WARNING! This D-MOD isn't a continue of TLoftD series but a special quest. Where the hero is Rand(The guard of Medina Village). Also this D-MOD is very easy to complete so you won't die without saving game.


Go South,4 East,North,East, South, 2 East.Now you're in a village.


In here try t go futher East...It looks like a firewall is blocking our way. GO to the small house and talk with guard anything. Leave it and go to the second one. It's behind the guard's house and talk with the farmer. He tells you about the wizard but he doesn't know where he is.SO let's go back to the forest.


From the village go 2 West, North, West, South, 4 West, South, East, North and behind the bug bush there is a 3/4 uncovered hole. Drop there.


Go East and watch the small cutscene between two Dink Network users ;) and then talk with Rajesh(Wizard) anything. If you want you can talk with Skull :]. After that go South and enter to the teleporter.

Other Dimension

While there you see a Save Point...But this one is a fake! On each screen there are monsters. Some are weak and some are strong.Anyway when you leave and come back hey respawn so it's good to get some EXP.From the teleporter go 4 East and you'll fight with Spammer King. He's easy. Go back to the cave...WARNING! DOn't enter to the screen where you fought with Spammer king or game will freeze!


If you want you can talk with Rajesh again but it's necesary.Go to the screen where you entered and step on the red circle to go back to the forest and make way to the village.


While in the village the firewall dissapeared so go to the next screen.


Go 2 South, 3 East, 2 North, 2 East and enter Kajik's house and talk with him.He needs a giant snapper...Leave the house and go 2 West and futher North. Enter the small house and talk with fishermen about the giant snapper. He want's you to find his favourite fish. Leave and go 3 West and South. Behind the rock there's a passage.Go there.

Cave under the Lake

At the cave there are boncas....Don't mind fighting them. Go until you find another stairs and enter.


Go West, get the fish and go back to the fishermen


When you gave the fish go back to Kajik and talk with him.


Enjoy the ending!