Okay... by popular demand. Here it is. To get to the secret island you need the 3 crystals. I'll point out where the smaller secret areas are and when its time to take off for the secret island. You can find their notation at the bottom.

One thing you will need to do is kill as many baddies as you can. You will need 12,000 gold to get the throwing axe. You WILL need it for the area to follow...

Watch the very long movie. After its over and Dink is ready to kick some ass head to the east and save your game. Go north and talk to everyone in the 4 houses (the other two are directly to the north). Once this is done head all the way to the east and speak with the dock man. He will tell you it's 1,000 gold. Head back west. You can talk to all the houses again here (their conversation has changed) but you don't have to. Head to the northwest house and then upstairs. A brief sequence will start and Dink will shake his booty. After this ridiculous scene is over leave the house penniless. Head north and then east. Martridge will appear and will give you 1,000 gold (how convienent!) Head back to the dock man and give him the money. Head over the bridge and head towards the boat. Another brief sequence will appear and Dink will be left on an island. Save your game here and head south. Walk until you see an opening to the east. Take it until it ends at the trees. Your options here are north and south. Head south and grab the potion. Secret area 1 Head north from here until it ends and then east. Follow the path around until you reach a house. Enter the house and talk to Hermie. He will tell you about 5 quests and then tells you that you need a sword. Leave and head back to the beach. Once you've crossed the board where you first started, proceed north some more until you reach a person walking along the beach. Talk to him. He rambles on about something... blah blah blah. Once you are done continue to head north until you reach the cliffs. Walk one screen east and you'll see the rock. Push the rock to the east and enter the cave. Make sure you have enough health and you've saved your game at this point. Fight the bonca and retrieve the sword from the chest (or do it in the other order ... I don't care) Once he's defeated, head back to Hermie's house. Hermie will send you on the 1st quest. To do this, head back to the starting screen on the island and head east. Once you hit the dead-end, head north to the fork in the road. Head west and then north when you can. Follow it around until you reach the cliffs. Head east for a few screens until you come to a house. Enter and talk to Georgia. Blah blah blah... once you are done, head to the shelf with the bottles on it. Talk to it and you will find an empty bottle. Do you remember seeing the fountain on your way here? If not ... I can't help you anymore... you need to pay attention. If so, head there and arm the bottle. Once the bottle is armed, talk to the fountain and you will fill the bottle with water. Head south and then east all the way until you see the fire blocking the village. Arm the water bottle and face the fire. Throw the bottle at the fire. (Don't miss... you don't get another shot at it!) Once that's done you can try to walk north into the village but you won't be allowed to. Head back to Hermie's house and watch the movie. His house is on fire... oh no! (I just felt like making you walk here... HA HA HA!) Head back to the village entrance and head north. You can investigate all the houses here if you want. They are all Dink clones and make fun of him pretty badly. You don't have to though. Head to the house in the northeast corner of the village. Check out the poster. Once you've read it head to the southeast corner of the village. There's a path which leads east. Take it and meet Portho. He'll talk to you for a minute and then head south. He will lead you to where you need to go so just follow what he tells you. Head into the goblin alchemist's hut. Talk to him and he'll tell you you need to find the fire scroll. Leave and watch another movie.

WHEW! That paragraph was long ....) Once the movie is done head, east to the savebot and save the game! Secret area 2 Head east until it ends and head north to grab the strength potion. Remember that 4-way fork that Portho makes you go south in? If not, the walkthrough is over. If so, go back there now. You will need to take the east fork and follow it up and around until you reach an open area. Kill all the baddies here and make sure you look at the fence in the upper right corner. Head back to the 4-way fork. Head north now until you can't move anymore. Kill all the baddies here and then arm your fist. Punch the first goblin pole. "Unlocked!" Whoo hoo! Head back to the fence... errr... it's gone now. Head north and save your game. Hit the teleporter. Walk along the cliffs heading west (Duhh...) It's a few screen walk so be patient. Soon you'll see the cave and enter it. Grab all the goodies and most importantly, the scroll, and head back to the goblin alchemist. (Don't remember where he is? Argh.... )

