After the intro, you start in a cave. Go down for a strength potion. Go back and right. You should fight monsters for experience which could be useful later. Also explore for golden hearts and potions; not all of them are mentioned and you'll see some of them right away. Anyway, go down and after the cut scene, go back and enter the room. Again a cut scene, then go back down and right. Take the food. Bring the food, they'll thank you for it. Go right and you'll see two people digging. Ask the left one if the place can't collapse. The place will collapse and some monsters will come to attack you. Kill them, then push the rock. Cut-scene. You'll now have to go through a maze but save first. Go north for two barrels with small hearts (if you need them). Follow the path south to get two hearts. To get out of the cave, go right, down, down and left. Leave the cave after the cut scene.

And again, a cut scene :) You're now in an underground goblin prison. Talk to everyone you like, then go (from the entrance) down and left. There's a kinda secret heart here, you can get it by hitting the wall in the middle of the screen. Talk to the green man. Cut scene. The girl you're looking for is downstairs. Go left, up and downstairs. Talk to her. You'll then become her. Walk to the screen where you saw the green man and talk to the goblin guarding the kitchen. In the kitchen, go right and you'll see a fence. You'll need a key to open it. Go left and down. Take the key, it's in the chest. Open the fence and again a cut-scene. You're now Dink with goblin clothes. The goblin guards will think you're one of them and you can walk outside. Go upstairs and you can walk around in the goblin prison.

Talk to everyone you like and some will tell you someone locked their leader in a cave. Go north and you'll see the cave. A goblin guard will tell you about the three poles. It's a puzzle you have to solve. You have to enter a 15-digit code, divided in three 5-digit codes. In the prison, you'll find papers with codes. You'll find nine codes but you can only enter three of them. If you enter a digit, it'll disappear. Therefore, you can only enter one of the three codes on a paper. For example, you can enter 12345 but you can't enter 12234 because you can only enter 2 once. And the number indicates where to enter it. For example: 1 - 12345 means you have to enter it at the first pole. Here are the locations of the three papers:

  • In the room with the stairs to the underground prison. You have to talk to the goblin guard and ask him about the papers.
  • In one of the rooms where the goblin guards live.
  • Upstairs in the building where new guards are being trained.

A cut scene follows. You'll eventually end up outside the prison. Explore the area and go east. You can find a strength potion too. Enter Fheran Town. Go up and save your game near the bar. Talk to the people in the bar if you like and to the barwoman. She'll push a button and you can go to the people you met in prison. A conversation follows. Go back outside and go north. Enter the building. To enter the mines, you have to buy some equipment. Go upstairs and try to buy equipment. You don't have enough cash, so go back outside to find a chest with money. Somewhere east of the village is a chest. Take the money and buy the equipment. Enter the mines. Explore the mines. Go to the northeast corner and enter the Library. Here are some DinkC Philosophists. Talk to them if you like, then take the DinkC Reference one screen to the right. Return to the people in the bar.

They'll take you to the forest. You'll have to find the Temple of DinkC where you hope to find the DinkC Amulet. Enter the forest and you'll eventually find the temple to the east. Enter the Temple of DinkC and save. Go right and hit the pole. Then go back and go up. Here's another puzzle you have to solve. You'll have to make the word DinkC. Talk to the pole to start the puzzle. Here's how it works:

If the stones move to the left, you cannot select the most left stone. The stone you select moves to the left, the most left stone will go to the right and all the other stones move along to the left. An example: ABCDE and I select C, then it becomes CBDEA. The solution is then as follows (but this is not the only solution):

|IKCND | - | Select N | |NKCDI | - | Select K | |KCDIN | - | Select C | |CDINK | - | Select D | |DINKC |

Then go up and save. Go left, take the potion and go down. Cut scene. The warp fails and you'll end up in Fheran Town, near the bar. Everyone's dead. You'll leave Fheran Town and follow the path down. A dying man gives you his sword. Continue downwards, then right. Kill the screenlock-bonca's and enter the house. Go downstairs. Save and take the potion one screen south of the savebot. Go left, killing the monsters on your way. Continue and you'll eventually get to a small town. You can't follow the path here because it's blocked by rocks. You'll have to do some other things first while they remove the rocks. There are three sub quests here and you'll have to do them all.

Enter the right door and you'll see the mayor is dying. To save him, you'll need a potion. Leave and go down. You'll see a house, the witch lives there. She can make a potion for ya but she needs five mushrooms. Go outside and find them. From the witch's house:

  • a mushroom outside
  • one screen north
  • three screens north
  • one screen northwest
  • two screens west

bring them to the witch, she'll make a potion. Go to the mayor and save him. Then enter the left door, it's a hotel. Go upstairs and talk to the people there. One man lost his lucky coin. You should find it for him: it's in the other room, go down and take it. Give it to him. The third sub quest is in the other house. Enter it and go downstairs. Kill the monsters in the basement. The rocks are now removed and you can continue to the west. Go north all the way and you'll get to the house of a D-Mod author. Enter his cave. A conversation follows. If you play the D-Mod author's D-Mod, you can get the D-Mod Amulet. Go up and use the portal to start the D-Mod.

