I put all the secrets on the bottom.

Year 2020-the first part is really cut and dry, go to the church, walk through the bottom wall, and get the gold heart. There is also a strength potion to the lower left of the church. Go to the area with the giant slayer, don't worry about fighting it, just run like hell. Don't worry about the pill bug or the old men, just keep on running until you are transported to the next section.

Year 1020-keep going south until you see a sign, read it if you want, then keep going south until you get to the lizon wastelands. There is a defense and strength potion in plain sight. Go south from where you are and you'll get to a gate, go north and then south between the gates to get the potions. Secrets 1 and 2 are now available. Now go to the Lizon twister, you'll find it when you come through the path out of the gates. The guy on the first floor will heal you free of charge. Now is a good time to level up, but first go in the basement, kill all the pill bugs. Now you have enough gold to get a sword. The weapons shop is on the second floor of the Lizon Twister. With that done, go see the girl, she's in the vicinity of the Lizon Twister, not hard to find. Kill the guard, and get your money from the girl. Uh oh, he was a royal guard? J (oh and don't forget to get the gold heart near the guard) There are a few more things to do before we move on. Go across the bridge and go north, grab the heart. If you didn't do secrets one and two, now is the time to do it. Get your magic VERY high. So let's move on shall we? Leave the Lizon wastelands, go back to the sign and take a right into the Akri jungle. See the goblin? Easy exp. 100 to be exact. The jungle can be a dangerous place for a low-level dinker.Remember when I said to get your magic up very high. Well here's why. You can do some incredible leveling up by just killing dragons. The amount of damage given by the dragon is based on you magic, so if it's like 50, then no damage is dealt. Very easy leveling. Keep going right from the path and you'll find a strength potion. Go to the danged village first, it's in the lower right hand corner of the jungle area. Secrets 3-5 are in the jungle area. You can't access 3 until you get some magic. But is easily accesible so get that now. Next go into the house and get the strength and defense potions. Now you should level up. Now to get some fire magic. South of the jungle save point is a dungeon. Go south until it ends then go left. Keep going left until it ends. See all the ivy? Walk through the ivy at the end. Now go north until you see a freaky mirror thing. That's the entrance to the dungeon. When you enter, take a right, keep on going right, killing all the fire-boncas. At the end, break the right hand wall to get a mega-potion. Now go back to the entrance and go up. Now go right, don't forget the mega-potion in the first screen. In the second screen: hit the north wall, it breaks. Hit one of the pillars, then push the table, (from the right). Keep on going until you reach a dead end. The right wall breaks. The north wall breaks, and the south wall breaks. The room to the right has some sort of dish or whatever. The room to the south has a wall on the right you can break, grab the potion. Continue south from the room and grab the gold heart. Go back up and through the broken wall to the north. Secret 4 is now available. BTW that dragon is another reason why your magic should be high. Keep going north, kill the sleight ace. (hp 100) you now have firerod magic. Yay. Secret 3 is now available. Get it while you can. Go kill the SOB and return to the man to get your money.(the SOB is located above the man (one screen above the dragon), and one screen to the left.) One more thing before you go. In the village of the danged there is a path that leads to the right. Take it, go north all the way. In the screen with the tree and the sign, burn down the tree. Go north kill the slayer and get the axe and strength potion.Time to leave this evil place, go all the way north and all the way east. There should be a line of trees there, go burn them down! You'll meet up with a good dragon, BTW don't kill him, or you'll die too. After he leaves you'll get flaming fist magic, yet another reason to have an absurdly high magic. There's not much to do in Irdon. But secret 6 and 7 are now available. Also, if you want a bow, just talk to the woman in the restaurant. Let's go. In the south-east of the town is a save machine and a path. Save and take the path. Don't even bother with comyr killing tools. All they have is a sword and a bomb. (and you already have that sword...) Just take a right. Go around and grab the strength potion. Continue right on the main path. Secret 8 is available now. This is a great place to level up. Go to the north-east of dragoon field, talk to the Goblin. He want's you to get the chalice of memory. Well to get that you'll have to kill THE RUNGER. Not too hard if you know what your doing. Just use that flaming fist magic. He didn't even get a hit on me. To find him, just continue south from the goblin. After you defeat him continue going south. The Golem village is in the south-west corner of the new area. Pick up the gold heart in the south-eastern part of the village. North of that is some gold. West of that are two fountains. Don't drink from the one on the right. One screen below is the wizards house. Go in and talk to him. In the north west corner of the village is secret 9 Behind the tree in the same screen is the chalice of memory, take it back to the goblin to get the silver key. Don't forget to get the throwing axe. You'll need it later.

Go though the gate and south until you reach a house, go inside for some goodies. Now follow my directions specifically, if you do anything out of order, it will be harder! HEAVEN IS NOW ACCESSIBLE! - but wait, not yet...

