After you gain control of dink head you will see a big stone talk to it. Remember that because you will have to come back there again later in the game. Now head three screens east and you will see a big house . Enter the house and go upstairs. There is only one girl who will talk to you. After talking head east one screen and you will see a church. Enter the church and talk to priest. Use the second option. If you don’t do all this you cannot talk to anybody in town. Follow the path from the church till you reach the save machine and save the game. Go inside the first door of the big house where the save machine is and talk to everybody. There are some goodies but you search them. Come out and follow the path south one screen and read the sign.

Talk to the man standing there. Then head west five screens and you will see a stone blocking the passage. Talk to it. Now go back to the bar and talk to the one of the old me. He will tell you something. Now save the game. Remember to save whenever you get chance I do like that. Now go out and head where he told you. When you meet him use the third option. Do as he tells. Now go back to the stone which I told you to remember. Push that stone. Go inside but remember there monsters and slimes. Go through the stairs and reach where you will see some goodies and a monster and then drink the water from the fountain. Head through the passage. There are some slimes and a monster. Go down and you will see the knight.

Kill him. After that you will see a man. Talk to him and use second option. He will give you a scroll. Remember to save. If you want some goodies some stones which are weak you will find some goodies. Before that equip the scroll so you look like a knight. Now go to the stone blocking the passage and break it. Find a passage and kill the monster. Talk to the man and use the teleporter. Save the game. Now go to all the houses and help them if they want. In some houses you will need a key which the mayor will give. Now go to all the houses except the door which is near a white stone. Don’t try to become dink. Now go down and you will see some trees blocking the way. Now go that house near the white stone. kill him. Then equip the red scroll in the inventory. Now cut the trees blocking the way and keep following the path. At the end enter the building and keep going straight till you see a knight and talk to him. Now go back to the village. You will see a big stone near the red knight house. Break the stone. There are some goodies near the tree. Now break the other stone and a way to secret passage. After getting inside you see a wall along the vine talk to it and it will disappear. Now go through the gate and kill the man. After killing go to soldier who was asking for it. He will let you go. Now talk to red knight and you will see a place which is closed. Go through it because there is an entrance there. Now find a door and enter into it. Now enter the door as I have written 4, 3,2,2,2. Go through the staircase and you will come out. Follow the route and on one screen you will see a path on the east. Go through that and you will see a sign read it and go to the town if you want. Otherwise keep going north till you reach a castle, go inside and talk to the king. He will tell you to kill a monster. Kill him and equip the third scroll.

Save the game. Drink from the fountain if you want. When you press esc key you will see the save command and refill life option. Now go through the door in the front. Though there will be dragons keep going through the staircases and you will reach a fountain and save machine. Go through the passage near it and kill the wizard. After killing him talk to the king. Then you will see another king talk to him and dmod is finished.

This may be confusing but I have played like this. Sorry for confusions. My name is dipak and my email address is [email protected]