After the intro, you can talk to the people in the bar. Go outside, leave the village and go down. Find the path to the east, go there and you'll find a goblin village. You can't go north because you need permission to go there. You also can't get to the Goblin Leader now so enter the left house and talk to the DinkC Philosophist. Enter the other building, go up and talk to the Goblin Leader. After the conversation, you'll have permission to go north. Go north and talk to the magician (he's a morphed goblin). You've learned your first magic spell but you can't use it because you'll need some magic potions first. Leave the goblin village and you'll see some potions. To get there, go back to the magician and he'll warp you to the other side. Take the potions. Continue and burn the trees. Go down and left for a defense potion. Then go up (kill the monsters), left and down. You'll see the DinkC Amulet.

After the cut scene, you'll have to solve a puzzle to activate the DinkC Amulet. Here's how it works. You have to move the word DinkC down to the bottom line of the puzzle. You can rotate the arrow to move the letter to that place. I'll now make a grid to indicate the positions:

|01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | |06 | XX | XX | XX | 07 | |08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 |

Here's the solution (not the only one) which tells you how to move the letters to their final position (thus D-08, I-09, N-10, K-11, C-12):

|D | 6 | 8 | |I | 1 | |N | 2 | 6 | 9 | 10 | |I | 6 | 9 | |K | 7 | 11 | |C | 7 | 12 |

You've activated the Amulet and you can continue your quest. Follow the path through the forest. You'll end up in a village. Save your game and enter the building. Talk to the man. After the conversation, he'll change into a monster. Kill him. Go outside and go down a few screens. Then continue to the right all the way. You'll get to a savebot. Save and enter the village. Enter the bar and after the conversation, leave the village. Follow the road all the way to the castle. You can't enter because the door is stuck. You'll also see a crack next to it. Go one screen to the right and read the note. Burn the trees and enter the underground shop. Buy a bomb. Go back to the crack and blow it. Enter the castle through the hole. Go up to the king, he'll talk to you.

Go downstairs. Go right, then up. Kill the monsters and go up for some potions and hearts. Go back and down. Pick a chest. The warp fails and Dink dies. Explore the area a bit for some potions and hearts. Go more to the right and you'll get to Death's office and he'll make your death official. Continue down and you'll get to a house. Buy some things you need. Continue again and kill all the monsters on your way. After exploring the paths, you'll get to the Portal of Life. Use the red button. Now, you'll get to the resurrection office. Wait to the right till you get resurrected. Talk to people there. Then the guy tells you you're going to be resurrected.

Go down and save your game. Go right and explore the place. You'll get to a pole. Hit it and the fireballs disappear. Go to the place and you'll get resurrected. You're now in a cave. Go left and kill all the monsters on your way. Go up and a man will talk to you. Go outside and you can only continue in the forest when you learn some new magic. You can learn some new magic to the north so go there. When you get to the cave of the magicians, enter it. Go to the bottles and push it to the right. Read the note. Hit all of them. After that, go to the right room and hit the pole. Go left twice, up twice and left. You'll learn some new magic.

Go back and you can continue in the forest. Go west and you'll eventually find a portal in the forest. It'll teleport you to an underground goblin village. Take the potions and go down. You can only enter the village now, you can't enter the two other places. Explore the village, talk to some goblins and buy things if needed. Enter the most left building, near a maze. After a cut scene, you should enter the maze. Save your game. Go down and you'll see some poles. You need a switch to go there. You can also find some potions in this maze so look around. From the entrance, take the left path, then up, right and hit the switch. Go back to the poles and continue there. Follow the path and take the scroll which will give you access to the other areas. Well, at least one for now.

Go back to the entrance of the village, go right and go upstairs. You can find some potions there. Go downstairs again, go down and downstairs. Here are some machines which cause the error. You'll have to deactivate them to save the world. Save your game. Enter one of the rooms, kill the monsters, and go to the machine. Deactivate it by pushing the second button. A goblin will come in and fight. Kill him. Do this for all of the four rooms. After the third and fourth machine, a stronger goblin will try to kill you. Go back to the stairs and you'll notice a magician has locked you up in there. And he even summons more monsters into the place.

Go to the four rooms again and kill all monsters again. Then you've deactivated the machines and you can leave the place. It's time to meet the final boss! Go to the third place. Save your game and go up. Here's the final boss. But you can't find him now. He has a machine so he still controls the engine. He'll create more monsters which you have to kill. You'll have to kill some strong monsters: 2 stone giants (225 hp), 14 slimes (160 hp), 4 slayers (225 hp) and 5 bonca's (300 hp). After that, you'll have to fight him (600 hp). Look out for damage if you touch them and use your magic and weapons to hurt them. Heh, more than 5000 hp :) Kill the boss and you've finished World of DinkC!