff as you can find. Burn trees using the free fire bombs from the first pillbug, and the common bombs from the teleporter-like thing to remove rocks. To imitate a parade you will need a black wire, a red wire, a battery, a duck head and a flute. The only thing in your inventory is a device which will meld these things together to make a parade. Arm the device. Press control to use it. Click on these items in order: flute - duck head - red wire - black wire - battery. You may have to switch the wires, I'm not sure. When game ends, do not press Alt-Q (or Alt-F4). Wait at that screen till the game ends by itself (a murderously long time). If you are patient, you will unlock another secret. * Refill - Given to you for successfully beating Ed the SCV 2. Press R on the keyboard during game play, and it refills your life. Awesome! {Note from ehasl: I got Gimme after beating Ed the SCV 2.} * Green Blood - Found by buttstomping near blue arrows in the northern half of Tware. Press escape during game play. Choose cheats from menu. All blood will be green now until you change it. * Disco - Found on southern half of Tware in only house found. Available only after finding duck statue on Rife. Turn into a duck, talk to guy in house in Tware, he gives you disco. Access Disco afterwards by pressing escape during game play and choosing it from the cheats option. Disco keeps flashing different colors during game play. * Black Blood - Found on Rai. Only accessible after defeating Fire Knight on Rife. Burn down tree on Rife, go under and get special gloves. Find blue arrow formations on Rai. Punch many times each tree between the rock arrow formations. One will reveal Black Blood. Accessed by pressing escape during game play and choosing it from the cheats option. Turns blood from red to black. * Skip Intro - Unlocked by defeating FIAT. Allows you to restart game without long intro. Accessed from start-up screen under secrets. * Ultimate Ending - Unlocked by defeating FIAT with an ultimate weapon. Extended ending about the next part of Dinky Dimensions, the End Of Time. Watch again by defeating FIAT with an ultimate weapon. * Dinkaxian - Unlocked by going back to the dance challenge in the house on Odvi. Complete rounds 6-10 to get it. Dinkaxian is a mini game. You are a space fighter shooting down enemies. Available only after defeating FIAT. * Exterminator - Unlocked by completing quest to find 10 rings for wizard on Medlid. Available only after defeating FIAT. This is a mini game with 65 levels. You must kill so many pillbugs on each to advance to the next level. Completing level 65 unlocks another secret. * Gimme - Unlocked after completing 65 levels of Exterminator. {Note from ehasl: I actually got Gimme by defeating Ed the SCV 2} Press G on your keyboard to bring up a menu. Gimme basically gives you whatever you want! Unlocking 13 secrets automatically unlocked the 14th and final secret. * Dinkemon - Unlocked by finding the other 13 secrets. A pokemon theme game in the world of Dink. I haven't finished it, nor do I know if it can be completed. The only secrets I may have listed incorrectly are ones unlocked by completing mini games. Good luck!

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