Once inside the alchemist he'll teach you magic. Once that's done he'll tell you about finding his wife. Sure no prob... head back to the village now and that strange tree. Arm your magic and throw a shot at the tree. Watch the incredible special effects here and once its done the tree will be nothing but a stump. You can walk around and talk to the villagers again here, but you don't have to. Follow the road to the west. Soon you will see another movie and Georgia is kidnapped. Don't follow the pillbug north. He's gone! Okay? Head back into town and talk to the villagers. ALL OF THEM! Check ALL the posters in the houses too. They've changed. Make sure you talk to the mayor too (there's a screen with two houses and a bridge... she's in the bottom house). Once you are done head west to the garden. There's a pillbug complaining about the pumpkins. Kill all the other baddies here then talk to him. Once you're done you need to find the pumpkin. If you've walked the map enough you should know where it is. It's in the screen just south of the fountain you used to fill up the water bottle. Grab the pumpkin and head back to the pillbug. Talk to him again and he will tell you where their lair is. Remember where Georgia's house is? Go back there now and head to the east and south. The rock that was once there is now gone. Head east and then south when you can. Follow the path down to the south and then east. Kill the baddies and east east again. Kill the baddies first and then save your game. Continue following the path now to the north. At the cliffs head east. You'll see a rock... remember that. Head south now and grab the potions. South again and you'll see the 4 goblin posts. This one puzzle has fooled many ... HA HA!! GOT YOU! If you read all the posters in the village then you know the combination. For all those that didn't tough ... alright I'll tell you anyway. The top post is #1. Hit the posts in this order. 4, 1, 3, 3, 2. Something will unlock. Head north two screens and enter the cave.

Inside the cave is nothing except for a corpse. Talk to it. He will eventually give you a bomb. Head back to the rock blocking your way. (Just east of that save bot). WARNING: You only have one shot at this so save your game before you attempt it! Place the bomb in front of the rock and watch it explode! HEad north. Besides a TON of pillbugs you'll see a bag of pigfeed. Pick it up. Head west and then south and then east. Grab the (heart or gold heart... I can't remember! Don't forget to grab the one on the other side too) Head to the fenced in pigs. Arm the pig feed and walk into the middle of the fence throwing the seed. If you've found the right spot something VERY familiar to all Dinkers will happen next. (People have asked me why I put this in ... I don't have any idea...) Once this ridiculous scene is over arm your weapon again and head north to the pillbug lair. Head inside... refresh your life and save the game. Head north and destroy all the pillbugs. If you need more life you can head south again to refresh and then head north again. Destroying the pillbug is not easy. If you've gotten the boomerang he is a lot easier. Just try to run away from him and fire at him when you have a good shot. Kill him and head east. Watch the movie. After this is done if you want you can get the fire axe. You need 12,000 gold. Take some time now to get this much. There's a 1,000 gold hidden along the south of the village. Once you have enough head to the beach and talk to that guy again. He will transport you to his house and he gives you the axe. Arm it! Head into town and enter the first house. Talk to this guy and he tells you to visit the mayor. You can talk to each villager if you want again (their conversation has changed once again) but you don't have to. Try firing your weapon at the south fences blocking the road. You can remove them all if you want. Talk to the mayor and then head back to the first house. You can save your game before this if you want to... it's entirely up to you. After talking with the man in the first house he will reveal the passageway. Head to it.

Time to kick some slimer butt! This next area is tough. No doubt about it. The slimers are quick and relentless. One thing I do is stand at the edge of the screen and fire the axe and kill as many as I can before I start to walk around. Head through the cave and you'll come out at the entrance of the goblin section. kill the slimers and then save your game. There are many secrets in this next area. The important ones are below Secret Area 3 There's another secret island with potions down along the beach. Head west along the beach until you see some shells at the tip of the beach. You can head south here to the island. Try to find the burnable tree... you can toast it and head into a secret cave where you can grab hellfire magic. Once you are done galavanting around head to the goblin village. There's a hut with two arches behind it. Enter this one and talk to the dieing goblin in the center of the posts. He requests the elixir. Leave and head east. Enter this hut and talk to the parchment on the table and then the dead body on the ground. Once this is done leave and head north to the entrance of the maze. Once you head east into this section head immediately south and save your game. I can't give you the exact path of the maze. That would just be a complete spoiler. It's bad enough I'm giving everything else away. What I will tell you is that you have to hit the four posts which will unlock the entrance to the slimers cave. The slimers cave is located in the upper left. Enter the cave (once you're done of course) and save your game. Head north and then follow the path east. Defeat the slimer. The slimer isn't easy either. Hit and run like hell. Try to get a few shots in a row and then run. Keep this up until you've destroyed him. Leave this and head back to the goblin chief's hut. Talk to him again and a quick movie will ensue. Once this is over you can leave the goblin area. There's just nothing else to do here.