In the northwest corner of the plains there is a gold heart. Right of it is a slayer, go north and get the potion. To the left of the save point is a magic potion. Go left again, then up, then right, burn down the trees, smash the red sparkles, and enter the dungeon. Get the gold key and go to the gate where Martridge awaits. Once in the swamps go right, and get the legendary blade of light. Now you go to the mines. There's a defense potion one screen up, and one screen left. BTW, in the chamber right before the boss, don't go down, I've had problems with the game going completely black. Kill that dang slayer. Go back to the miner and get some gold. Now to go to heaven. The dark elf is a tough cookie, but I killed her on my first try. After that, go to hell. You'll find the reaper in the most southwestern part of the area, hit death and you'll be transported to hell. After the dark elf, dark omen should be a breeze. You'll find a gold heart and some gold in hell. Talk to the man who's thirsty. He wants water... When you've killed black omen. Oh yeah, don't forget secret 10 Leave and go to the swamps. Once in the swamps go north until you get to a tree, continue following north into the next screen, go left and get some goodies. Then go down a screen and left until you reach two pill bugs, then go south a screen and your at swamp town. The guy wants a toilet cleaner. Easy. Now continue to go left until you meet up with Raidos again. The magic nut will help you big time. Although it lowers your attack some, you can do 2-3 attacks that would normally take you 1 attack. Now go all the way south until you get to the screen with the girl. Sell your old sword then go left 2 screens and up one screen. See that little pillar thing? That's the toilet cleaner. Get it and take it back to the man to get the ice key. Don't forget to get that gold heart. Now the ice area is behind a gate two screens below the save machine. There are lot's of dragons here, which means if you followed my advice, magic nut coupled with high magic stat, you can really clean house, and get a LOT of exp. Ok not much to do here, buy some potions cause your gonna need em. Northwest of the town is a dying dragon and a girl. She tells you to get the spike who did this. Very confusing. Go right until you reach the end of the village. The village, not the area. Then go north one screen. Push the stone and enter. Go around until you find one of those annoying enemies. Don't touch it, whatever you do. Just beat the crap out of it with magic. There's a super defense potion down there somewhere too. After you get the antidote or whatever go back to the girl and she'll give you the sand key. Don't forget secret 11. Now the entrance to the sand area is back on the main path where you saw Raidos, just keep going north until you see a path on the right with a sign. Enter the sand area and talk to the man, don't go to the pyramid yet. We've got some more stuff to get. Southeast of the pyramid is a defense potion. Take a right from that rock and go around to get it. Southwest from the pyramid is some gold. Go in the pyramid, go right then down until you get to some goblins, kill em, go down again, kill the goblin, and you get a health potion. Yay... Now that your out of the pyramid, go northwest until you get to an area where there are two men and a farm. Go north. There's a megapotion and a few hearts here. Somewhere in the middle of the area (north of the pyramid) is a hole. Enter it and go right, grab the gold heart. In the northeast there is an area that has a cave. There is a sign that says dragon on it. Kill the dragon and take the seed. Now go back to the pyramid. If you haven't burned down the trees in the northeast part of town, do so now. Then give the treeseed to the man. He gives you a pass. Now Leave the sand area and go back to the main path. Continue going north, give the pass to the guard. Talk to the king. Go through the portal. When you get to the screen with the wizard just keep on talking to him and he'll give you the giant spell. Break that wall to the left down. (don't forget to hit the switch in the northeast!) Make your way around the area, killing all the enemies, and getting stuff. Everything is blocked off. No sweat, just go to the southwest and there are more screens! Yay... after going south into the next area continue east, you'll get to a puzzle. Not very hard. In the next screen use that mini magic thing, then run REALLY FAST, pass the guards in the next section. Kill the dragon, continue south, hit the switch. Go west and up after the puzzle. (TIP: just touch the star and you'll be transported to the other side) Remember that passage that was blocked? Well the one just right of where you are now, is open. Use the minimagic and continue down. You'll get to a mirror-type room. Not hard, just make your mirror self go to the star. In the next room is a secret. The top left wall hides a breakable wall. Grab the super mega potion. Continue down. Pay the drunk. Don't worry if you don't have enough gold. You won't pay anyway. Go through the big door. The rest is up to you. Sheltem and your 'uncle' really aren't that tough if you know what your doing. Just have a high attack, a good defense, use the mini magic, and smash the crap out of em. That's it. Have fun with the mini game.


  • Secret 1: In the Lizon wastelands, hit the fence near the bridge to unlock one, and

  • Secret 2: Smash the rubbish at the cabin for another note, you can get INFINITE magic here.

  • Secret 3: This would be in the Lost Akri Jungle, burn down the tree in the north of the jungle, with some other trees too, but only one flammable tree in the middle. the steps then revealed is a secret.

  • Secret 4: In the Dungeon of the Damned: Hit the left wall in the end one screen before the boss. The wall looks weird. Smash the wall to get some hearts.

  • Secret 5: The Danged Village. This is a piece of cake, though a really nice secret area; just walk through the stone section of the fence, and it will reveal many goodies.

  • Secret 6: Walk through the fence at the farm in Irdon for an orange heart.

  • Secret 7: Smash the fence right-under the farm (right of the restaurant) and talk to the farmer to receive...yeah, 17 gold pieces. is it worth the trouble? i don't think so.

  • Secret 8: Burn down a tree in the south of the Dragoon Field.

  • Secret 9: Examine a dead body of a Golem in the Golem Village for a magic.

  • Secret 10: Go to the green grass plains. Somewhere near the fenced part which separates the green grass plains from the swamps is a guy with a talking fence. You'll find out how to get to the (very cool secret.

  • Secret 11: Hit the fences south of the path between the swamp and the snowland to get to a water zone. Walk all the way down to see a couple of stones blocking the entrance. Hit them.

  • Great Secret Area 1 - Hell: Just hit Death, he's at Armyr Ship.

  • Great Secret Area 2 - Heaven: Hit the fairy who wants the toy. Hit him BEFORE you give the toy or else he's gone and you can't get to heaven anymore. Note- Dark Elf is REALLY hard to beat. There IS another secret-secret, but there's only one special way to find that. HINT: it has something to do with an axe and water. hehehe.