General Hints: You can use the bed in Dink's house to restore your hitpoints. Talk to everyone and everything, as SabreTrout says, almost everything has a script ( not the walls, of course ). Also, you must ALWAYS have one free slot in your inventory. The berserk potions increase your attack and restore your health, so don't hesitate to drink one to heal you in Part 2 if you're too injured.


You start in Dink's house. Break the chest and get the gold. Look at the paper on the wall. Get out and follow the road to the northeast. A girl will ask you to help her. Kill the two guards after the cutscene. Feel free to explore around ( but don't go to the cave yet ) , and go to town (south) and talk to everyone. There is a not-very-polite wizard in town. Talk to him several times and you'll see a cutscene. Pay the goblin a drink ( choose goblin gutfire ) two times. You'll get two berserk potions. Visit the library, read all the books, then go upstairs. Talk to the man and ask him about the mushroom. Go back to Dink's house, rest, then save. You may have seen a giant bonca around ( northwest of here ). Find it, then drink your two berserk potions and kill it. You should get some gold ( if you get a heart instead, reload and fight it again ). Remember the screen where the giant bonca is and come back here often, because the bonca reappears after 5-10 minutes or so. When it is here, kill it again. There aren't many ways to get gold in this game in part 1, I think this bonca is the only monster from which you can get money. In part 2, you'll get lots of gold but you won't be needing it. Quite frustating. Ah, well. Go back to town and "buy" some berserk potions again ( but keep some gold for later ) . Go back to Dink's house, go west, and explore until you find a mushroom patch. Look at it to get a mushroom. Follow the path to the south to find a fairy ring. Look at the rock. Go back to the library and look at the two bottom shelves. Look up references to fairy rings. Go upstairs and sell your mushroom. Buy the skull and two "Steel Skin" potions. Don't drink them until I tell you to do so. Keep them for the end-bosses. You may have noticed a man in town who wants to get his wine back but can't because his basement is filled with slimes. So you'll have to find his wine for him. Go downstairs, kill or avoid the slimes, go west, and punch the crate to break it. Go back upstairs, give the wine to the man. Now buy some wine for 10 gold. In the bar, there is someone who wants some wine. Give it to him, and choose to learn the prayer to Kinthus, the god of war. Go to the entrance of the town, then pass the stump and go south ! Look at the strange head here, and say the prayer of Kinthus. Great, you're now a bit stronger ! Go to the cave noth of Dink's house and talk to the woman. Make sure you have at least four berserk potions before entering the cave. Keep going east and you should find some dead tree roots with some slayers. Drink two berserk potions and kill the two slayers. Look at the roots and get one of them. Keep searching the cave until you find the two lost children and watch the cutscene. Uh-oh... Drink two berserk potions again and beat the slayers to a pulp. You'll get the claw of the mother slayer. Go back to town ( you can explore the cave a bit more if you want, there is an attack potion somewhere... ) , and buy some magic power to the wizard. Drink the potion that appears to get 1 magic point. Fill your inventory with berserk potions ( keep one free slot ! ), go to Dink's house, rest, save your game if you want, then go to the fairy ring and look at the rock...


Explore around to find some fairies. Talk to all of them, one of them will ask you to teleport to Cloud Castle. Tell her when you're ready. She will teleport you. Enter the castle and Dink will go downstairs. Save. Check your inventory, you MUST have two free slots now. If you don't, you will have to get rid of one or two berserk potions. You don't need to drink them now, just keep in mind that you need to have one free slot before getting the clawsword, and another before getting the stone. Go north, look at the dragon statue, then go west to find a chest with some gold ( somewhere west of here ). Break the chest to get a clawsword. Kill the two boncas. Keep exploring to find some books ( read them ), and some prisoners ( kill the guards with the help of your berserk potions, and talk to the prisoner who talks to you. He can heal you, but only once. You don't really need his help if you have enough berserk potions anyway ). Also, find a place with some statues. They will come alive and attack you. Kill them all, then look at the big statue. Fight it and kill it ( some bersek potions can help here ). You'll get a stone. Go back to the dragon statue and put the stone in it. Go south, save, go upstairs and watch the cutscene... Now all you have to do is to follow the path killing everything that moves until you reach the savebot. You can use some berserk potions if you want to, but keep in mind that you must have keep at least four for the end-bosses. When you reach the savebot, save and then fight the guards ( DON'T fight the guards before saving, otherwise they might reappear when you reload and you'd have to fight them twice !). Go north to find Nerux. Drink two berserk potions and hit him until he disappears. If he uses unholy power, drink a Steel Skin potion. Watch the cutscene and you'll have to fight the fairies. Drink two berserk potions, one Steel Skin potion, and you should be able to beat them without problem. Congratulations!

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