Go back to the goblin alchemist's hut. I hope you remember where it is. Go inside and he will transport you to the ice island. Save your game once you've arrived. The baddies on the ice island are really tough. I wouldn't run around trying to kill everything because you'll die very quickly. Head east along the frozen water and then north until you get to the rock. Head east and then north up the screen until you reach the house. Enter it and talk to the dieing man. You need to find the snow boots now. Head back to the screen with the rock and head north up the other way. Head west when you can and you'll see another rock. Remember this rock for later. Head south for now. Wander around until you see 3 trees grouped together. Walk around them (coming from the east) and head north. Find the single snow tree and walk behind it until you fall into the cave. Grab the snow boots and head to the dying man's house again. Talk to him and he will eventually die. Remember that rock I told you to remember? Head there now and push the rock to the north. Head north to the cave.

This cave is tough. MY advice is to just run through the cave until you come to the chest. Grab the ice mallot and then get the hell out of there. Go back to that first rock that's blocking the ice. Throw the ice mallot at it and it will explode. Head south. Get ready because here comes the ice slide!!!! Watch the funny movie. Once it's over and you've gathered yourself together head east and then south to Portho's cave. Once inside talk to him. Head to the south posts and use the ice mallot on the 3 one from the left. Easy enough huh? Talk to Portho again and then head south. Portho will now follow you. Just follow the cave out and continue to follow the path. (I don't really need to give you the direction to go because there's technically only one way to go... the other way takes you back the way you came) At the fork in the road (west/north) head north a few screens and grab the goodies. Head back to the fork and go west. At this point Portho practically leads the way. There's only one way to go. Once you are on top of the cliffs just head west until you find the cave. Enter it and kill all the baddies on the screen. Head north and watch Dink and Dorinthia reunite. Once its over head west and SAVE YOUR GAME! Head back east again and then east once more. GET READY! The ending isn't as hard as it seems. I gave you 3 hearts so use them wisely. Milder is easy to beat but the wizard is fast and his magic hits you well. Defeat him and head west. Watch the movie. YOU MADE IT!!! WHOO HOO! That wasn't so bad huh? Thanks for downloading and playing. Let me know what you think. Drop me a line anytime at [email protected]

Secret area 1

After you've grabbed the potion check the trees to the right. Walk along them until you are walking through them. Follow it to the cave. Once in the cave head north and then west. Up here there are potions and such to grab. Once you are done head back into the cave and then north. Break the chest and grab the first crystal. Head east here and you'll be transported just east of the first screen you started on. Head back to where the potion was and continue the walkthrough from where you left off.

Secret area 2

Just north of the goblin alchemists house is a rock. Talk to it 6 times and the rock will move out of your way. Head north and then west and enter the cave. The cave will take you atop the cliffs. Grab the boomerang, another crystal, and a gold and red heart. Once you are done just head back to the hut and pick up the walkthough from where you left off.

Secret area 3

To destroy the slimers its best to do the rest of the secrets now. It will be hard for me to pinpoint exactly where the entrance to the 3rd secret is but I'll do my best. Walk south and west from the savebot. Head south and then west so you are on the other side of the river. Head south along the river bank (make sure you are on the left side of it) until you see a single mushroom. Walk south over it until you are walking on water. Head south all the way until you reach the island. There's a cave here, enter it, grab the goodies and don't forget the last crystal. Once this is done go back the way you came to get back onto dry land.

Main secret island

Once you've grabbed all 3 crystals go back up and around the river and walk east until you reach the goblin village. Head east along the beach as far as you can go until you reach the rock. Arm the crystals one at a time and throw them at the rock. After the 3rd one is thrown and makes contact with the rock walk east. A brief movie will take place and you will find yourself on an island. Walk around and grab all the goodies. There's a lightsword here (you really don't need it but I put it in anyway), some hearts. DOn't forget the magic potion in the upper right corner. Most importantly don't forget the new magic spell in the center of the island. Once you are done try out the new magic... kicks ass huh? It just descimated your enemies from here on out. When I mention in the walkthrough that the baddies are hard I say that only if you don't have this spell. It just destroys everything on the screen. To leave the island talk to the fountain. It will transport you back to the mainland. Now it really IS time to kick ass!