After the cutscene talk with the storyteller and enter the house.Talk with the stonegiant(If you want to know how Dink's pet, Fluffy looks like go upstairs and talk with the wizard :) )Leave the house and go 1 South and 2 East.GO downstairs and talk with the girl.Leave an go 1 North and then go 5 East.Enter the house then talk with the wizard.Talk again when Dink returns to the house.Leave and go 1 West, 2 South, 2 West, 1 North.Enter the witch's house and talk to him(er... her).While in the training ground equip the fireball and try to burn the tree.After that go 1 South ad 3 West.Enter the house ad talk with the Silver knight to buy a sword then KILL THEM!Leave and go 4 East and 1 South.Pass the bridge and kil two boncas.Go 1 East then again kill boncas and pick up all blue potions.Then go 2 East and enter the small house.Talk with the farmer and go back where you passed the bridge and go 1 South.After the cutscene go 3 South and 1 East.ENter the house and watch the cutscene...THE END.