Start by going to the right, get the golden heart, and go up 2 strength potions. Back down, then left. Now go up one screen to find a golden and a big heart. Go up and right for 2 strength potions and another golden and a big heart. Go two times left and once down to fight with the robot (easy). Go left to for a save machine, then two times down, four times to the right and three times up, talk to the monster here. DON'T go now to the northwest bridge (that's suicide), go up, right and enter in the factory (note: to enter in this house, hit Space at the door (same goes for stairs and teleporters). Go downstairs, down a screen and destroy Onzo (very easy). You probably will have a level up in this part. I suggest you pick strengthen your bones. Use the machine in the northwest part of this screen (highly recommended). Get out of the factory, six times to left, once down, and once left. Examine the sign here, you'll end up on a beach. Go up and talk to the guy here. Two times up will take you to a save machine (I suggest you save your game). Enter in the house, go two times to the right, one screen up and enter the teleporter. Get the big heart and go up. Kill the goblin (hard) using the famous ancient technique (aka hit and run away :) and don't forget you have the healing ability. Go up, use the machine, go left, get the big heart, enter the teleporter and kill Dr. Mort (very easy).

Congratulations! You finished the game.